The Wedding

Wedding Party

Erin Deeks - Maid of Honor

Jennifer met Erin her freshman year at Houghton College. They became best friends almost immediately and lived together for their last three years at Houghton. Erin is one of the happiest people you will meet who always thinks about others before herself. Whether it was making dinner, helping Jennifer study for Spanish Phonetics, or finding creative ways to relieve stress, she is always someone you want to be around. She comforts you when you are sad and shares in your joys. Erin is currently studying Speech-Language Pathology at the State University of NY at Buffalo where she also works in their Speech and Hearing Clinic.

Jennifer O'Neill - Bridesmaid

Jennifer and Jen met each other as young girls at Dancing with Denise. As they grew up, they continued to remain friends and served as counselors together at Vacation Bible School at Webster United Church of Christ, where they both attended through college. Jennifer and Jen also worked together at Maplewood Nursing Home where they were Unit Assistants and then Certified Nursing Assistants. Although they may not happen as frequently as she likes, Jennifer loves her breakfast dates with Jen at T's Family Restaurant. Jen is currently a registered nurse in the NICU at Strong Memorial Hospital.

Bethany Chesebro - Bridesmaid

Jennifer and Bethany met in Jennifer's junior year of college when Houghton's first women's tennis team was created. In August of 2015 they traveled to the Dominican Republic with the team to play tennis and spread the love of Christ. They also share a passion for children, as both were education majors. Bethany is soft-spoken but a star on the tennis court. Perhaps most importantly, Bethany has a contagious positive attitude and deeply cares for her friends and family. Bethany currently is completing her Master's degree at Liberty University in Teaching & Learning Special Education K-12.

Lisa Mechler - Bridesmaid

Jennifer and Lisa met well, when they were born. Lisa is Jennifer's paternal cousin. Although Lisa and her parents moved to California when Jennifer was young, they remained close. Lisa is one of Jennifer's role models. Her grace and passion for life are invigorating. Jennifer has enjoyed exploring California with Lisa from visiting San Francisco Giants games to exploring Sonoma Wine Country. Lisa helped to plan the proposal in June 2015 when Richard and Jennifer were visiting California in 2015, Lisa is currently a Speech Language Pathologist in San Mateo, CA.

Kristin Reindel - Bridesmaid

Jennifer and Kristin have know each other since they were little girls in Sunday School at Webster United Church of Christ. Each year when they each came home from college for the holidays, they held their annual ribbon dancing performance for Kristin's family. Some of their favorite things to do together are bake and play with Kristin's dogs Bailey and Duncan. Kristin is creative and makes everyone feel loved and special. She volunteers at Hospice care and continues to ride horses while currently being enrolled in pharmacy school at St. John Fisher.

Michael Nguyen - Best Man

Richard and Michael have been best friends since birth, literally. Michael and Richard have grown up together competing across the United States and Canada in karate, watching Kobe Bryant play basketball from number 8 to 24, shooting hoops in the driveway rain, shine, and even during winter snow storms, and working on and talking about cars. Richard views Mike as his mentor during difficult times, adviser during times of uncertainty, and play maker whenever he needs help. Michael co-owns ROC Martial Arts Karate school in Fairport, NY and works at Windstream.

Thomas Wester - Groomsman

Tom and Richard met during Plebe Summer at the United States Naval Academy and have been roommates all four years. They are best of friends where they call each other's parents their own. Their most fond moments together are Disney World during President's Day weekend, basketball games every night of the week, and endless antics and pranks performed on others. Whenever Tom and Richard are together, it is always a fantastic time. Richard had the honor of being the Best Man for Tom's wedding with his lovely wife Meredith. Tom is an Ensign in the United States Navy in the Surface Warfare and Intelligence communities and is currently working on his masters at Stanford University.

Joseph Curtis - Groomsman

Joey and Richard also met during Plebe Summer at the United States Naval Academy in 2012, where they instantly became amazing friends. Everyone loves Joey as soon as you meet him. His charisma and ability to relate to everyone's story or talk about miscellaneous subjects is remarkable. Richard and Joey have always enjoyed hiking, working out, and working on his Jeep together. There was seldom a weekend that they did not spend together all four years at the Academy, exploring new adventures or meeting new people. Joey is an Ensign in the United States Navy and is a pilot in Pensacola, Florida.

Danny Pickett - Groomsman

Danny and Richard have been best friends since elementary school. They have shared so many remarkable stories and their families are very close. No matter what they pursued in life, Danny and Richard always kept in touch and constantly helped each other in anyway they could. Danny is the most kindhearted and funny person you will meet. His wits and quick remarks during jokes have always been a shared memory they have both enjoyed. Danny lives in Webster, NY, in the hometown where they first met over 15 years ago.

Luke Geloso - Groomsman

Luke and Richard have been best friends since Willink Middle School where they first met in 6th grade. They became best friends very quickly and have always played sports together. No matter if it was playing countless games of basketball, tossing the football around, or even trying karate, Luke and Richard have always been together. Luke's family is also very close with Richard's family where Richard calls Luke's mom, Ellen, his mom, and Luke calls Richard's mom, Ginny, his own mom. Both Luke and Richard have stayed close throughout their college careers and continue to help each other grow. Luke lives with his beautiful fiance, Erika, in West Virginia.