Wedding postponed until September 4, 2021. Feel free to contact us with any questions. Thank you for your patience!

Emily & Michael

September 4, 2021Midland, MI

Wedding postponed until September 2021

Hello everyone--

Due to present circumstances, it is with great sadness that we inform you that we must postpone our celebration until September 4, 2021. We cannot wait to have you all join us for our big day, but we also want to keep everyone safe and healthy.

We sincerely hope that you will be able to join us next year, so please mark your calendars! We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience! Please reach out to us with any questions.

Love always,

Emily & Michael

Our Story
You Know the End. Learn the Beginning.

It was a dark and stormy night. Literally.
After meeting their first year in pharmacy school Michael and Emily were just friends. Though we had a mutual friend (one who is standing in the wedding!) that year they were probably actually acquaintances at best. So charming; so romantic. Well we know how this ends so let's get to it!

After their second year of school both Michael and Emily, not to mention a cadre of fellow classmates all landed an internship that required they all commute to downtown Detroit each day. Being the graduate students they were living the graduate student life, the natural course of action was to carpool.

There they were, trapped in the same vehicle in unrelenting Detroit traffic with nothing better to do than talk to each other, I suppose. Emily won't miss the opportunity to mention how annoying it was to drop Michael off at a different building, since the rest of them worked in a cooler, taller building down the road.

You'd think this is where things got interesting, but you would be wrong about that. Because nothing happened for a full FIVE MONTHS, as someone in the room with the author right now would also be keen to remind you.

By October though something very exciting happened. The Martian starring Matt Damon was released in theaters. This was, as I said, very exciting and obviously the highlight of this story so Michael convinced a bunch of people to go see it one weekend. This was, apparently, in lieu of asking Emily out on a date, despite both of them recently reading the book and discussing it quite a bit.

Well they saw The Martian and it was pretty good. Michael somehow convinced Emily to come hang out at the infamous apartment on Cross Street where they sat on a tiny couch and talked for FOUR HOURS and NOTHING HAPPENED and then Emily left after midnight. There has been so much text and so little payoff, already.

But wait. It was a dark and stormy night, you recall. Michael, feeling like a royal fool threw on flip-flops and ran after her. This day will forever be known as 'Martian-versary'.

Well they started dating not too long after that and traveled together without murdering one-another, and graduated from pharmacy school. To their dismay, their paths after school would take Michael to the west coast and Emily to... Ohio. Long distance is not fun; 0/10 would not recommend. In the end, Emily moved to the west coast once she completed her residency, joining Michael in Seattle. They adopted a dog too (she is very cute).

About a million years later Michael finally proposed in front of Snoqualmie Falls, devising a masterwork of a secret plan to ensure all parents involved could witness the occasion. Totally unbiased but it worked pretty well; she said yes!

Now is where you come in. We need you to help us celebrate this very special time with us. Please join us in becoming Mr & Mrs!

Michael & Emily

The Wedding

Saturday, September 4, 2021
4:00 PM
The H Hotel
111 West Main Street, Midland, MI, 48640
The H Hotel
111 West Main Street, Midland, MI, 48640