Our Story
How We Met

How Brian and Krystal met was nothing short of the Lord taking a little timeout and playing cupid. Brian was asked to proctor an NCAA recruiting test on campus at GCU. This is something he had never done before, and has never done since. It was Krystal's first day at the start of her new job as assistant coach at Grand Canyon University. Krystal was scheduled to take the test in the room that Brian was proctoring. Krystal walked in to the test, and Brian was immediately overtaken by her presence. Krystal remembers thinking he was cute, but she was too focused on her test. Krystal takes the test, finishes the test, and calls Brian over to write down her score. Brian introduces himself, but Krystal gave him "Krystal with a K." Brian wasn't deterred by her fierce attitude, and later emailed her asking her to breakfast. Krystal loves food, so she couldn't turn down free breakfast. So she accepted. They have been together ever since!

The Wedding

Friday, December 23, 2016
4:00 PM
Attire: Business Casual
The Lake Mary Events Center
260 N Country Club Rd, Lake Mary, FL 32746, USA
The Lake Mary Events Center
260 N Country Club Rd, Lake Mary, FL 32746, USA
Wedding Party

Loren Thomas - Bridesmaid
Erika Thomas - Bridesmaid
Kelli Thomas - Bridesmaid
Alexa Augustine - Bridesmaid
Brynna Deluzio - Bridesmaid
Jacky Nikic - Bridesmaid
Briana G. Butler - Bridesmaid
Kendall Hackney - Bridesmaid
Mike Smith - Best Man

Vic Thomas - Groomsman
Ben Deluzio - Groomsman
Joe Deluzio - Groomsman
Austin Park - Groomsman