Dakotah & Matthew

May 11, 2019Vernon, NY

Their Story

Dakotah was born and raised in Syracuse, NY by both her mother and father, Mary and Roger Forell. She is the youngest of three girls. Matthew was also born and raised in Syracuse, NY by his parents, Donna and James Egan. He has a younger brother and sister. Both Dakotah and Matthew attended Liverpool High School together, although they didn't really know each other.

Dakotah and Matthew met in undergraduate college at the University at Buffalo. They lived in the same dormitory freshman year - Dakotah on the 2nd floor and Matthew on the 8th. The two quickly became friends and hung out all the time, studied together, ate together, and partied together.

It wasn't until Sophomore year that Matthew asked Dakotah on their first date (yay!). Matthew brought Dakotah to a small Italian restaurant in Buffalo, NY which oddly, the two could never find again. Then in November 2011, after spending the entire day together, Matt asked Dakotah to be his girlfriend (yay again!)

After dating throughout college, Matt moved to Michigan where he started his first job as a Mechanical Engineer and Dakotah moved to Blacksburg, Virginia to continue with medical school. After 3 years of long distance (9 hours drives) they moved to Fayetteville, North Carolina together where Dakotah is finishing school to become an Emergency Medicine doctor.

On May 4th, 2018 Matthew and Dakotah had plans to go to the botanical gardens in Fayetteville, NC and then to Freeman Beach to camp for her birthday. After walking the gardens, Matthew got on one knee and asked Dakotah to marry him...

... and she said yes!
The Wedding Party

Aleah Forell - Bridesmaid

Oldest sister of the bride

Savannah Forell - Bridesmaid

The middle sister of the bride

Leah Egan - Bridesmaid

Younger sister of the groom

Danielle Gaudette - Bridesmaid

Brides girlfriend from high school

Laura Nicolais - Bridesmaid

Brides girlfriend from high school

Nikita Chadha - Bridesmaid

Brides girlfriend from medical school

Michael Egan - Groomsman

Grooms younger brother

James Campagna - Groomsman

Grooms friend from high school

Anthony Pirro - Groomsman

Grooms friend from high school

Cory LaDuke - Groomsman

Grooms friend from high school

Florindo Pascarella - Groomsman

Grooms friend from high school

Peter Casey - Groomsman

Grooms friend from college

The Ceremony and Reception

Saturday, May 11, 2019
3:00 PM
Ceremony and Reception
Apple Orchard Lodge
5311 Seneca Street, Vernon, NY 13476

The wedding starts at 3:00 PM. Parking is available at the location

Cocktail hour starting directly after the "I Do's" with horderves and open bar

Dinner will be served buffet style, so come hungry!

Open bar is available until 8:00 PM

Reception ends at 9:00 PM with a Mr. and Mrs. send off