Dayton & Tyana

June 8, 2019Sterling, CO

Our Story
Love At First Sight

Yes, it is possible. Love at first sight really can happen!

We met May 26, 2018 at the Regional Convention in Aurora, CO. It was two days after I got to CO intending to spend three months visiting my brother, Austin. Both sides of the family already knew each other and had a feeling I would not be leaving after meeting Dayton. Sure enough, we hit it off and I just couldn’t go back to AZ.

We started officially dating July 27, 2018. We were at Dayton’s family’s house watching a movie, and Dayt “somehow managed” to sit next to me on the couch (I wasn’t complaining 😉). He casually leaned over at one point and whispered that he really enjoys hanging out with me and would like to get to know me better. I told him I would really like that, and from that point on we were done for!

For the next few months we were able to spend a lot of time together, out in service, going to the lake, movies, tractor pulls, races, out to dinner, hanging at his parents or Austin’s, and lots of other fun activities. One of the highlights to me was taking a trip to AZ with Dayton and Austin so that Dayton could meet my family. That was when he got my family’s approval to marry me, and I had a feeling a big question was soon coming.

January 26, 2019, our six month dating anniversary, was coming up, and Dayt had a trip to Estes Park, CO planned. I was so excited to go see the mountains and spend the day with Dayton, Austin, and Keeley! We drove up that morning and enjoyed a cold, but lovely day in Estes. It had recently snowed and the scenery was absolutely stunning! We walked around the shops, drank lots of hot coffee, ate lots of yummy food, and chatted with some very friendly shopkeepers. The day was winding up when Dayt asked me to take a walk down by the river with him. I was thrilled to do so since I love rivers and it was exceptionally pretty with being halfway iced over. We walked along until we got to this particularly beautiful spot, a nice little seating area down closer to the river. We stopped there, Dayt turned to me with the most loving look in his eyes, and said he had a question for me. I said, “Oh you do, do you?” And we both knew the question and the answer before any more words had passed between us. Things like this need to be spoken though, and I will never forget it. He said, “Tyana Suzette Bowers, will you do me the incredible honor of being my wife?” I told him, “Yes, absolutely!” And we left that day on Cloud Nine. ❤️

The Wedding

Saturday, June 8, 2019
2:00 PM
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses
1162 North 8th Street, Sterling, CO, USA
The Shop
16995 Highway 6 Atwood, CO 80722
Reception to follow. Dinner will be served at 6:00.