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The Story of Imron and Aubrey

The way Imron Kassim and Aubrey Balcom met is truly a story of fate. Imron Kassim and Aubrey Balcom were both young professionals simply trying to make their way in the world, more specifically in Dallas, Texas.

Both Imron Kassim and Aubrey Balcom worked in the automotive industry and shared a passion for automobiles and helping others. Imron Kassim used his loved for automobiles as well as his knowledge of finance and business development to form a career that would soon lead him to a professional and lifetime partnership with Aubrey.

While at the Dallas-Fort Worth Auto Show, Imron Kassim had a table set up to discuss automotive finance with prospective car buyers. One of those prospective car buyers at the show that day happened to be Aubrey, who approached Imron's table and ended up discussing automobiles, finance, and life for more than an hour!

Once the two of them realized how much they had in common, they decided to extend their conversation to dinner later that week. From there, a strong bond was built and Imron and Aubrey became soul mates.

After just a year together, Imron Kassim and Aubrey Balcom discovered that they could turn their love for the automotive industry and each other into a lucrative and successful business.

For years now, Imron Kassim and Aubrey Balcom have helped those in the automotive industry with staffing, finances, operational support, HR compliance, and business development.

The two of them have made a great team as professionals and they can't wait have the same success as spouses. Imron Kassim and Aubrey Balcom can't wait to share their special day with you!

The Wedding

Monday, August 12, 2019