Jennifer & Patrick

October 18, 2019Springfield, VA

The Wedding

Friday, October 18, 2019
3:30 PM
Attire: Semi-Formal
St. Raymond Of Penafort Catholic Church
8750 Pohick Road, Springfield, VA 22153
Harbour View
13200 Marina Way, Woodbridge, VA
Wedding Party

Ally McDougal - Bridesmaid

Ally and I grew up next to each other and have developed life long friendship. We share many memories from figure skating club, snowmobiling in our yards, putting on car concerts for her younger brother, and even coloring the walls in our house (when we were really little!) Ally has a fun-loving personality, a contagious laugh and is true blonde at heart! I am truly blessed to have this friendship!

Michelle Barkley - Maid of Honor

For 10 years running, Michelle has been my tubing partner on the St. Lawrence River, always down for a trip to the cantina for their rightous salsa, giving an impromptu karaoke performance (OMG YOU GUYS!), or going on a road trip. I was lucky enough to accompany Michelle on her cross-country move to Colorado, where we bonded over our completely different musical tastes (think Blake Shelton vs. Beyonce). She is always up for shopping trip and will quickly befriend you if you offer her sour patch kids. Although she thinks she is a Kardashian, I am certainly blessed to have Michelle as my cousin turned sister, and my MOH!

Colleen Barkley - Bridesmaid

Colleen is my youngest cousin and honestly more like my little sister. I know I can always count on her for a sarcastic comment, to make me laugh, or to make me Peanut Butter Kiss cookies :) She could point you in the right direction of some good chicken tenders & fries! She is a well-rounded outdoors-woman, and is also one of the only people who can out-fish Patrick on the St. Lawrence River. I am so excited, and believe me, so is she, for her to be in our wedding!

Bernadette Futrell - Bridesmaid

Bernadette is Patrick’s younger sister! She is one of the most genuinely kind and warm-hearted people I have ever met and gaining her as a sister-in-law is a huge honor. She has been so helpful through this wedding planning process and we are eternally grateful for that :) She also happens to be an amazing new momma to our handsome baby nephew, Thomas!

Laura Fay - Bridesmaid

Laura and I have been friends since the fourth grade and have such great memories celebrating birthdays, singing karaoke with our friends, and playing volleyball throughout high school. Although we don't see each other very often, we always pick up where we left off when we do get together :) I am happy that Laura made the trip north from her new home in South Carolina to celebrate Patrick and I's special day with us!

Becky Galloway - Bridesmaid

This girl is the whole reason Patrick and I met!! She signed me up for love and for that that we are forever grateful! Becky and I worked together at Gallaudet where she was a work as a speech-language pathologist. We were quite the awesome team and were lucky to work with amazing little kids! Now, Becky is a momma to two of her own precious babies, Ben & Charlie! We are forever grateful for her friendship.

Paul Naylor - Groomsman

Paul and I first met in High School and shortly after graduating he left and joined the United States Marine Corp. We stayed in touch through all his deployments and travels. I'm happy to have him back in Virginia with us and even more happy to have him be a groomsman. Fun Fact, I was with Paul and Emily on their wedding day in Vegas! I also helped them remodel their first home which was a great experience! Remember kids, always make sure the main power is cut before removing any electrical components.

Alejandro “AO” Ocasio - Groomsman

I've known AO since middle school but I'd say our friendship really began in high school when we played football together. Both on the Offensive Line, we shared the same blood, sweat, and tears through 4am practice and weight training everyday after school. After high school, we both went to WVU and even roomed together for a few years. After college AO quickly moved to Pittsburgh (eat shit PITT!) where he currently lives and works. All fun aside I'm happy to have AO as one of my groomsman.

Jeff Futrell - Groomsman

I'm very proud to have Jeff, better known as "BIL" (Brother- In-Law), as one of my groomsman. Jeff is always there for my sister and now will be there for me on my wedding day. He's easy going and very talkative but don't let that fool you, he loves being just as competitive as me when it's board game night. You won last time so I'll get my revenge soon BIL! (Side note Jeff likes the Cowboys...BOOOOO! GO GIANTS!)

Jeff Coratolo - Groomsman
Mike McKenna - Best Man