What is team Hh?

Team Hh is what we call ourselves. It evolved from us calling ourselves Team Hargrove Hiller to Hh because we saw an American Apparel shirt that had a capital and lowercase “H” on the front of it in the Helvetica font—so hipster. But we ended up getting matching versions of it to stand for Hargrove and Hiller. We still have the matching shirts and rock them on occasion at mass public gatherings (i.e. Disneyland, Coachella, airports, etc.—see Lauren’s old Facebook profile pics).

Why two weddings?

We are getting married on May 5, 2017 at the Dirksen Federal Courthouse in Chicago in order to start the name change and Swiss visa process. We chose May 5 because Lauren's parents were married on May 3, her grandparents on May 4, and because our anniversary is on the 5th of January, so we merged the concepts.

We are throwing the Kauai celebration later because we had some close family members that are expecting and we wanted them to be there for the big event. We are redoing the ceremony because we wanted to share the promises we make to each other with our friends and family that have been a part of our story so far and, hopefully, will continue to be in the future. Most importantly, we wanted a reason to get the people we love together. As we get older, the opportunity to do so comes less and less frequently so why not seize the opportunity when we have it?

Do I have to come to all the events?

No. While we will be there the preceding week and there will be events planned, those events are optional. We understand that we are asking a bunch of people to sit on a plane for a long time to attend our celebration, and in no way do we intend to hog all your PTO days, but if you would like to come and spend more time with us, there will be events for you to join us at and meet some of the awesome people we call family and friends. These events are listed here.

Are children invited?

Yes! Aren't we all just children at heart, anyways?

Keeping with the option to make this into an extended trip, we want to make sure no one is limited by having to find a babysitter. So bring the kids, or see if you can get family to watch them for a bit while you get a parents’ only trip. If you decide to bring the kids, our wedding coordinator has a list of local babysitters that can come to your hotel or Airbnb in case you want to attend the celebration sans munchkins—contact us to get the list.

What is the attire?

Well, Lauren is pretty sure she will be wearing a white dress and Jonathan is pretty sure he will be wearing a suit. Beyond that, it's Kauai. Dress however you want as long as it is more than a bathing suit (not out of judgment, but rather out of comfort for you - it will get colder when the sun goes down) and no jeans por favor. Any guests can wear white and women may want to avoid stiletto heels because you will be walking on the grass and possibly the beach.

Can I bring a date?

Well… see… here's the thing… because we have large families and we've made so many wonderful friends, we've had to be creative in making sure that we can fit everyone in our venue and there really is no room for unexpected extras. So please only the people whose names appear on the invite envelope are asked to RSVP. Sorry. We have wonderful friends and families—we're certain you'll to have a great time without a date.

Is transportation provided?

We will not be providing any transportation. Kauai is a big island but there is no public transportation. Uber and Lyft are also not available on Kauai. You will most likely need a rental car to see the beautiful diversity of the island (rainforest in the center and north, a desert on the south). The only way to travel around is on a road that runs around the periphery of the island from the north side (where the celebration is taking place) along the east side, to the south side.

As for the ceremony and celebration, there is lots of parking available and there is no charge for parking. When you arrive at Na Aina Kai, please proceed through the open gate to the visitor center parking lot. You CANNOT leave your car outside of or at Na Aina Kai overnight.

If you choose to partake in the open bar at the celebration, there are taxis that are available to get you there and get you home.

Can I take pictures?

Yes, please do. Only restriction is that during the ceremony, please do not lift your phones up and block someone else's view.

We will have a photographer at the wedding but some of the best candids are those taken by guests. If you choose to share your pics to social media, please use #teamhargrovehiller

Can I tour the rest of the gardens?

As part of our wedding package, all guests are able to tour all of the gardens at Na Aina Kai on the day of our celebration. If you would like to come early, you are free to explore any areas that are open to the public.

Will there be alcohol?

Yes. We will have an open bar with beer and wine (our favorite things). We are working on getting some San Diego local beers for our San Diego beer lovers.

If you choose to partake, please take a taxi back to your hotel.

What if I have a food allergy or restricted diet?

We don't want anyone to die so please tell us if you have an allergy to any food or if you have any dietary restrictions. We will be offering vegetarian options but haven't finalized the menu yet so we are flexible with accommodating your needs. PLEASE let us know ahead of time so that we can make your celebration as fun as possible.

What is Kauai weather like in January?

Hawaii's weather is warm year round—even in the middle of winter. January daytime high temperatures typically average in the low 80s at most Hawaii beach resort areas. Evening temperatures call for a light sweater as they dip into the low to mid 60's.

Kauai, however, is mostly a rainforest, which gives it its lush landscape and makes it the perfect setting to raise dinosaurs (FYI: It is where Jurassic Park was filmed). To see how this might differ depending upon where you stay on the island, we will leave it to the professionals and advise that you check out this website to see the details (i.e. 3-4" of rain is average in January, but a large difference between sides of the island).

What should I pack?

Kauai is a pretty laid back island (it is the least densely populated of the visiting islands), so there is no need to bring your club polos or press your khakis. Breathable, lightweight, natural fiber clothing with simple casual shoes and accessories are the best.

The island is mostly sunny but can also be wet. Based on our experience there and a quick Google search some things you may want to remember to bring include:

Flip flops
Rain Jacket or Light Waterproof Layer
Yoga clothes (Lauren will most likely host some morning classes on the grass at the Westin Princeville)
Hiking Boots or Old Tennis Shoes (if hiking)
Bug spray (if hiking)
Water bottle
Reading material (for your beach/pool days)
Small Backpack or Beach Bag
Re-usable shopping —Kauai banned plastic bags in 2012
Camera (in case you want to leave your phone in your room and unplug)

Always check out what your accommodations offer before you pack/buy something—a lot of places have towels, beach mats, snorkel sets, boogie boards, etc. Much of what you may need is also available for rent on island—coolers, beach chairs, baby gear etc.—not the most economical way to travel, but certainly saves on luggage.

What are the major cities on the island?

Princeville is where many of the activities are taking place. It is on the north side of the island and is a master-planned luxury resort community overlooking Hanalei Bay. It is set among a large golf course with views to the blue ocean, green mountains with cascading waterfalls, pine trees and palm trees. There are many accommodation options in Princeville beyond those that we have room blocks with— there are many vacation condos and hotels for you to choose from.

At the entrance of the community is the Princeville Shopping Center with a grocery store, gas station, post office, gift shops and a bank. There aren't many restaurants in Princeville. Princeville is also a home of several popular Kauai beaches: Pu'u Poa Beach, Hideaways Beach, SeaLodge Beach and Queen's Bath.

Public parking in Princeville is very limited, so if you don't stay in Princeville one of the few places where you can park is at the Princeville Shopping Center. There is also a small public parking area near Queen's Bath and Hideaways Beach.


Lihu'e is Kauai's capital and mainly a residential town with limited accommodation options (one Marriot hotel and two inns). There are a few shops and restaurants at the Kukui Grove Shopping Center (the biggest shopping centers on Kauai), as well as at the Harbor Mall and Anchor Cove Shopping Center.

Local places of interest are the Nawiliwili Harbor (where cruise ships dock), Menehune Fishpond, Kalapaki Beach and the Kauai Museum.

Lihue is where most of you will fly into because it has the largest airport. Lihue is on the south side (the drier side of the island). To get to the north side, where the celebration will be taking place, generally takes a little less than an hour.


Po'ipu is the most popular tourist area on Kauai, located 13 miles (21 km) south of Lihu'e. It is a resort community featuring numerous fine accommodation options facing the ocean. Some of the most popular Kauai beaches are located here: Poipu Beach Park, Kiahuna Beach and Shipwreck Beach.

There are two golf courses in Poipu - Kiahuna Golf Club and Poipu Bay Golf Course, a shopping village, as well as a few good restaurants. Other nearby popular attractions are Spouting Horn Park and Allerton Garden.

Poipu is also on the south side of the island. It will take a little over an hour to get to the north side, where most of the activities are taking place.


Hanalei, meaning "crescent bay" in the Hawaiian language, is located about 32 miles (52 km) from Lihue. This small north shore town is home to one of the finest and most scenic Kauai beaches – Hanalei Bay – popular for swimming, relaxation and other ocean activities.

Hanalei has two main shopping centers located in the middle of town – Hanalei Center and Ching Young Village – where you can find several shopping, dining and entertainment venues.

Right before Hanalei (coming from Princeville), there is a one-lane bridge. From here to the end of the highway at Ke'e Beach it is an approximately 7-mile (11 km) scenic drive on a narrow and winding road. During heavy rains the road is closed and you can't go beyond this first one-lane bridge.

There are two scenic lookout points on the road from Princeville to Hanalei (before reaching the bridge). One is located on the left side of the road and overlooks Hanalei Valley. The other one is on the right side and overlooks Hanalei Valley and Hanalei Bay.

There are no hotels in Hanalei (except one inn and some vacation rental homes). The majority of accommodation options near Hanalei is in the resort town of Princeville.


Ha'ena is a small community on the north shore of Kauai, approximately 7 miles (11 km) from Hanalei and 37 miles (60 km) from Lihue. Backed by green mountains and cascading waterfalls, Ha'ena is at the beginning of the hike we will be doing on Wednesday along the remote and scenic Na Pali Cost. Near Ha'ena is Tunnels Beach, one of the best snorkeling and diving beaches in the entire state of Hawaii. Other scenic locations nearby are Ke'e Beach, Ha'ena Beach Park and Lumaha'i Beach.

Even though Ha'ena is only 7 miles (11 km) from Hanalei, getting to this small town and its attractions takes time and requires driving on a narrow, winding road, crossing several one-lane bridges and keeping an eye open for warning signs, such as falling rocks from the nearby cliffs. The drive from Hanalei to Ha'ena can easily take half an hour, and since the area is very popular among visitors to the island, the road and parking lots can be very busy.


The small town of Ele'ele is located on Kauai's south shore. There used to be many sugarcane fields in this area in the past, but today, it is coffee that is produced here. In fact, Ele'ele is home to the largest coffee producer in the state of Hawaii – the Kauai Coffee Company. There is a visitor center located just outside of town, along the so-called Coffee Highway (Highway 540/Halewili Road), where visitors can sample a variety of coffees and tour the coffee plantation (coffee samplings and the self-guided tour are free of charge).

Port Allen is a nearby separate community from where many snorkeling and sailing tours to the Na Pali Coast and the neighbor island of Ni'ihau depart daily. From Port Allen you can also get a good overview of Hanapepe Bay. Even though this is an industrial area and there isn't much to do and see, there are a few shopping and dining opportunities (at Port Allen Marina and Ele'ele Shopping Center).

Next to Port Allen Harbor (to the east of it) is a small dark sand beach called Glass Beach. It is not a swimming beach or particularly pretty, but if you want to take a peak at shiny glass pieces mixed with dark sand, it is worth a visit.

Another nearby attraction is the Red Dirt Shirt store, located right across from the Port Allen Marina. Here, the popular and uniquely Hawaiian Red Dirt Shirts are produced. How they came into existence is an interesting story. In 1992, Hurricane Iniki hit Kauai and caused massive damage. The small screen print shop that was located right there was damaged as well. The white shirts that were stored there, waiting to be printed, were covered in Kauai's ubiquitous iron-rich red dirt that blew in with the storm. Instead of throwing all the shirts away, the company decided to dry them and print them as they were. The shirts became a hit with local residents and visitors alike.


With a population of around 10,700, Kapa'a is the largest town on Kauai. It offers a variety of shopping opportunities, from small boutique stores to a large shopping center. There are plenty of restaurants and accommodation options here as well, which make Kapa'a the preferred choice for Kauai vacationers who want to enjoy dining out and shopping. Accommodations in Kapa'a are relatively affordable compared to other resorts and hotels in the Poipu and Prineville areas.

Many beach parks are located in and around Kapa'a. The best one for swimming is the nearby Lydgate Beach Park (it has a protected swimming area at the north end of the beach park). Other nearby attractions are the Wailua River, Wailua Falls and Opaeka'a Falls.

Wednesdays at 3:00 PM there is a great farmer’s market in Kapa’a.


Kilauea, which literally means "much spreading" in the Hawaiian language, is located on the north shore of Kauai. Na Aina Kai, where our celebration will be taking place, is in Kilauea. A popular nearby attraction is the Kilauea Lighthouse, built in 1913 by the U.S. government on a narrow peninsula that forms the northernmost point of Kauai.

The Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge, a seabird sanctuary, is nearby and can be viewed from the lighthouse. A small offshore island called Moku'ae'ae Islet is a bird sanctuary and home also to Hawaiian monk seals.

Any other questions?

If there is any other questions you can think of but are afraid to ask, screw it, just ask us. Odds are someone else is pondering the same thing and then we can add it to this list.