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The wedding is over. Everything was perfect. Everything went smoothly, no problems at all. From the start of the day, makeup and hair to photographer, videographer, limo and the venue and DJ and florist along with reverend. Absolutely PERFECT. It could not have been better. Did I forget to mention the perfect couple! Usually there are some issues, minor or not so minor but this wedding was PERFECT with no issues. Now Mr. and Mrs. will have a wonderful honeymoon and a wonderful, long life together. All my love, Mother D 😊


In exactly one month you will be Mr. and Mrs. Molte. So exciting! The next step in your lives together.

Abe Goteiner -- Uncle

All that stuff Suzy said except for the hair and makeup !!!

Suzy (mother of the bride)

This is really nice Jess but I think you are forgetting something. I don't see the mom's mentioned 😬 I am looking forward to the big day even though you are forcing me to get my hair and makeup done 😁 So, my beautiful daughter is getting married. I wish you and Brandon a wonderful, long life together. I look forward to being a grandmother and will be there whenever you need me for whatever you need. Love you guys......

KayKay Spiler

Thank you for asking me to be a Bridesmaid for these two very special people. I am excited to be a direct part of your wedding, and to lead you into your next life’s chapter and life stage as a married couple. I wish you an easy year leading up to the planning of your big day. See you Saturday <3 <3 <3 P.S. thanks for making it sound like we massage each other’s butts on my description! Hahhahaa