Our Story
The Proposal

"Message in A Bottle"

A Proposal Story

Paul and Kellianne started their day with her father at Kellianne's family's favorite beach that she grew up on. After a pleasant walk and a full day in the sun they decided to go grab a bite to eat at the Raw Bar for a lobster roll- a Cape Cod summer tradition they've had since meeting years ago. With the sun setting and dinner done they decided to go for a sunset beach walk by her old place of employment, the Popponesset Inn, where her best friend and mother, among other friends were currently working. This was not out of the ordinary for the two to do after a long day at the beach.

What Kellianne didn't know was that Paul had the ring burning a hole in his pocket all day waiting for this moment. He had tucked a note inside of a small latch seal bottle with a message "Will You Marry Me" in the other pocket.

While walking down the beach along the tide line holding hands, he snuck the bottle out of his right pocket making sure it found it's way into their return path. There wasn't a soul on the beach and they continued to walk 50 yards. Paul started to feel anxious, and tried getting Kel to turn back, but she wanted to go "just a little further down the beach before turning around". Cleverly, he told her to turn around and look at the clouds if we walk back (towards the sunset). This was all it took get her to about face and start heading back.

In turning around, Paul nervously realized that tide was climbing rapidly with each lapping wave and their footstep trail was getting erased in the distance. So he ushered them onto the tide line: ankles splashed by each wave on return, eyes scanning for the dropped message in a bottle. Fifteen feet away, Kellianne's eyes see something strange in the sand half covered with sand and surrounded by the water of the previous retreating wave. She cries out and points "Look Paul, a real message in a bottle!!" as she drops Paul's hand, and skips over to it.

She picked up the bottle, popped the top open and fiddled with the folded scroll. All the while, Paul is slowly walking up behind her, and as she is so focused on unfurling and reading the message which is written in Paul's distinct print: she doesn't notice as Paul drops to his knee, ring box in hand,with the top popped open.

As she read the message and looked up she could see the glint of the sunset coming off the open box in Paul's hand as he says "Will you Marry Me"?

After gasping for air and fighting back tears of happiness and more than a few "Oh my Gods", she managed a "YES!" and they embraced for a kiss. With hands clasped, they walked toward the setting sun, and the Popponessett Inn" which was bustling with people. After walking up the red brick patio to the Poppy; Kellianne ran to her friends who were currently working an ongoing wedding. She held her left hand behind her back and furiously asked her former manager Robin, to "Please get my mom!" When she was finally able to pry her mom away from the action to tell her her the great news Kel couldn't even speak. All she could do was hold out her left hand to show her mom the ring. Kel and her mom both jumped up and down and sobbed tears of joy. Seconds later, Laura came running to the patio to see what the commotion was about, knowing Kellianne was there.

After celebratory tears and a cheers of champagne from her favorite bartender Jimmy, they headed home to tell her father. Frank had all the Tiki torches on the deck lit and more champagne waiting. Then off to Plymouth Kel and Paul went to share the news with Paul's parents. This was the beginning of their official life together and both couldn't have been happier! (And continue to be!)

The Wedding

Wedding Party

Jessica Fuller - Matron of Honor

Kellianne and Jessica met in 2005 in a music class at Bridgewater State College. Jessica's initial impression of Kellianne was she was an artsy, loopy, hippie. Kellianne thought Jess was "quite the diva." On the first day of class, the teacher asked everyone to exchange phone numbers. Jess reluctantly wrote her number down and what happened next was fate! From that day on the two girls would go on to become best friends for 11 years, now! The two girls agree they truly bring out the best in each other. Jess and Kel navigated college together and now adulthood. The two share a sisterly-like spirit of being wild and impulsive and are also fiercely protective of each other. Kellianne admires Jessica' many talents and qualities as a music teacher, listener, her hilarious sense of humor (and impressions) her strong advice and most of all what a fantastic mother she is! Jess and Kel have embarked on countless adventures, that have sometimes gotten them into trouble, but they always find their way out together! The two were fortunate enough after college to land jobs at the same middle school so they still see each other just about everyday. Kellianne feels so honored to call Jess her Matron of Honor but most of all her BFF at BSC for life.

Laura Taylor - Bridesmaid

Laura and Kellianne first met waitressing at the Popponesset Inn in 2005. Laura and Kel quickly realized their mutual love of people, life and adventure. Today, Laura has become like a member of the family after working with Kellianne's mother as well. Laura is so full of fun and kindness, she has fabulous style and is up for a good time, anytime! The best part about being friends with Laura is both girls know they can call each other in fits of tears or laughter. Although, they both love to talk they somehow always manage to listen to each other. Kellianne is so honored that Laura will be standing beside her not only on her special day but for the rest of her life.

Jessica Penella - Bridesmaid

"Bez" (aka Jessica) and Kellianne first met during the musical production of "Drakula, a Rock and Roll Opera " at BSC. However, it was through a mutual friend, after college that the two became close friends. Kellianne and Bez share a similar love of adventure, manga!, friends and life! Kellianne thoroughly enjoys Bez's sense of humor, how unbelievably patient, kind and inclusive she is, as well as her ability to listen deeply and give unbiased advice. Bez is the friend you can call at the drop of the hat and she's up for anything. One of Kellianne's favorite memory with Bez was dancing under a rainbow in our bridesmaid dresses. Bez is a balancing force for Kellianne. Kellianne is so thrilled to not only have her as a bridesmaid in her wedding but to know Bez will be by her side for life!

Christine Bonfilio - Bridesmaid

It was 2am and Chrissy was scrapbooking, drinking tea and learning Japanese at the same time when Kellianne first met Chrissy! Kellianne will never forget how intriguing and unique Christine was and is! Kellianne fondly admires Chrissy's many talents and her sense of independence. Chrissy is not only a world traveler, but a talented artist, dancer and former preschool teacher. Kellianne and Chrissy share a love of children, country music, and chocolate! A wonderful memory Kellianne has with Chrissy was attending a Josh Groban concert! Kellianne is very honored to have Chrissy be a part of her special day and is looking forward to officially becoming her sister.

Bria McNulty - Bridesmaid

Kellianne will never forget Bria's sweet smile and how genuine and kind she thought Bria was upon first meeting. Bria has been a part of the Campbell family for many years now and Kellianne admires her for many reasons. Bria is always the first to ask you how you are, sees the good in every situation and works incredibly hard for everything she has achieved. Bria and Kellianne have been friends from the start, sharing clothes, teaching stories, and it seems as if they've always known each other. Kellianne is incredibly honored to have Bria be a part of her wedding and feels so blessed to have her in her life everyday!

Hailey Capuzzo - Junior Bridesmaid

Kellianne first met Hailey on at a Bonfilio family Thanksgiving gathering many moons ago. Right away, Hailey seemed smart, special, strong and unique. Hailey is an incredibly determined and fun person. Some of Kellianne's favorite memories with Hailey are playing catch in the yard (when she almost broke Kellianne's hand with her whip of an arm), dying Easter eggs and best of all throwing water balloons at her cousin Paul! Hailey is so sweet and always puts thought into everything she does: whether it is a Christmas present or a special craft she makes for Thanksgiving. Kellianne feels so honored to have Hailey be a part of her special day and looks forward to officially joining Hailey's family. Now they can forever plot to defeat Paul and his antics!

Annabelle Fuller - Flower Girl

Kellianne cried tears of joy on the day that Jessica placed Annabelle in Kellianne's arms.She will never forget that moment, and must have sensed then; the special relationship the two would have. Kellianne had the fortune of working by Jess's side through all of her pregnancy so Kel literally has seen Annabellie grow day- by –day from the very start. (Annabelle is the daughter of our Matron of Honor, Jess. )Annabelle is an incredibly quick, expressive, FUN, charming and delightful toddler. "Kewee," is absolutely thrived to have Annabelle be our flower girl and feels so fortunate to have the privilege to watch her grow up.

Jeff Tousignant - Best Man

Jeff and Paul have known each other since 7th grade. The two became inseparable upon meeting. Paul has shared many memories, friends, and adventures with Jeff. Paul took trips with Jeff's family down to Florida all through both middle and high school. When it came time to attend college, Paul and Jeff applied, attended and became roommates at Florida Southern for all 4 years. They are a dynamic duo that are more like brothers than friends.

Joe Murphy - Groomsman

Joe Murphy and Paul met freshman year in college. Sharing the same sense of humor and love for music and life, they played intermural sports together and have had many fun adventures. Paul has always admired Joe's unwavering positive outlook on life and is very thankful to have him as a best friend.

Mike Petrasko - Groomsman

Mike and Paul started as coworkers, and quickly became great friends. Paul considers Mike his mentor at work. After discussing their previous musical endeavors over beers many, many times they decided to finally actually play together and form a band. They now have been playing music together for a few years consistently with a few gigs thrown in here and there. Both are very excited to be in each other's wedding this year.

Matt Stefani - Groomsman

Matt and Paul first met in CCD at Saint Bonnie's, but became great friends in high school. They have played in bands together throug out life. They share a love for art and consistently inspire each other. They're always up to something.

Chris Campbell - Groomsman

Chris and Paul have always got along after first meeting. Paul was amazed at Chris's musical abilities and likes nothing more than to listen to Chris pick at the guitar when hanging out at Kellianne's parents house during the summer and holidays. One of the best days of the summer was spent with Chris down in New Seabury on the beach until they were asked to leave because of an incredible thunderstorm they didn't mind sitting through.

Scott Campbell - Groomsman

Scott and Paul share a lot of the same interests, art, music, and living life. They have spent time together down in LA where Paul tirelessly tried to track Scott down on his birthday throughout Venice beach after both of their phones have died. Paul loves family get togethers because of Scott's hilarious story-telling abilities. There has never been a time that the two haven't been together and Paul hasn't laughed or been amazed by Scott's insane stories.

Craig Capron - Groomsman

Craig and Paul have known each other since college. They have gone on many adventures from; Costa Rica, New York, LA, and Austin to name a few. They share a love for great music and always find time to get to a show together.Craig is hilarious and ridiculous at the same time. Just talking to Craig will put a smile on your face.