Please leave a note to help us remember this special time in our lives. Thanks for celebrating with us!

Porsha S.

Congrats Dee..... I wish you and Chris nothing but the best.... Take care my loves.....

Allie G

Congrats to you both!!! Loved your love story!! Kinda reminded me of my life. My dad got sick in 2014 and lost him in 2015. I couldn’t have made it without my husband!! He is a rock for my whole family. So happy to see you guys so happy in love! I’ve always been a fan of Jersey Shore and Deena being my favorite! Congrats from West Virginia!!!


Our family had the pleasure of meeting the both of you in Mexico on vacation. You guys are a wonderful couple and we enjoyed our time with you very much . Our entire family wishes you a lifetime of love and happiness!! Congratulations!!!!!


Congratulations to the both of you on the next chapter of your lives. What a beautiful love story and reception. It's so nice to see all this love that two people have for one another. All the best Melissa from Long Island New York


My daughter made your cake u and the cake were beautiful


To Chris and Deena-- Gosh it was great to see your beautiful wedding! The love you have for each other is inspiring, truly. It's wonderful to know that old-fashioned love still exists, even in this crazy "look at me " world we live in. Wishing you an exciting future, together forever, with oodles of babies and everything else life has to offer! Oh and Deena? You made SUCH a Beautiful Bride, classic and modest and absolutely stunning. I'm sure Dad was so very proud! And happy, no doubt, to know you will be so loved and well taken care of......I'm sure he was all tears and smiles, watching from his ringside seat up in Heaven. D


Chris and Deena, Congratulations on your marriage and a lifetime together....since watching you and becoming a huge fan when you joined Jersey shore i have seen you grow and seen the love between you and chris and I am so happy for you both. I wish you both nothing but the best. Xoxo

Krystal De La Cruz

congratulations to both of you, wishing you a lifetime of happiness! May you have a marriage full of love, peace and prosperity. Love ya.


This is very beautiful! I'm a huge fan . You deserve the best love you blessings !


Hey Deena, I am a huge fan of yours and watched you on Jersey Shore. You and Chris make a wonderful couple. Best wishes!!!


I'm so happy for you both! You deserve nothing but the best and he is such a great guy!! I hope your big day is everything you wished it to be! Love all the way from New Zealand xx


Sending you big wishes for an awesome wedding day - and million more wonderful days after that !! Love from Canada !


Congrats Deena!! Now you gotta have babies so you can catch up with Snooki and Jen! Love you girl ❤️

Tiffany S.

I hope you have two a great and wonderful wedding, which I am sure you will. Lots of love from California!


Yaaayyy!! Meatball marriage! As a fan, I'm so happy that you found your lobster. Congratulations on a beautiful wedding and good luck! Fighting hate with LOVE.

Carrie White

Deena, I watched you on the Jersey Shore and became an instant fan. You've got such a kind and loving heart. You're so genuine and down to earth. From your love of animals to your passion for meatballin', you seem like an awesome friend to have and there's no doubt you will make a fantastic life partner for Chris. I'm so happy for you and wish you both the very best. Also, I love your taste and style - your house is amazing! Stay real & never change. I can't wait to see the wedding photos on Instagram!! 🍷👰❤


Ignore the awful people have an amazing day hope it's everything you wish for and more! Sending you best wishes all the way from the UK ❤️


Sommer you are a judgemental bitch!! Deena i wish you all the best. My father passed away recently, so i know how you feel. It will be a sad day without your dad, but a new beautiful chapter with Chris. Xoxo Nikki -Toronto

Hey Sommer

Actually I grew up in New Egypt .. and so you know my dad passed away last year and laurita Winery is somewhere we went with him a lot .. your an asshole .. this is why I hate people


I see Deena didn't bring I as much $$$ as the others. A wedding in New Egypt?? Yikes.


OMG congrats you deserve true love and all the blessings coming your way I loved you in Jersey shore...hope the best for you wish I could come to your wedding..


Congrats to the two of you. You two have an amazing (real) relationship and that's what's the most important.-deena- I know your father CANNOT stop smiling from above <3 I wish you two the best and nothing but happiness in the future. Have an amazing wedding and life together. Make lots of babies!!


I must say I am so happy for you! I watched you on Jersey Shore and immediately saw what an amazing person you are and you reminded me so much of my best friends! You truly deserve all the happiness in the world, and I'm truly happy for you that you have found that in Chris! Best of luck to both of you!!!!!

V. Reda

Deena I have watched you on Jersey Shore and always hoped you would find someone who would make you always smile. So happy for you. May you find love always at the end of your rainbow. Congrats to you both.


We are so happy for you Deena for meeting Chris he is so kind compassionate and sincere we love him just as much as we love you. We are so excited for the wedding, it is the first for our family. May both of you find happiness throughout your lives together as husband and wife


Congratulations to the other cute couple I love!!! (Pete and Nicole) are the other cuties!!!!🍷

Lisa, Vinny and Vincent DeChirico

We are so excited and beyond happy for you guys. Deena you fit right in with our crazy family. You know the most beautiful family. It's like you've been there all along. We can't imagine our family without you. I'm so happy that you and Chris found each other. I hope the future holds nothing but happiness for 2 amazing people. We can't wait to celebrate the big day!!!

The Knot

Congratulations from The Knot! Best wishes for a happy planning journey and an amazing wedding. yours. truly.