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This chick is so dumb lol


Runaway bride. You have a minor child; it most likely is not in your daughter's best interest to bond, be around, and live with this loser. If you look at his past its a trainwreck of unpaid bills, broken hearts, and using people until they are sucked dry.

Producer Kristen

Jennifer honey, I need to ask you something? How stupid are you exactly? No seriously. I'm guessing red is your favorite color because there sure are a lot of red flags surrounding Matt Baier. RUN SIS RUUUUUN. You might want to look into his past, because yikes! Secure your money and keep your children away from him because he searches women with kids to play daddy for even though he couldn't care less about his own 52 kids. That's fucking suspicious. Don't you dare to cry when he leaves with all your money to the next naive dumb soul and leaves you with kid number 53. Good luck I guess hahahahahahahah.

Sara Touchette

Hi Matt, Still waiting on the $3,000 you owe me. You know, the $ you swore on your children’s eyes you would pay back?

Patches McQueen

How long until Matt knocks this one up and abandons the baby?? New Jenn, does your family know that Matt is still married to someone else who he has a 1 year old child with that he won’t take responsibility for?