Our Story
How They Met

It was not until their junior year at the University of Alabama when Reid and Emily met. They had briefly met before at a student ministry called Campus Crusades for Christ that they both weekly attended. Little did they realize that they would soon be set up on a blind date! In early 2013, second semester of their junior year, Caroline Meyers (maid of honor) set Reid and Emily up on "Grab A Date" date party. A "grab a date" party was just that- you grabbed a date as quickly as you could given a short notice that the party would be that night. Caroline reached out to Reid and he said yes to going with Emily! They had so much fun together that evening that one date party lead to another date party. Whether they were eating donuts at Krispy Kreme or going to "Fat Boy Farm" (a Harvey family tradition and also where Reid proposed),they were soon spending lots of quality time together. It did not take Reid and Emily long to realize that they enjoyed each others company and by summer they started dating. They have been dating four and a half years and can not wait to get married!

The Wedding

Saturday, June 23, 2018
Willowbrook Baptist Church Huntsville
7625 Bailey Cove Rd SE, Huntsville, AL 35802, USA
Valley Hill Country Club
8300 Valley Hill Dr SE, Huntsville, AL 35802, USA
Wedding Party

Andrea Rogers Craven - Matron of Honor

The best big sister and role model! Andrea is my constant supporter and best friend. Wife to Corey Craven and mother to flower girl Kinsley Craven.

Alex Graham Shaver - Matron of Honor

Alex and I met freshman year at Alabama. Alex was one of the first girls I met at UA because we both lived on the 9th floor in Tutwiler. We both pledge the same sorority and instantly became best friends! We were college roommates for 2 years together and our relationship has continued to grow since. Post college has entailed being maid of honor in each others wedding, weekly phone calls and weekend trips!

Caroline Meyers - Maid of Honor

Caroline and I met freshman year of high school. She is a huge part of my life because we have walked through all stages of life together! We both went to Alabama and pledge the same sorority. She is also the reason for Reid and I are together. Thanks for the set up!

Alyssa Carter - Bridesmaid

Alyssa and I have known each other since preschool! We grew up playing basketball, softball, soccer and later cheering together in middle and high school. A lot of our favorite memories together are attending Alabama football games, pledging the same sorority and weekends at the lake!

Amanda Smith - Bridesmaid

Amanda and I were both raised in Huntsville, AL but never knew each other until Sophomore year at Alabama! It was our first day of a Public Relations class that we happen to sit by each other. We instantly found out we had so much in common. We both studied business and quickly became best friends! Many of our memories together include Little Rosie's and Starbucks coffee dates.

Rachel Coleman Mirra - Bridesmaid

Rachel and I met in middle school. Every stage of life we have always been together.We quickly became friends at a young age because we cheered, played basketball, and went to church youth group together. We both went to Alabama ,pledge the same sorority and move to Birmingham after college. So thankful for our many memories together!

Lissa Handley Tyson - Bridesmaid

I met Lissa Handley at Alabama. We both pledge the same sorority and quickly became fast friends! Many of our memories include late night talks, bible study, and quick trips to TCBY for ice cream. She is currently studying to become a doctor. So proud of her and all of her accomplishments!

Taylor Denlinger - Bridesmaid

Taylor was a Freshman and I was a Junior when we met at Alabama. It did not take us long to become best friends! Our relationship grew once we started disciplining each other in college. We have grown in our walk with The Lord and have so many memories together. Her love for others is contagious. Taylor currently lives in East Asia.

Carlton Cooper - Bridesmaid

The first time I met Carlton was summer of 2013. Carlton is the little sister I have always wanted! She is currently a Sophomore at Alabama. Most of our memories include traveling to Fat Boy Farm, cheering on the Tide and attending bible study together.

Candice Dunn - Bridesmaid

Candice and I met freshman year at Alabama when we both pledged the same sorority. We all call her O'Candi! It did not take us long to become best friends because Candice brings so much joy and laughter to everyone around.

Jamie Lynn Dorr - Bridesmaid

Jamie Lynn and I pledge the same sorority together in college. We quickly became best friends! We have so many fun memories together and have continued to grow closer since college. Jamie currently lives in Mississippi, but still the world's biggest Alabama fan!

Kinsley Craven - Flower Girl

Kinsley is my niece. She is the sweetest and cutest little girl in the world! She will be 1.5 years old by the time Reid and I get married. She is going to be the most adorable flower girl!

Keith Harvey - Best Man
William Harvey - Groomsman
Drew Harvey - Groomsman
Dex Harvey - Groomsman
Hunter Payne - Groomsman
Stewart Herndon - Groomsman
Nick Laskay - Groomsman
Cameron Troilo - Groomsman
Walt Smith - Groomsman
Robby Anderson - Groomsman
Tommy Hiltz - Groomsman