Kory & Jacob

May 11, 2019Santa Fe, NM, USA

Our Story
Swipe Right

On the afternoon of August 16th, 2017, Kory was nervously preparing for his first date with Jacob. They had met the night before on Tinder, an online dating app for savvy millennials.

At the time, Jacob and Kory were focused primarily on their careers and developing themselves. Kory, already having completed a bachelor's degree and an MBA at Texas Tech University, was beginning his third of medical school at the University of New Mexico. Jacob was completing his first year of practicing law and was well into his second term as a New Mexico State Senator.

The two downloaded Tinder in part as a joke, and in part giving Albuquerque the chance to come through one last time as a place to meet a suitable partner.

Jacob was the first to swipe right on Kory, on August 15, 2017. After Kory also swiped right on Jacob, the two talked for four hours, well into the early hours of the morning.

Since Kory was going out of town that weekend, the two decided to go out for dinner the next day - they just couldn't wait! They met at Scalo, and halfway through dinner of a shared pizza and a couple glasses of wine each, Kory gathered the courage to ask Jacob if he could kiss him. Jacob obviously obliged. Afterwards, they headed to the UNM Duck Pond for a late night stroll. They exchanged a long kiss, surrounded by a herd of LARPers engaged in epic Jedi lightsaber battles.

The third date was a romantic weekend getaway at Ojo Caliente Hot Springs. It was there that Jacob asked Kory to be his boyfriend over dinner. (No LARPers were present).

One year later, after countless moments of learning, loving, growing, supporting, failing, and laughing, Jacob asked Kory to be his husband at that same restaurant at Ojo Caliente. Kory, of course, said yes!

The Wedding

Saturday, May 11, 2019
4:30 PM
Attire: Formal
Ceremony and Reception
Eldorado Hotel & Spa Santa Fe
309 West San Francisco Street, Santa Fe, NM
Please RSVP [including regrets] no later than April 5, 2019. We kindly request that only invited guests attend our event, as we have limited space at our venue.
Wedding Party

Victor Lopez - Best Man

Victor is Jacob's best friend. The two met while they were briefly pursuing graduate degrees at UNM. They decided to drop out and pursue their passions - Victor ditched an MBA to found Learner's Chess Academy, a non-profit educational services organization which uses chess to develop young minds. Jacob left a master's of public policy and ran for the New Mexico Senate. The two became best friends along the way.

Samira Khalil - Maid of Honor

Samira is Kory's best friend. They met at Desert Ridge Middle School, falling in with the music nerd crowd - she in band and he in orchestra. They continued their friendship throughout high school at La Cueva as well, also finding a common interest in Model UN. They went separate ways for college, but were fortunate enough to both be accepted to medical school at the University of New Mexico in 2015. They became extremely close study buddies (and each others' wingmen!) - working together and celebrating each accomplishment. They took an unforgettable trip together to Germany and India in 2017, and are now supporting each other as they interview for residency positions! Samira is attempting to match in psychiatry, and Kory in internal medicine.

Samira's friendship has meant the world to Kory. She has stood by his side during some of the best and worst times of his life, and her kindness and compassion have gotten him through it all. Medical school (and life in general) is like a battlefield, and these two have become the closest of battle buddies. It is an honor and a privilege having Samira as maid of honor - Kory could not imagine anyone else filling the role.

Victor Reyes - Groomsman

Victor is the little brother that Jacob never had. They met during the 2014 election cycle. Victor had moved from El Paso and Jacob was immediately intimidated by another young, smart and talented young Latino in politics (jk but kind of a little). Over the past 4 years, Jacob and Victor have become each other's confidantes, support system, and true friends. Even though Jacob's shade is much better than Victor's, the two together are some of the funniest and most engaging people you will ever be around.

It goes without saying that Jacob is incredibly proud of Victor and is honored every day by his friendship. It's a special blessing that Victor will be standing with Jacob and Kory as they join their lives together.

Maegan Dempsey - Groomswoman

Maegan and Kory were two peas in a pod while they were in college at Texas Tech University. They met as freshmen in Gordon Hall, where they both lived as students in the Honors College. From staying up all night to watch the royal wedding, to *almost* going as dates to Kappa Alpha Theta's 80's prom party, they knew that they would be friends for life. They became roommates junior year, and continued their escapades - from sharing feminist memes on Tumblr to (maybe non-)ironically watching The Bachelor. To top things off, her big sister in Theta was none other than Maggie Jones! (see below) Many fun times were had by all, and although they've been apart for years, they know how to have a good time.

Vikram Patel - Groomsman

Jacob and Vikram met in law school at UNM. It's hard for Jacob to describe how much Vikram means to him. It was one of those friendships that you discover rather than create, because you were meant to be in each other's lives. For two years, Vikram served as Jacob's analyst in the state Senate. For those of you who know Jacob, you know this qualifies Vikram for sainthood. Vikram is a true Renaissance man, a scientist, a lawyer, a former punk rocker, and former fashion designer (Vikram knows what this means). While his resume is certainly impressive, it is the quality of Vikram's character that makes him truly special. Vikram is now working as a patent lawyer in Pennsylvania, but Jacob still considers him one of his best friends. Jacob couldn't imagine getting married without Vikram by his side.

Travis Tillery - Groomsman

How do you describe someone who grew up with you??? As kids, Travis and Kory could not have been more different. Kory was the typical "nerd," involving himself in music and Model UN, while Travis was the "jock," spending his time playing football and baseball. Going separate ways for college, they saw each other mostly on holidays at home in Albuquerque. Once Kory was in medical school and Travis graduated from college, however, that changed quickly, as they decided to move in together! Seeing each other every day brought them closer and they witnessed firsthand how each had grown. Now that Travis married his longtime girlfriend Taylor in September, the Tillery family has grown - not only in size, but in love! Kory can't wait to now add Jacob to the Tillery family, with his little bro by his side.

Natalie Rivera - Groomswoman

Strong friendships are rare and hard to find. But that's exactly what Jacob and Natalie have. The two of them met freshman year at St. Pius High School. Jacob defeated Natalie in a four-way race for freshman class president. They then went to homecoming together. It was more of a Game of Thrones allegiance type of thing rather than romance, re: Jacob is gay, obvi.

As high school went on, the two formed a true and lasting friendship. They came to know who they both are together and stood by each other through some of adolescence's most difficult moments. Though time and distance have often separated them, Jacob loves Natalie like a sister. He can't wait to be guncle to Egg.

Natalie is one of the strongest, most resilient and loyal people you will ever meet.

Maggie Jones - Groomswoman

Sometimes, to become best friends, you have to start out as mortal enemies. Kory and Maggie met in beginning orchestra at Desert Ridge Middle School, both gravitating towards the cello. Continuing on to high school, they both began to grow as musicians, which brought with it some growing pains. Suffice it to say, Kory, in his lust for first chair of the cello section, executed a poorly-timed challenge of Maggie's seat, causing a long-lasting rift. As they continued to play together, however, their rivalry softened and they became fast friends. Later, Kory would follow Maggie to Texas Tech University, where they made lots of friends in the Honors College, cheered on the Red Raiders at football games, and had many escapades with boys. Through Maggie's sorority, Kory was introduced to Maegan, and many other friends!

Maggie loves her friends fiercely, and Kory is lucky to have her on his side. She is a loyal, caring, hilarious person and Kory can't wait to get married with her next to him.

Maria Salciccioli - Groomswoman

How do you solve a problem like Maria? (In actuality, Maria hates that song.) Far from being a problem, Maria has brought years of laughter and light into Jacob's life. They met at Princeton University, where Maria got a minor in telling Jacob about himself. Since Princeton, the two have stayed in touch. In fact, Maria flew from Washington to Santa Fe to see Jacob sworn in to the state Senate. That's the kind of friend Maria is. If you know her, you are lucky to have her in your life. Make sure to approach Maria at the wedding reception and ask about all the stories of her and Jacob's mutual shambles. Ask her about the concept of agency. That one time at reunions with the guy who had no pinky finger. And when she and Jacob launched an all-out press attack against the outgoing undergraduate student body president at Princeton. Maria's one fault is her everlasting and undying obsession with Hanson...we get it, Maria, but "mmmbop" is not a song lyric.

Julia Dexter - Groomswoman

Julia and Kory met in their Public Health class in their first week of medical school. After successfully completing their *rigorous* project, they discovered that they were in the same learning community! They hit it off, bonding over their mutual love of social justice, feminism and queer issues. They've worked together on many projects during medical school, and through it all they've kept their bond strong. Julia is a unique soul - deeply passionate, ever the fashionista, and always with a witty comment at the ready. She and Kory have always had each other's backs, and Kory is honored to have her by his side as he marries Jacob.

Patrick Illescas - Groomsman

Patrick and Jacob met at St. Pius. The two were unlikely friends to start. Patrick is a scientist. Jacob has trouble calculating a tip. Patrick is an athlete. Jacob's idea of exercise is going to the farmer's market on a Sunday. But over the years, the two have developed a strong bond and a mutual respect and love for each other. They helped each other grow up and embrace diversity and understand the complexities of a sometimes difficult world. Jacob is truly proud of who Patrick is and of his beautiful young family. Patrick's wife, Alisa, is in medical school with Kory, and Patrick's son, Oliver, will be Jacob and Kory's ringbearer. Jacob and Kory look forward to raising their family alongside the Illescas'.

Jarrett Hines-Kay - Groomsman

Jarrett is the Bernie Sanders to Jacob's Hillary Clinton, except they really do like each other quite a bit. Jacob and Jarrett met in law school. Jarrett was perhaps the smart one, when he left during 2L to pursue a career in the medical cannabis industry. Additionally, Jarrett also qualifies for sainthood, as he served as Jacob's session analyst in the Senate last year. Jarrett is an honest, loyal, and supportive friend. He's the type of guy that will text you out of nowhere just to see how you are doing. Sometimes, he knows exactly when to send you those kinds of texts when you need them most. He and his wife, Kristen, and son, Roan, have since moved to Pennsylvania. Jacob is so proud to know them and considers them part of the family. Hopefully, the wedding will afford Jarrett and Jacob the opportunity for another epic Settlers of Catan match.

Oliver Illescas - Ring Bearer

Son of Patrick and Alisa Illescas. Future futbol star.

Penelope "Penn" Maxwell - Flower Girl

Daughter of Jacob's high school friend, Lauren French, and her husband, Benjamin Maxwell. Granddaughter to HSH Katherine Tourek and Stephen G. French.