Kristin & James

July 16, 2022 • Cooperstown, NY
56 Days To Go!

Kristin & James

July 16, 2022 • Cooperstown, NY
56 Days To Go!

Q + A


1. Size of the Event

2. Recommended Attire

3. Parking and Transportation

Size of the Event

This is an intimate event with ~100 guests.

Recommended Attire

Think fancy summer garden party!

You may want to avoid...

- Bridesmaids will be wearing long, floral summer dresses with a white base.

- Groomsmen will be wearing tan pants, suspenders, and flower-patterned ties.

- The Groom will be wearing a salmon/pink-colored suit.

Want Suggestions?

- Big hats, pretty, flowy dresses, sandals!

- Linen jackets, suspenders, nice button-down shirts!

Remember, it's hot in July.

Need Help? Check this out!

Garden Party Attire on Pinterest

Parking and Transportation

We are still working on the details!

Cooperstown does not have taxies, Uber or Lyft.

We are planning to offer transportation from the Lake Front Hotel to Origin's Cafe (and back). If you are staying at another location, you will want to either park around the Lake Front Hotel to use our transportation or plan to park at Origins.

We are seeking other parking options!

Check this page for updates.

When parking around Cooperstown, please keep an eye out for 2-hour parking and permit parking only. They will ticket even on the weekends (thanks, baseball).

Origins does have a small parking lot (see using the link below).

However, we are trying to limit the number of cars!

Google Maps Link

As seen in the above link, you may have to park on the road if you drive yourself. It is absolutely okay to park on the road! This is a common occurrence during the summer as Origins is a popular location. However, we do want to limit the number of cars out of respect of Origins and those who live on this road. If you can make use of our transportation, please do.

If you plan to drink, please plan to take advantage of the transportation we provide or choose a DD.

Other questions?