Danielle & Nicholas

March 24, 2019Edmond, OK

Our Story
How They Met

As young people in college, finishing degrees and focusing on starting their careers, when they both joined OKcupid, neither were expecting to find anything too serious. Maybe a casual date, or a fun outing, or two. But all of that changed when they met each other for the first time.

Their first date started as any other first date in college would; a dinner at Fuzzy's on a Thursday night of finals week after two all nighters, a performance, and general school stress. Danielle would be leaving at 5AM the next morning to go back to California for a month. In true Danielle fashion, she still hadn’t packed, but she couldn’t pass up the opportunity of a first date with the man she had been texting for a month or so. Danielle was in concert blacks, and Nicholas was wearing his signature at the time: a hoodie and a beanie. All things pointed to a quick dinner to get to know each other better. Danielle was instantly captivated by Nicholas’ quick wit and sweet eyes. Nicholas was happy that Danielle looked like her picture on OKcupid and laughed at his jokes. They talked well into the night, finding that they had quite a bit in common. When fuzzy’s closed they weren’t ready to say goodbye for a month. They decided to continue the conversation while Danielle packed for her trip.

They talked about their lives, shared jokes, Nicholas listened to a cd Danielle had recorded in high school, Danielle watched Nicholas’ films he had made in college. They both shared a passion for art, humor, family and life. By the end of the night, they knew one thing for sure: yes, there was potential for a second date, and many, many more after that. Danielle flew home just a few hours later and went straight to lunch with her mom. At lunch she said, "Mom, i went on a date last night, and I know it’s crazy, but if I end up marrying this guy, I can honestly say I knew from the very first date.”

They made their relationship official the day after Danielle got back to OKC on January 13, 2015. Their love for each other and their compatibility was sealed after a road trip to California two months in. 60+ hours in a car together definitely confirmed everything for these two. They have had a loving, supportive, and fun relationship from the beginning. From talking on the floor in a college dorm room, to finally saying "I Do", Danielle and Nicholas are so excited to celebrate their marriage with all of you!

Their Engagement Story

The day was May 18th, 2018. Danielle had just graduated with her Masters degree two weeks earlier, and she was preparing for a recital with the OCU Graduate String Quartet. It was a pretty normal Friday, or so she thought. Rehearsal with the group, then a day of teaching violin. Little did she know, Nicholas had been working for months to make sure this was no ordinary Friday.

Danielle arrived at OCU for her quartet rehearsal. "I'm actually on time today!" she thought proudly to herself. She waltzed into the rehearsal hall to find the other three members of the quartet already sitting down, dressed in concert blacks with a decorative wall built up behind them. "Very strange," she thought, "they only set up three chairs...." Her gaze travelled from the three musicians to her handsome Nicholas standing next to them, dressed in a suit jacket with his beard and hair nicely trimmed. He stood nervously and spoke, "Danielle, all of your friends are here to help me ask you something important" Out from the closet walked her bestfriend's genius boyfriend, McKeever with a baton in hand. He began conducting and the now trio broke out into the beautiful melody of "Feels Like Home." After the intro, Danielle's good friend and roommate, Amanda Dolph, walked out singing the melody, followed by her bestfriend, now maid-of-honor, Jenni Rose. They serenaded Danielle until her eyes were filled with tears. After a verse and the chorus, Nicholas made his way across the room to his love, and knelt down in front of her to ask her the question that she had been waiting so long to hear, "will you marry me?" She held her face in her hands, and through the gaps in her fingers, exclaimed "Yes! Of course!!" Nicholas was prepared with champagne for everyone and the most beautiful ring Danielle had ever seen.

It's been a few months since that day, and the two of them are more excited than ever to start this new journey!

The Wedding

Sunday, March 24, 2019
2:00 PM
Attire: Smart Casual
Ceremony and Reception
7479 W Simpson Rd, Edmond, OK

Come join us as we recite our vows and enter into a loving marriage. Ceremony at 2pm with a cake reception to follow

Other Events

Open Mic and Board Games
Sunday, March 24, 2019
6:00 PM
7479 W Simpson Rd, Edmond, OK 73025, USA

Come celebrate with us following the formal reception in some of our favorite ways - with friends, good music and board games. If you play an instrument, sing (or write poetry, do interpretive dance, perform standup - whatever way you enjoy expressing yourself!), and would like to perform at some point during the event, we will have an open mic and sign up sheet available. If you're not a performer, (or even if you are) don't worry - we will have board games set up at different tables. Feel free to bring your own favorites as well. If that's not enough, Fuzzy's Tacos, cupcakes, beer and wine will be provided, as well as some moving speeches, tears of joy (hopefully) and lots of love.

Wedding Party

Nicole Petersen - Maid of Honor

Nicole Petersen is my oldest sibling and maid of honor. We have had a pretty typical sibling relationship, a bit of a rocky start which blossomed into one of the greatest friendships. I still remember when I turned 13, she wrote in my birthday card that I had grown into a person with whom she enjoyed spending time. I had finally made it! :P Now she is my favorite person to chat with for hours; our longest phone conversation lasted 8 hours. She has amazing advice and thinks very similar to me. She has helped me find the excitement throughout the tough task of planning a wedding, and I know that she is the perfect person to stand by my side in March. Love you sis!

Jenni Rose - Maid of Honor

Jenni Rose is my best friend from college. We met in freshman year in a dorm room when hanging out with a group of other freshman. A few months later, the San Francisco Giants were playing the final game to clinch a spot in the World Series, and I had no way of watching the game. I spotted that girl Jenni that I had met awhile ago, and asked her if she had a tv. She invited me, this random girl, who was practically a stranger, over to use her tv. Over the course of the Giants' game, I told Jenni her life story and sobbed when the Giants won. Not only did the Giants clinch the National Championship title, but Jenni clinched my new college bestfriend title that day too. The next 6 years have consisted of plenty of all-nighters, all the junk food, every episode of Disney Fairytale Weddings & Say Yes to the Dress, helping each other through life's trials, and many many more exciting, awesome moments.

Anthony Petersen - Bridesman

Anthony Petersen is my not-so-little brother. Being the youngest of three siblings, Anthony has embraced the role of peace-keeper in the family, and has quickly become one of my favorite people. Throughout my six years in Oklahoma, Anthony has spent the most time out here with me and Nicholas. We have weekly phone dates on Mondays where we keep in touch despite the distance, and often find times to play video games together for hours. Anthony and I have a very similar brain and often say the same thing at the exact same time (even if it comes completely out of the blue). He is a hilarious and bright soul that can cheer anyone up. His energy is truly infectious! I know he will be the perfect positive light that is needed in any wedding.

Lindsay Sommers - Bridesmaid

Lindsay and I have been best friends since first grade (almost 20 years!). We met during recess and played together for several days without even knowing each others' names! It was an instant connection. Our friendship continued through elementary school, where we pretended we were the witches from Charmed, through a ridiculous amount of middle school drama, through going to different high schools, and most recently through six years of living in separate states. She is my soul sister, the scorpio to my pisces, my forever duet partner, and now my bridesmaid <3

Lyndsey Guida - Bridesmaid

Lyndsey, or "Gweed," as we often call her, is the bridesmaid I have known the longest (besides my siblings of course). We met in Kindergarten and went through elementary and middle school together. Although we had mutual friends, our friendship didn't fully blossom until middle school when we formed our forever friend group. Lyndsey is one of the most loyal people in my life. She would do anything for her friends, and she is hilarious! Although middle school and high school were some dramatic times, they were also some of the most fun because we spent almost every day together. I can't wait to spend my wedding weekend with this awesome person!!

Randi Hathaway - Bridesmaid

Randi is another "sister" of mine that is in my main friend group from California. Randi is the newest member of the group, joining us in 7th grade. She and I clicked pretty quickly. She and I grew quite close in middle school and even took a trip to Disneyland together, which is still one of my most cherished memories. Randi is a phenomenal friend, who is the perfect person to talk to for so many situations, and she never fails to make me laugh. She is another person that I can go months and months without seeing, and we can always pick up right where we left off. I am so thankful for her friendship.

Emily Long - Bridesmaid

Emily and I met during sorority recruitment, right before her freshman year. I was a sophomore and already an Alpha Chi Omega. We met the first night of recruitment, and I was incredibly awkward. When I was matched up with her again on the third night of recruitment, I was extremely nervous, but then we ended up having one of the most wonderful conversations. By the time we finished talking, she asked me to be her sorority big sister (before she even got a bid). We have been extremely close ever since and still call each other "big" and "little" to this day. I was so lucky to be a bridesmaid in her wedding, and I'm so excited that she will get to stand with me at my wedding too.

Armando Gallegos - Best Man

My best man and honestly one of the best people I know. It'd be easy to hate the guy for being so cool if he wasn't so damn nice as well. Something just clicked for me with him - maybe it was DBZ or our shared weird sense of humor or all the Chick-Fil-A he'd lug home from work - but whatever it was, I'm thankful that it's all led us to the friendship we have today. He's a great friend and did me a favor by marrying Emily so that I get to hang out with two of my best friends in one hangout session. At least I assume that's the only reason he did that...But they also provide Danielle and I with a beautiful example of a successful, loving relationship. So maybe two reasons.

Sarah Szabo - Groomswoman

My partner. The person I know will understand me when no one else does because she's probably thinking/has thought of the same thing. Along with our parents, she's been the most constant person in my life and I couldn't think of anyone I'd rather have that distinction go to. I'm couldn't be happier that she's stuck with me forever - no matter how much of a New Yorker she becomes (Now go eat some broccoli!... She will understand that and no one else will and that's fine.)

Josh Meyer - Groomsman

Josh and I somehow survived living together for 10 months in a closet that OU graciously called a dorm room our freshman year. Then we survived another year of living together in a nice house in a gated community during our senior year. Two very different experiences during two very formative years - and some of the funnest times of my life. Thanks for everything bud, though my liver is less appreciative.

Taylor Lang(bartels) - Groomsman

I first met Taylor through Josh and that's who he was for a while - a cool guy Josh knew who was annoyingly good at beer pong. We got to know each other better when he came to OU junior year and when he lived with Josh, Austin and I our senior year. It's hard not to smile when you think of the dude and I now consider him to be one of of my best friends today...who I don't ever want to play against in pong again.

Cody Matal - Groomsman

At first Cody was the guy down the hall our freshman year who kept showing up whenever we'd all hang out. He quickly became one of my favorite people and one of the core members I think of when I remember the great group of friends I had at OU. He's funny, a great friend and a genuinely good person - who in my opinion spends too much time on the weird parts of the internet.

Emily Gallegos - Groomswoman

One of my best friends my freshman year at OU (and to this day) Emily became my film buddy after we bonded over certain movies we watched in class (be sure to ask her about it!). I'm eternally grateful to her for not only introducing me to her group of friends - who are some truly phenomenal people - but also for all the classes we shared, the talks we had and the laughs that still make me smile to this day.

Brian Gilliland - Groomsman

I met Brian through film and was a little intimidated by him at first - which is hilarious looking back. I got to know him through our 48 hour Project together and found out that when you peel away all the sound gear, he's the biggest goofball you'll meet. He's one of the hardest working people I know and someone I look up to immensely, which is weird since he's only got like 5 years on me (although I DO have a theory that he's secretly immortal. Still working on it.)

Emi Szabo - Groomswoman

Genuinely one of the coolest people I know. I already look up to you and wish I was more like you. I envisioned and at times have tried to play the protective big brother role, but I feel like it won't be long before I start coming to you for advice. Or money. The other person who shares my brain and humor and weirdness (you tie with Danielle on knowing me best. Sarah just has a few years on both of you). You can't choose your family, which is fine with me - I'd have picked these two as my sisters every time.