Hi Family and Friends! Please feel free to leave a note to help us remember this special day in our lives. Thank you!

Dianna Rivera

Oh Elizabeth ! We went from junior high friends to even gym buddies and one of the things we spoke of was finding someone to spend our lives with :( ! I’m so happy you found that ! I always saw you as one of the sweetest and funniest person I’ve ever met , and though I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Maximo I’d be blind to not see that he is a wonderful man and you guys are so lucky to have found each other. Marriage is such a beautiful thing and I wish you nothing but pure happiness as you enter this new chapter where you live on and create a beautiful story with the man you love ! Always wishing you the best old friend <3 C O N G R A T S !

Shana and Cacuso Racines

Col 3:14 “ clothe yourselves with love, for it is a perfect bond of union“. We are so happy for you guys and we want to congratulate you because you are a beautiful couple and we wish you all the happiness you deserve. Remember, always put Jehovah first, because He is going to be the foundation of your union. We can’t wait to see you in your beautiful dress Elizabeth 👰🏻 and in your fine suit Maximo 🤵🏾. Muchas felicidades!!!!!

Carla Saco ☺

"Two are better than one because they have a good reward for their hard work. For if one falls, the other can help his partner up...And a threefold cord cannot quickly be torn apart." Ecl. 4:9-12 Congratulations Max and Liz in this beautiful new chapter of your lives!! It's beautiful to see how each day the love that both of you have for one another grows more and more, and the help that you give for the congregation. Both of you are valuable gems to all of us and especially to Jehovah. May Jehovah always be the fundemental part in your marriage. I am super happy for the botb of you. LOVE YOU!!! ❤❤


Congratulations both Maximito and Liz! Marriage is a beautiful thing created by Jehovah. I'm so happy to see you two get married. You both have personalities that just fit together so perfectly like you were made for each other. They complement one another amazingly. Ecclesiastes 4:10, 'For if one of them falls, the other can help his partner up'. It's a beautiful sight to see that you two are truly there for eachother no matter what, and seeing you both took the next step is a beautiful blessing. May Jehovah continue blessing you and your future marriage. Keep Jehovah first and don't forget tbe espiritu santo.


Where do I begin! Elizabeth we've been best friends since birth and my love for you grow everyday. I'm so glad you found someone to love and care for you the way we all do. May you guys grow togther and love each other and Jehovah. I wish you guys an eternity of love. Take care of my chica max ;)

Jayserie <3

Hey guys!!! I am super happy and excited for the both of you. 80 days are going to FLLYYY! Just remember to always put Jehovah first & Your marriage will be successful. Never let anyone tell you otherwise!!! Can’t wait till our first vacation as married couples!!! LOL


Tengo muchas cosas que decir ,me llevaria la pagina completa 😀Pero solo dire 1 Que Jehova los bendiga "y el mejor que dejen que Jehova sea su mejor consejero para que les vaya bien 😀 Felicidades los queremos ❤️Y que sean felices por muchos anos son los deceos de sus padres 💕


C O N G R A T S, I so happy for the both of you and I’m so happy to see a smile on your faces, and knowing that y’all are going to have a beautiful family upstairs is just exciting. Can’t wait for the wedding so I can finally see the dress 👗 and once again CONGRATS ~Yours truly Kiara ☺️❤️


Wow, what to say? Yiu dont usually here this from someone my age but I witnessed Maximo becoming the man he is today, having hone what he has gone through i am proud of who is and to see that he found his other half makes me happy. As for Elizabeth, your a great person and even better friend. Having you in Linden has ben nothing but jokes and good times. May Jehovah see your efforst and continue to bless you both. Sincerly, Seba the 6 man 😂😉

Diana C. Saco

El amor que se tienen brilla en sus rostros y sus sonrisas. The way you look at each other , the way you guys talk to each other, and everything you guys do for each other is a clear reflection of the love you have for one another. You guys are starting a whole new chapter in your lives Keep on putting Jehovah and his principles in first place and your marriage will be a success. From the beginning of your courtship you guys have done things Jehovah's way and Jehovah has blessed you guys. I'm so proud of you guys. Liz, you are a beautiful and simple person, with a big heart . Maximo, a warm hearted young man with a sense of humor. You guys compliment each other. -Ecclesiastes 4:9-12. May Jehovah continue to pour his blessing on you guys. Love you guys. :)


What can I say except, Congratulations! 💕 You two are the perfect match that will soon be one 😊 I hope the best for both of you but in the meanwhile, I shall keep chaperoning ;) kids these days 🌚 Love you both!!!!

Jake Lopez

I have too many words to say, but I have to use only 1000 characters, so ima choose my words wisely! To the sister I never had, this is a bittersweet moment! It’s a devine union and a big step that you two are taking, and I’m happy y’all are doing it with Jehovahs blessing! Maximo, you’re a good guy, with a good head on your shoulders! I’m proud for the both of you! May Jehovah continue to bless you two, in your next chapter of life! Don’t forget him and he won’t forget you! Oh yea and don’t forget me! LoL Congratulations!!!

Caleb Ramos

I don’t really have any words to say other than congratulations! I’ve known Max for a long time! We met because we wore the same exact suit for about 5 assemblies straight! Recently met Liz and she’s nothing short of a great person with a huge heart. I wish nothing but the best for the two of you, and I feel as if it’s a match made in heaven the two of you. Let nothing get in the way of the purity and the love you two share and may Jehovah bless your efforts and your marriage! I love you guys!!!! - Caleb Ramos 😌

Maximo & Elizabeth

We're so excited to see you all on our special day! - The future Sabala's.

The Knot

Congratulations from The Knot! Best wishes for a happy planning journey and an amazing wedding. yours. truly.