About Gozo

Gozo has been a family holiday destination for the Hylands since the beginning of time. What's not to like? Sun, good food, booze, beautiful beaches, history, friendly people and blue blue sea.

The people who will be joining us for our special day are our family and closest friends. We look forward to celebrating the day with you in our favourite place ever!

How do we get there?

Gozo has no airport. You need to fly into Malta. Air Malta, Easy Jet, BA and Ryan Air (if you dare) all fly to Malta. There is only one airport on Malta so you cannot book the wrong one.

You will also need a rental car as it is difficult to get about without one.

You then need to get to Gozo - the only way to do this is by Ferry. The Ferry Timetable can be found here...http://www.gozochannel.com/en/home.htm

Where can we stay?

Gozo is such a small island that you can stay anywhere and still get to the wedding easily.

Ginny and Joe will be staying in a town called Xaghra. This is also where the restaurant is located. If you want to avoid a taxi journey home on the night of the wedding then we suggest you look for accommodation near Xaghra.

Joe has pulled together a list of links to hotels, farmhouses and B&Bs on the Details page.


The evening meal will be taking place at Oleander Restaurant at 7.30pm. Please have a look at the Menu, pick your meal and send the choices to [email protected]


A choice of a cured meat antipasti or a vegetarian antipasti

- - - - - - - - - -

Rigatoni Pasta

with Tomato Pesto, Aubergine and Mozarella (Veggie Option)

Veal Ossoburo

served with seasonal veg, roast potatoes & tomato jus

BBQ Ribs

pork ribs served with Gozo fries

- - - - - - - - - - -

Seasonal Fruit Panna Cotta

Snickers Cake

Choice of Ice Cream


B&B Daydream Maison d'hôtes
triq il kortoll, Xaghra XRA 1400, Malta

This B&B is located very close to the restaurant and Bella Vista Farmhouses (where Ginny and Joe are staying) in Xaghra. Rates are between 90 and 105 euros per room per night.

Kempinski Hotel San Lawrenz
Triq ir-Rokon, San Lawrenz, Malta
00356 22 11 00 00
The Grand Hotel ****
Mggar Harbour, Gozo
Bella Vista Farmhouses (nearest to Gin & Joe)
Shrug Street, Xaghra, XRA1346 Gozo, Malta
(+356) 21 561 750

This is where Ginny and Joe are staying. There are a number of farmhouses, each with their own pool, that sleep four, six or eight people.

Bella Vista will be setting its rates for 2017 around 31st August and it will be possible to book after then. Ask to speak to Maria or Monica and explain you are with Ginny and Joe's wedding in July 2017.

Calypso Hotel ****
Marsalforn, Gozo

Ggantija Megalithic Temples
+356 21 553 194

Try saying that after 5 gins!

Gozo is really really old. And if you like really really old man made structures then this is right up your street. These really really old stones are really really old and are really really worth a look.

Victoria, Gozo

The Citadel is a remarkable structure of engineering. It can be found in the Capital of Gozo known as either Victoria or Rabat.

I've heard the Citadel is very nice.

I've never been. Ginny did take me once. But we just ended up drinking in a bar.

Xerri's Grotto
Xagħra, Malta

A massive Cave! Come on, be honest, who doesn't like a massive Cave? Exactly. Nobody.

Xerri's Grotto is based in the Centre of Gozo in a town called Xaghra. (There's a lot of X's in this town, let's hope they don't turn up at the Wedding!).

This cave is pretty cool. You have to walk through someone's house before delving down a spiral staircase.

Ramla Bay
Gozo, Malta

Ramla Bay is a beautiful beach. Sun, sea and sand. A great place to relax while in between celebrations.

We are big fans of this beach. If you see us sun bathing then come say hello!

Be careful in the sea. Although shallow it is quite rough. Plus be careful playing ball games. Blaise once threw a Tennis Ball and it hit a local girl square in the face. It all got rather awkward.

Azure Window
San Lawarenz, Malta

The Azure Window!

If you think this window is big then you should see the curtains! That was a joke.

This place is definitely worth a look while in Gozo. Popular with everybody the waters are clear and the rocks are rocky.

You may recognise the Azure Window from Game of Thrones. We don't recgonise it from Game of Thrones, as we have a life.

Mini Cab Services

MCM Garage
3 Windmill Street Qala
+35621550741 +35677623107 +35679599131
Mario's Taxi Service
70 Mannar Street, Xaghra, XRA 104
+35621557242 +35699435778 +35699495778
Eagle Garage
Triq It Telgha, Qala, Malta
+35621562850 +35699242080 +35699242702
Gozo Ferry Service

The Gozo Ferry Service runs Day and Night. It is the only way to get on and off the Island (unless of course you are Superman or have invented teleportation).

For times then please visit www.gozochannel.com/en/home.htm

Once you have parked up on the Ferry then get a lift to the top of the boat. Enjoy the views, the breeze, the pastizzi and get ready for the wedding festivities!

Gozo Restaurants
The Oleander

This is the restaurant we are holding our reception at. It is a fantastic place to get a feel of Gozo. Based in the heart of Xhagra Square it has the best views of the local (but massive church). Ask the staff why the clock always stays at 11.55pm.

On the menu is steak, seafood and maltease classics. They have a great wine list and friendly staff.

Don't forget to order a Limoncello at the end of the night. Although they usually bring it over without asking!

This is the Ultimate Gozo Experience.



Stone Crab

Set in the tiny town of Xlendi, Stone Crab offers the freshest of Seafood and tastiest of Pizzas. Great place to visit after a swim or an even better place to visit in the evening for the hustle and bustle and local life.

Order some bread at the beginning of the night to feed the fish before your starters arrive!



Xerri il-Buckett

A strange name for a restaurant, and when passing you wouldn't even know it was there!

Set above the cliffs of Qala the Pizzeria offers the best views of the whole Island. Best time to go is at Lunch time after a morning of beach fun. The food is cheap but tasty and will keep you filled up till dinner.

If you venture next door you can watch the locals playing Bowls. Get involved and show them how it's done!



Ta' French

So Ta' French is the most expensive restaurant on the list.

But it's worth a look if you want a romantic slap up meal.

Offering Maltease classics to a high standard, the service is the best on the Island. Set on a quiet estate just outside Xhagra it will not disappoint.