The Wedding

Friday, May 13, 2016
3:00 PM
Attire: We are requesting that guests please wear all black
Warren Hall at Journeyman Distillery
109 Generation Dr, Three Oaks, Michigan 49128
Warren Hall at Journeyman Distillery
109 Generation Dr, Three Oaks, Michigan 49128

The Timings:

The wedding ceremony will be at 3.00pm EST

The reception and cocktail hour will follow at 4:00 pm EST

Guests will take their seats for speeches and dinner at 5:30 pm EST

Dinner will be a food truck buffet including pizza, fries, and salad, followed by a selection of delicious donuts!

Our Story
A Match Made Online!

Talk about a tale of two people whose chances of meeting were slim to say the least. If we'd lived in any era other than the one we're in right now, we wouldn't be … we! Our paths wouldn't have crossed if it weren't for that little app called Instagram. Reflecting on this now, thinking about how easy it could have been to go through life without meeting one another, is scary. But for whatever reason, Aly happened to stumble across a photograph of Joseph scuba diving in Jamaica and the rest, as they say, is history.

But it hasn't been the most straight forward of stories. To start with the fact that Joseph's Facebook message to Aly sat unread for SIX MONTHS (talk about playing it cool), due to the message ending up in Aly's notification-less "other" inbox. Six months went by with Aly clueless to the fact that Joe had reached out to her (more so than the constantly reciprocated likes on Instagram, that is).

After six long months, Aly finally came across the message, which was an invite to a Bulls game (that we're finally going to this April!), and replied immediately. From here the relationship picked up pace with us exchanging numbers and eventually Skype details.

Trying to get to know one another with the North Atlantic Ocean and a six hour time difference between us was, put simply, challenging! No weekend cinema date nights, taco Tuesdays, or coffee catch ups on the cards; our dates were at random times of the day, sat in front of a computer screen for hours on end finding out every single little thing about each other. Without the distraction of food, friends, or a movie, you have to keep the conversation going, so you learn pretty quickly whether there's a connection or not. Luckily for us, there were no awkward moments and the hours spent on Skype looking at each other's faces felt like minutes.

It was clear to both of us that there was definitely something special happening and we were both excited to find out where this could lead. So after a month spent in Japan, Joseph flew out to spend 8 days with Aly. This time together couldn't have been more perfect. Everything that we had hoped for was eclipsed by the way it felt when we were together. It's crazy how spending just a few days with someone can make it feel like they've been a part of you forever.

And those 8 days were all it took for us to realize that this was it, this was what we'd been waiting for; the true love that you realistically don't think will ever hit you. So what was next?

It was obvious to both of us that we wanted to solidify our love and take the next step in our relationship by getting engaged. To some this may have seemed quite soon or impatient, but impatience doesn't play a role when you've met "the one" and couldn't imagine spending your life without them.

To make sure it was kept a surprise, Joseph decided not to wait until Aly flew to London in three months and arranged with Aly's mom, Barb, to fly out for a long weekend four weeks after we had met to propose to Aly. It couldn't have been more perfect, proposing in front of the small chapel by Aly's father's resting place; somewhere that will always be very special.

In the 11 months that have followed this, we've thankfully managed to spend quite a lot of time together. Aly has taken two trips to the UK for a few weeks at a time and even moved to London for just over two months to live with Joseph, making memories with friends and family, exploring the UK and taking trips to Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Berlin, and Amsterdam. These 11 months have truly been the best months of our lives so far. They've been jam-packed full of indescribable happiness, unforgettable memories, and a fair share of countdowns... When we'll be able to Skype next, when we'll be together again, when we'll no longer have 3,932 miles between us, and when we'll finally become husband and wife.

It's an amazing feeling to be writing this knowing that our days of countdowns and crossing numbers off of calendars is soon coming to an end. It still feels like a dream – a life that neither of us could ever have anticipated or wished for.

It's been nearly 2 years since Aly stumbled across Joseph's Instagram profile, and in that time so much has happened. It's not been the easiest of journeys with spending so much time apart, but going through this has made us stronger than we could have ever imagined and has laid the foundations for a life full of love and happiness.

Our wedding day is a testament to how dreams really do come true. We are so excited to take this massive step and to be sharing it with you; our loved ones. Thank you for the times we've spent together so far, as well as the amazing memories still ahead.

Here's to love and to a chance meeting that's changed our lives in the most magical and unexpected way possible.