Welcome to our wedding website!

Here you will be able to find all the details you will need in regards to our wedding. However, if you have any questions you can contact us on the following details:

[email protected]

Jack - 07824 631663 | Aimee - 07590 994470

For those that know Jack, you'll probably get your questions answered quicker if you contact Aimee...!


Please RSVP (via the menu above) confirming your attendance to any, or all of the three events by 1st July 2017. The Friday evening and 'Wezz-A-Palooza' (details below) are optional, however we would love for you to join us.

We are aware this RSVP date is early, especially too early to be choosing what to eat over the weekend, so we will contact you with these choices later in the year.

For those of you with a * after your name, this is regarding children. We are more than happy for you to bring them, however, will leave the decision to you (you may just fancy a boozy kid-free weekend in the sun!) Please email/text us to let us know.

The Wedding

Saturday, May 26, 2018
12:30 PM
Attire: Bow ties and Blazers (colour is encouraged!) and Summer Dresses

12:30 pm - Jack and his groomsmen invite you to the upper lawn for a pre wedding tipple. (Latest arrival to the Chateau by 13.15 pm).

13:50 pm - Everyone to be seated

14:00 pm - Wedding Ceremony

14.30 pm - Celebration Drinks, Pictures & Canapes

16.00 pm - Speeches

17.00 pm - Wedding Breakfast

19.30 pm - First Dance

'til Late - Party

Other Events

Friday Evening @ The Chateau
Friday, May 25, 2018
6:30 PM
Chateau La Durantie, 24270 Lanouaille

Ahead of the wedding on Saturday, we will be hosting a welcome evening at the Chateau. Please do feel free to join us for dinner and drinks. A three-course dinner is available for €22 per person, payable in cash to the Chateau on the day. Please arrive to the Chateau no later than 7.30pm, dinner will be served at 8pm.

Dress Code: Smart Casual

Sunday, May 27, 2018
12:30 PM
Chateau La Durantie, 24270 Lanouaille

We would love for you to join us for a pool party at the Chateau for our final day of celebrations. A BBQ around the pool will be available for €18 per person, payable in cash to the Chateau on the day. Don't forget your cossy!

Dress Code: Pool Party

Wedding Party

Jack Downie - Best Man

'Jack W' met 'Jack D' on the first day of reception class at St Joseph's Primary School in Exmouth. Jack D approached a deviously cute toddler, with a blown dried basin hair cut and asked him for his name. The child responded "Jack". Jack D couldn't contain himself, and in pure excitement replied "Mine too!!! Do you want to be my best friend?"

26 years later, Jack D is a Best man at Jack W's wedding.

There are so many great memories growing up with Jack. Play fighting at Roundhouse Lane, learning to cycle 'no handed', adventures across Lympstone, Jack D loosing half a bum cheek in a horrific go kart accident, unforgettable games of Manhunt in High View gardens, Red Ring, cliff jumping, rugby tours, nights out, all to name just a few.

Thomas Rowe - Best Man

Jack met Tom in 2007. When he returned returned to Colts rugby training after travelling. He found that a chubby, cone headed, unfunny guy from the year below, had firmly cemented himself within his friendship group, much to his dismay.

This soon became old news when one very late night, Jack was driving home in his K reg Ford Fiesta and crossed paths with an absolute state of a human being on Salterton Road. In getting closer Jack realised it was Tom. The thought had crossed his mind to leave him and he actually did drive past him, but guilt set in and he turned around to pick him up and take him home.

From that day, they built an unbelievable friendship which is cherished immensely. Jack was Bestman at Tom and Philly's wedding and is Godfather to their first daughter Evelyn.

Dale Sleeman - Groomsman

Call sign 'Death Blow'. Jack has known and been great friends with Dale since he started rugby at the age of 9. .

Jack lived with Dale for 2 years, at Dale's flat, known across the EX8 postcode as 'The House of Trousers'. Many a beer has been shared there, and there are so many treasured memories and stories.

A stand out period would be what the boys look back on and call ' the 3 weeks of carnage'. Copious amounts of Gaymers Cider was purchased from Bargain Booze and consumed at The H.O.T. The boys spent everyday of the 3 weeks together, visiting the usual favourite haunts and ending up in all sorts of states.

David Howells - Groomsman

Again Jack met David we he first started playing Rugby at the age of 9.

Jack and David's friendship reignited once the 'Shaggers Shag' group was formed. This has included countless trips to Newton Abbot's 'Ye Old Cider Bar', 4 Wireless Music Festivals, London nights out (prior to the move), and Wez- A - Palooza's .

David was invaluable to Jack when he moved to London. David welcomed Jack with open arms, introduced him to his group of friends, the mighty Chingford Rugby Club - where Jack played for 3 years, and more significantly introduced him to his current employer Besso, where David also works. Without David, the London move would have been so much harder to make. Without David, Jack and Aimee would not be able to call London home.

Ben Wright - Groomsman

Benji. A founding father of 'The House of Trousers' and instrumental in the forming of the 'Shaggers Shag' group.

Jack and Ben met when Jack was 16, in Jack's first year of Colts rugby with Exmouth Rugby Club.

Since then they have grown to be very close friends through rugby tours, nights out, hospital visits, holidays, taking 'the girls' out, and tv shows.

A stand out moment of their friendship would be Ben and Jack's holiday to Cancun. Unfortunately for the reader of this...What goes on tour, stays on tour.

Natalie Grice - Maid of Honor

Natalie is Aimee's older sister.

Natalie and Aimee grew up becoming best friends as well as sisters through the drives in her car, bombing around the East Devon lanes to Ja Rule (baby!) or Christina Milian, and in more recent years hanging out with two more members of the gang (Lily and Imogen) watching Princess Diaries and of course, teaching them how to selfie (Aimee, rather than Natalie!).

Chloe Snell - Maid of Honor

Chloe is Aimee's younger sister, her little bbz.

Along with Natalie, Chloe and Aimee grew up becoming best friends as well as sisters. Like all sisters, there were lots of fights; mostly when Chloe was breaking the lock on Aimee's wardrobe, or Aimee annoying Chloe pretending to be her when Jamie, Chloe's boyfriend, called..! However, all completely outweighed by the funny memories they have; pretending to talk french in shops, speaking irish on the walk to school or reciting Gavin & Stacey and talking welsh the whole way through a 45minute car journey. Too many of these include accents..!!

It won't be long until the newest member of the crew, Freya, will be rocking a pout too...!

Vicki Campbell - Bridesmaid

Vicki and Aimee met 10 years ago when Chloe and Aimee would visit the local salon during the school holidays.

They become closer through mutual friends, and spending many fun nights out in Exeter, with the occasional visit to the bingo! On repeat missions to get fit, they decided to start "Jalking" (Jogging and Walking...and talking), all doomed by their love of puddings!

Vicki is one of Aimee's best friends and whilst Aimee is known to Vicki as "Snella", this will never change, even though her name might!

Philly Rowe - Bridesmaid

Philly and Aimee met through Jack and Tom. The three of them had such a close friendship already, but welcomed Aimee in with open arms and formed a pretty cool little unit.

Philly and Aimee grew closer through nights out, a very fun festival, London weekends and a pretty special hen weekend (Philly's) in Majorca, as well as sharing a little gossip and eye-rolling across the table when the boys are being weird (which is often!!).

Philly and Aimee may have only known each other for a few years, but with the close friendship formed within this time, there will be lots more memories made in the future.

Stephanie Emerson - Bridesmaid

Stephanie and Aimee also met through the boys, Jack and Ben.

Steph and Aimee have become great friends not only through nights out, festivals, and some cracking new year celebrations, but also their love of snapchat filters and a bloody good meme! Aimee is also bridesmaid at Steph's wedding. And like Phils, although they have not known each other for that many years, they have formed a very special friendship that will last for years.

Grace Reilly - Flower Girl

The oldest of Aimee's Niece's, taking the role of "Chief". Grace's cool, calm, and sometimes bossy (where needed!!) attitude will make her the best Chief flower girl, leading the way for all the other little ones!

Imogen Grice - Flower Girl

No longer the baby, this gorgeous girl is another of Aimee's Niece's. With her smiley face and her witty attitude, we're sure she will bring lots of fun, and cheekiness to the "Flower Girl Posse"

Lily Grice - Flower Girl

Aimee's Mini-Me, and another niece! This cool little chick will no doubt help Grace lead the way for the other FG's - being super kind and caring, we're sure she'll play "mum" of the group!

Evelyn Rowe - Flower Girl

Looking at this photo it's crazy that gorgeous Evie won't be the youngest FG! This little darling is the daughter of Jack and Aimee's best friends - Tom (B.M) and Phils (B.maid) - and Jack's Goddaughter. Together with Freya, they will be the most sweetest of Flower Girls!

Freya Connett - Flower Girl

Little Freya is another of Aimee's nieces and will be the youngest Flower Girl. So cute!