Our Story

I can't pinpoint the particular moment Elena and I met; but I clearly remember our first date, on Valentine's Day back in 2011. We were surprised to find we had a ton in common; sharing similar interests, hobbies, and outlook on life. Over the years, we grew closer together, adopted two adorable dogs, Cindy and Donald, and been fortunate enough to already have started building a life together.

It was nearly six and a half years before we became engaged. There was no reasoning behind the wait, we both knew it was an eventuality, but the distraction of grinding out a future took over. At the beginning, it was school full-time for me, and work for her. Now with the roles switched; the opportune time never seemed to present itself. Finally, I came to the realization that the perfect moment may be an impossibility; instead, I'd have to create it.

My plan was to propose while visiting Elena's mother in San Diego. It was our first night there, and with her mother’s help, I was able to convince Elena to go for an evening walk along our favorite beach. I was incredibly nervous (even after six years!), but had mapped the perfect, private area to pop the question. Although it was dark, we watched the boats on the horizon, listened to the crashing of the waves, and took in the fresh ocean air. As we approached a small bench, I suggested we take a moment and enjoy the scenery. With my nerves at an all-time high, I dropped to my knee, and completely forgot my speech! However, I must have said something intelligible, because she said YES!

We now look forward to officially spending forever together!

The Wedding

Saturday, June 16, 2018
5:00 PM
Attire: Semi-Formal
Ceremony and Reception
Gold Hill Gardens
2325 Gold Hill Rd, Newcastle, CA 95658, USA

Please note this will be an adults-only celebration.

Wedding Party

Kristin Adams - Maid of Honor
Marissa Predko - Bridesmaid
Kimaury Kelly - Bridesmaid
Tiffany Falzon - Bridesmaid
Kelly Melahn - Bridesmaid
Jeanette Lamica - Bridesmaid
Daniela Vargas - Bridesmaid
Phoebe Predko - Flower Girl
Trevor Ashley - Officiant
Andrew Findley - Best Man
Anthony Martin - Groomsman
Cody Kenngott - Groomsman
Brendon Raine - Groomsman
Nick Boucher - Groomsman
Oscar Canto - Groomsman