And so it begins...

Congratulations you have been invited to the Wedding of the Year! You must be a very nice person.

So, you'll forgive us for being very self-indulgent and planning our wedding in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea in the height of summer.

We understand it's a big ask to come to Gozo and we will not be offended in the slightest if you'd rather join us in the UK for a party instead. The UK party is likely to be in London in August 2017 on our return from Gozo (details to follow).

What do you need to know?

Our wedding will be taking place in Gozo, an island off Malta.

The wedding day is not going to follow the usual format. The ceremony and reception will take place on a large boat in the day, there will be a short break and then the wedding dinner will take place in a local restaurant in the evening.

The wedding is on Friday 28th July. We will be in Gozo between 26th and 3rd August.

What Next?

1. Make yourself a large drink. (You have lots to organise).

2. RSVP straight away! (Don't be a Hyland and turn up last minute).

3. Take a look at the evening meal menu (found under Details tab). Email your meal choices to [email protected]

4. Explore this website. You can find loads of info on the Big Day as well as info on accommodation, transport, restaurants and things to do.

5. Make yourself another large drink and sit back and relax.

We look forward to seeing you all!

The Wedding

Friday, July 28, 2017
11:00 AM
Attire: Dress Code: Summer Smart and Swimmers
The Hera (It's a Boat!)
Mgarr Harbour, Gozo
The Oleander Resturant
Xaghra, Gozo

11 AM

Board the Boat - Mgarr Harbour, Gozo

Ceremony, Drinks, Swim, Light Lunch, Party !!!

Don't drive and bring your swimmers.

Towels provided.

3 PM

Return to Mgarr, Gozo

Ask the best man Rob Colvin for the taxi list.

This is your time to kip, freshen up & sober up before the evening meal.

7.30 PM

The Oleander, Victory Square, Xaghra

Evening Meal and Celebrations