Our Story
How We Met

Joe and Grace met through their mutual love for food. They have been eating there way into each others hearts ever since! They are further bonded through their interest in dogs, travel, and outdoor activities.

The Proposal

In April 2016, Joe and Grace decided to take a trip to Portland, Oregon. Joe proposed at the start of the trip so that they could enjoy the rest of the trip as a happy, newly engaged, couple.

The Wedding

Saturday, April 1, 2017
5:00 PM
Attire: Semi-Formal
Ceremony and Reception
Saratoga Country Club
21990 Prospect Rd, Saratoga, CA 95070
Wedding Party

Annie Tsai - Bridesmaid

Grace & Annie went to UCSD together. During senior year, Grace and Annie's boyfriend Jeff (now husband) teamed up to build a multiplayer game. One late-night lab session, Annie brought boba tea pick-me-ups for all the teammates. That's when Grace knew that Annie was one cool girl! Later, they both started working at the same company and became work/lunch buddies. They love to trade stories about their wily dogs & have completed the 'insanity' workout together. Grace was also a bridesmaid in Annie's wedding which got featured on TV due to it being a special date 10-10-10 (binary!)

Shirley - Maid of Honor

Shirley is Grace's younger sister. Growing up, Grace was an only child for several years. When she heard the news that she would be getting a baby sister she couldn't wait! Edward followed couple years later and the Chen sibling trio was complete. The Chen siblings favorite activities to do together are board games, hiking, and karaoke. Grace gets a kick out of how they all have similar tastes: disliking pickles, olives, and anything charred. Shirley is pretty good at crunching numbers and assembling things while Edward and Grace are pretty good at doing heavy-lifting (aka grunt work) ;D

Chialing - Bridesmaid

Chialing is Grace's cousin and they grew up very close to each other in Taiwan. After Grace moved to the US, she always looked forward to visits from Chialing & her brothers because they would have epic watergun fights. When Chialing moved to the states as well, they started sharing their mutual love for science fiction/fantasy novels and traveling, taking trips to Europe and Asia. Now, Chialing and Grace live very close to each other and routinely meet up with their core high school friends. Chialing just got happily married last year!

Eileen - Bridesmaid

Grace has known Eileen since freshman year in college. College life without Eileen would have been very boring because she was Grace's go-to girl for EVERYTHING fun: dancing, partying, travelling, & eating. Eileen is one of Grace's favorite people to travel with because they share the same musical preferences, traveling styles, and eating goals! They have been on numerous trips together, and finding the best food to eat is always top priority. Eileen had a fairy-tale wedding last October, & Grace was one of her bridesmaids as well! Grace wishes Eileen lived closer to her so they could eat hot pot everyday and nerd out over board games.

Paul Ahn - Best Man

Joe's Brother

Paul Kang - Groomsman

Joe's friend since 1st grade

Jason Tiret - Groomsman

Joe's friend since college

George Siambis - Groomsman

Joe's friend since college

Edward Chen - Usher

Grace's brother