The Wedding

Saturday, September 22, 2018
Ceremony and Reception
Willow Creek Golf & Country Club - NY
1 Clubhouse Dr, Mt Sinai, NY 11766, USA
Wedding Party

Ashley - Maid of Honor

Ashley is Kara's best friend. They met through a college friend in 2005 and have been inseparable ever since! They share a mutual love for awkward break dance fights, Christmas tree removals, old lady dance moves, movie quotes and giant fucking cookies.

Amanda - Bridesmaid

Amanda is Kara's college bestie. They first met in 2006 when Amanda tried to kidnap Kara by arranging a Velvetta mac n cheese date. She was successful.

Brianna - Bridesmaid

Brianna is Kara's best friend since Pre-school. Growing up they shared a love of my little ponies, ninja turtles and beating up their best friend Derek.

Christina - Bridesmaid

Christina is Steven's sister and Kara's brand new sister-to-be. They enable each other daily with adorable puppy videos and share a love for ridiculous hashtags and wine.

Ciara - bridesmaid

Ciara is Kara's cousin and soul sister. They share a love of wine, cookie dough, puppies, and twisted sarcastic memes. They communicate solely through GIFs.

Danielle - Bridesmaid

Danielle is Kara's spirit angel. They are always up for crazy adventures and are currently on the hunt for the most perfect edible cookie dough recipe.

Jackie - Bridesmaid

Jackie aka Jax is Kara's high school babe and teamie. They have each seen each other at their best, worst and most awkward. They are both equally obsessed with puppies, champagne, and dancing.

Kathleen - Bridesmaid

Kathleen is Kara's college roomie. They enjoy a Harry Potter weekends, quoting movies, golden oreos, house parties, and going to Conn Hall.

Meg - Bridesmaid

Meg is Kara's cousin and Sistawife. They have had some wild adventures from the woods to dirty rich's and more.

Nancy - Bridesmaid

Nancy is Kara's little sis. They share a weird love for colorful desk supplies and have both been to candy crush rehab.

Ryan - Bridesmaid

Ryan is Kara's cousin and Sistawife. They had some pretty amazing slumber parties throughout the years. They share a love of ellios, snapchat filters, and wine.

Joe - Best Man

Steven and Joe started out founding a cider company in Oklahoma. After a successful run, they sold their shares to Elon Musk, who plans to use the recipe for his planned Mars mission.

Brendan - Groomsman

Brendan is the brides younger brother. He is credited with beating Floyd Mayweather in thumbwrestling.

Christopher - Groomsman

The grooms older brother...well known chocolatier in Switzerland.

Jim - Groomsman

Jim is one of the adopted OBriens, Jim and Steven climbed Kilimanjaro in the 90s

Joe - Groomsman

Joe is one of the grooms oldest companions. Joe and Steven have been together in many adventures. They have recently signed a book deal on NYC street vendors.

Mike - Groomsman

Mike and Steve are the last remaining members of the original unit. Their missions are said to be unclassified in 2178

Nick - Groomsman

Nick is credited with inventing the stuffed crust pizza.