Kelaiah & Adam

September 25, 2021 • Rockton, IL

Kelaiah & Adam

September 25, 2021 • Rockton, IL

Our Story

Our story is quite unique. We like to call it our story for God’s glory. Our greatest desire is that God’s glory would be known & His faithfulness would shine through our relationship, marriage, and wedding day. Ultimately, we pray that you don’t see us, but rather Christ in us. His name be exalted to the Heavens, for without Him, we are nothing. Through it all, we lift His name high, believing that people will come to know Jesus through our story. Praying it’s an encouragement and blessing to you.

So... it all began in elementary school. We both went to Tri-County Christian School for a few years together, but never once did we talk, for we were two of the most shyest kids in the school lol. Fast forward to high school when we were reunited. We both went to Crave Youth, our youth group at the time. Adam had been attending Crave for several years, whereas I was fairly new to the group. I knew of him, but didn’t know him as a friend. 

At my very first Crave summer camp in 2017, I surrendered all anxiety + shyness before the Lord. I remember Him instilling a boldness in my soul and I have never been the same since. My passion, zeal, and hunger to spread the gospel across the nations was born & has continued to deepen. At our winter retreat called Revive in January of 2018, Adam recommitted his life to the Lord. This was such a pivotal moment for him & his walk with Jesus.

I say all that to say that... it wasn’t until around March of 2018 that we started talking to each other & got to know one another. Our friends started a Bible study in which we were a part of, so naturally we became good friends. We would hang out with each other with our other friends: never alone. 

It was then that I started to notice Adam liked me. I never said anything, but I personally wasn’t looking for anyone. My eyes were so fixed on Jesus, that I wasn’t focused on pursuing a guy. I knew that God was going to bring me my husband in His perfect timing.

Well... shortly after, the Holy Spirit began to instill a liking for Adam in me. I loved his heart for the Lord and how respectful and honoring he was. There was just something very different about him. The very first thing I did was pray and ask the Lord for peace. I had never experienced anything like this before. Sure enough, the Lord overwhelmed my spirit with peace and contentment. He spoke so gently to me, “Trust me. I’ve got you, and I’ve got him. And I’m leading you both.” After that moment, I just continued to get to know Adam (secretly liking him haha). 

A few months later, the Holy Spirit led Adam to 
ask my parents if he could talk to them about his heart for me. So, he came to my house and talked to my parents while I sat in the car in the driveway worshipping and praying. I then came in and shared my liking for him as well. 

From that point on, we knew we liked each other, but we didn’t feel led to date right away. Instead, we chose to build a foundation of friendship. For an entire year, we asked each other hard, deep questions, listened to each other’s testimony and what God had done in our lives, and had a ton of fun doing so. Our favorite thing to do was talking for hours in the country at night while we watched the stars (my mom was always in the car lol). We created boundaries, standards, had many worship & prayer sessions, and just simply listened to each other. This season truly built the foundation for what our relationship is today. 

On July 21, 2019, Adam asked me to be his girlfriend at a Christine Caine event in Chicago. We both were SO excited for this next season that God was leading us into. Neither Adam nor I had ever dated anyone in the past, so this was new territory for us. We went on several spontaneous dates (the first being at the Japanese Gardens), spent time getting to know our families, and dove into the Word of God together. On the other hand, we also walked through lots of loss, trials, pain, illness, and tragedy, which we believe only made our relationship stronger. 

I (Kelaiah) ended up battling months and months of unexplained sickness, which eventually led me to a wheelchair. These months were filled with doctor appointments, ER visits, trips to specialists, sessions of physical therapy, and lots + lots of prayer & worship. Adam made sure that he was at almost every single trip to the doctor, etc. right by my side. He would faithfully push me everyday in the wheelchair, always trying to get a laugh out of me in the midst of a very chaotic, confusing season. Our relationship was most definitely tested, but through it all, we learned patience, perseverance, how to endure, and what it looks like to be absolutely rooted in Jesus Christ alone. He is the one + only foundation of our relationship. It’s Him & Him alone.

Then — on July 23, 2020, we got engaged. Adam proposed while we were having one year of dating pictures!! I was so surprised, and it’s hard to surprise me, so he did good ;)

This season has been nothing short of a blessing. It’s been so beautiful to dream about our life, future family, and our big day. We have loved planning all the things & cannot wait for you to take part in such a special celebration with us on September 25, 2021. God really is sooo good. He has shown himself so faithful to us in this season & has completely provided for our every need. We are incredibly grateful!

We would be honored if you would take a few moments to pray for us during this season! Your prayers, encouragement, and celebration are so appreciated.

Future Mr. & Mrs. Daws 🤍