Our Story
So here's how we started this insanity!

It was a dark and stormy night. Yes, it's cliché, but it also happens to be true. It was a dark, stormy night. Lightning lit up the sky as rain and hail pelted the windows of the rehearsal room where the Paul was enjoying his first rehearsal in the West Suburban Symphony orchestra as they worked the dark chords of Wagners "Faust." Our director was working with one section of the orchestra, (Not the violas though), and at one point our director made mention that this section "kept missing the entrance" and even though it was his first rehearsal, the ordinarily quiet and reserved Paul (hah!) commented under his breath, "I don't think they're 'missing' it, Bob."

Jen heard this and couldn't help but snicker under her breath as she caught the reference to the movie Office Space and Jen, being the ever so quiet and reserved person she is (hah) took this as the opportunity to strike up a conversation. Thus began a friendship that lasted for exactly a month and a half before Paul worked up the nerve to ask Jen out. She said yes, because if Paul hadn't asked, then Jen was about to herself.

When the first date came around, Paul had a fantastic dinner planned at a fancy restaurant and he remembered everything…. Except the reservations. Fortunately, they were able to get the table and had a great night where all the rules were broken. Politics, religion, past relationships all came up in the dinner conversation and,when Jen asked if Paul would be interested in going Miniature golfing, he agreed to it. And it was on that course where Jen demonstrated her willingness to take care of her date, as exemplified when she smacked him in the neck, mid sentence to kill a mosquito that had landed there. That event is jokingly referred to as the 'Liam Neeson throat punch'.

Afterwards they ended up at iHop (because all good stories need an iHop) and after the night rolled into midnight, they finally decided it was time to part company, but not before Paul took her hand in his and offered her a simple kiss. Jen later commented that the gesture was possibly the most romantic thing anyone had ever done to her on a first date. (Even though two years later, she doesn't seem to remember the moment. Joy….)

And well, the rest is history.