Our Story
How we met

We met through mutual friends. This might sound surprising to some but Chris can be quite the dancer! After a few drinks and some good music Chris turns into a dancing/stripping fool! It might also sound surprising that Kayla was shy, but she was and didn't talk to Chris much at first. However, after a few drinks Chris's belt would come off and he would target Kayla for lap dances (that is he would give her one) and the rest is history!

The Proposal

Chris had told Kayla that his sister, Tara, and her boyfriend, Ben, wanted them to join them on a trip to Boston for the weekend. We spent our 1 year anniversary in Boston and hadn't been back since, Our 9 year anniversary was only a few days away. Tara had continuously talked about wanting to spend the entire time we were there at the Aquarium that she loved so much. So we decided to go and , let Tara plan the whole trip. When we arrived in Boston we left our stuff at the hotel and ventured out into the cold heading to the Aquarium. On our way we stopped to take selfies in front of Quincy Market and grab a bite to eat and drink at Cheers. After leaving Cheers, Tara asked that we take a few more pictures in front of Quincy Market. Of course Kayla agreed because we all know she never lets a photo op go by, but she should have known something was up when Chris agreed as well. Tara insisted on taking our picture first. Standing in front of Quincy Market with his arm around Kayla they waited for the picture to be taken. It was then that Chris began talking into Kayla's ear. "Can you believe that nine years ago I asked you to be my girlfriend in Shanon's kitchen.. . . and today I am asking you to be my wife?" (Now Chris knows how eager Kayla was to finally settle down and was always joking about proposing.) Her response to him while hitting him at the same time was, "Shut the Fuck Up!" (with a little attitude). To her surprise when she looked back at him he was standing there teary eyed unzipping his jacket. He pulled out the ring and in front of everyone at Quincy Market he got down on one knee and asked her again to marry him.

Wedding Party

Nichole - Maid of Honor

Jaimie - Bridesmaid

Ashley - Bridesmaid
Tara - Bridesmaid
Heather - Bridesmaid
Nick - Best Man
Aaron - Groomsman
Ben - Groomsman
Shane - Groomsman
Alex - Groomsman
Cassidy - Flower Girl