Our Story
How the magic happened..

Jess and Brandon officially met for the first time on Thanksgiving Eve 2011 in Atlantic City through a mutual friend (thanks Cindy Fung!). They didn't see each other again until six months later, Memorial Day 2012. Jess, impressed by Brandon's boat, and Brandon, impressed by Jess' see-through shirt, exchanged numbers. The rest is history.

The Wedding

Friday, October 6, 2017
7:00 PM
Attire: Formal
Ceremony and Reception
Hazlet, NJ, United States
Wedding Party

Cindy - Bridesmaid

Cindy and I go back to 2007 when we met working at the job of champions, Abercrombie Kids. 3 years later, we hung out for the first time - the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Always up for anything, Cindy is my go-to when it comes to dinner, drinking, celebrity events, concerts -- anything fun and social. Cindy also gets props for introducing me to Brandon, putting up with me crying on a plane to Miami, and for encouraging my obsession with Fleischmanns.

Jenna - Bridesmaid

Jenna and I met freshman year of college and almost instantly became inseparable. Having the same taste in music, chicken fingers, celebrities, clubs and unattainable boys, we spent most of college going to the same two bars in Toronto and Facebook stalking. Now, a country apart, I can't wait to see Jenna again for my wedding!

Kailyn - Bridesmaid

Although Kailyn and I went to high school together, we didn't meet until after college in 2010. Total opposites in many ways, Kailyn and I share a love of cats (Kailyn currently has about 20), dirty humor, butt massages and unhealthy food. Kailyn is always down for everything and that is one of the reasons I asked her to be my bridesmaid!

Lauren - Bridesmaid

Lauren is the bridesmaid I've known the longest - we met way back in sophomore year of high school. Our claim to fame being the owners of the world famous Jake-Epstein.net, we've gone through a lot of friendships since 2003 but Lauren and I remain super close. Lauren is also great with hair and makeup and I envy her!

Michelle - Bridesmaid

Although Michelle lives in Toronto, I talk to her so often I feel like she is right next door! An original member of the Bob Saget Made Us Friends group, Michelle is the president of the Dave Coulier fan club and even chatted with him via Twitter PM! Michelle is my girl for fashion and hair advice, to rant about work and life and all the other things BFF related. She is also the only person who posts on my Facebook wall and I love her for it.

Dustin - Best Man

Braden - Groomsman

Ryan - Groomsman

Greg - Groomsman

Doug - Groomsman