Katherine & Rob

May 15, 2019Nashville, TN

Our Story
The Most Awkward Blind Date Ever

If things did not go well between Katherine and Rob after their first date, that would not have been at all surprising. Katherine, after deciding last minute to visit her good friend in Durham, NC, was heavily persuaded to go on a blind double date on the last day of her trip. Little unbeknownst to Katherine, Rob was less than excited about the date as well.

Once all four people got together, it only went downhill from there. Neither one could get a word in and were left to play 18 awkward holes of putt putt. Ultimately Rob struggled to do math and Katherine kicked everyone's butt by at least 10 strokes.

Once the other couple left, Rob (with a little meddling from Katherine's friend) finally asked her to get drinks just the two of them and they shut down Buffalo Wild Wings. And the rest is history...

The Wedding

Wednesday, May 15, 2019
Attire: Dressy casual; Semi-formal
Assumption Church
1227 7th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37208, USA
The Cordelle
45 Lindsley Avenue, Nashville, TN
Ceremony to take place at Assumption Church followed by reception at the Cordelle.
Wedding Party

Megan Dunn - Maid of Honor

Megan is the bride's little sister! Their mom always said that friends will come and go, but sisters are forever. Who better than to stand up next to Katherine on the most important day of her life.

Amy Cattran - Bridesmaid

Amy and the bride met in their junior year of high school. While bonding over stressful college applications and Grey's Anatomy, they became the best of friends.

Hope Paccione - Bridesmaid

Hope and the bride met while at Clemson University. They bonded over their mutual career ambitions and long event days at Littlejohn Coliseum. Hope is also the person who introduced Katherine to Rob in Durham, NC by setting them up on a blind date. Clearly, she has excellent match making skills.

Kristine Johnston - Bridesmaid

Kristine and the bride Day 1 of the Disney College Program. They were randomly assigned to the same apartment together. Best random roommate situation there possibly could have been!

Shelby Clarke - Bridesmaid

Shelby and the bride also met while at the Disney College Program. Shelby was also assigned randomly into the same apartment as Katherine.

Rob Rowe (4.0) - Best Man

Rob 4.0 met Rob 5.0 in the 90's, spending some time in calculus classes at Chico State. 5.0 taught 4.0 valuable lessons on how to parent, which he used on two of the groomsmen.

Patrick Rowe - Groomsman

Patrick had an 11-minute time span of being Rob's only sibling. Since that time, he's gone on to compete as a student-athlete playing Division II lacrosse.

Ryan Rowe - Groomsman

As the late arrival of the dynamic duo, Ryan rounded out the frat house of Phi-Beta-Rowe. He spends most of his summers studying abroad, specializing in performing Russian Opera; he makes up for it by spending the winters freezing his butt off in Minneapolis.

Brian Lorello - Groomsman

Brian and Rob have a tumultuous relationship, going back to when Rob was Brian's supervisor at Post 50 (be sure to ask about his first uniform at the Durham Bulls). While from the outside they seem to constantly be arguing with each other, this is mostly out of love and jest. Mostly.

James Trasatto - Groomsman

James and Rob together used to be Brian's boss, allowing plenty of bonding opportunities during disciplinary meetings. In addition to producing Bulls games together, they spent summers making day trips up the Busch Gardens Williamsburg. James was also instrumental in introducing Rob to Katherine.