The Proposal

Nick wanted to plan the perfect proposal for Leslie. He knew that this was one moment she had been waiting for her whole life, and he wanted to make it as memorable as he could. A couple months before, Nick saw a headline on Facebook that caught his attention: Friday October 6th: National Physician Assistant Day. That was it; that was the day he was going to ask Leslie to spend the rest of her life with him. He knew that Leslie, being a PA herself, would want to celebrate her profession that day, so he began to plan a special evening that would be cause for celebration on twofronts: PA day and the engagement of a pretty cool couple.

Nick, his mom, and Leslie's mom got to work on piecing together a momentous evening. Fast forward to Friday October 6th, and it was time to execute the big plan. Nick worked from home that day, and "work" is probably too strong of a word. He could barely focus all day, instead thinking about the big night ahead and trying to shake off the nerves. He was nervous for sure, however more than that he was excited; he could barely contain his excitement because he was so ready to pop the question and see Leslie's joyous reaction. She knew that they were going to grab dinner at Balzac that night in honor of National PA Day, but that was all she knew. By the time dinner rolled around, it started raining a little bit outside, so Nick offered to drive to dinner. No worries, where he was taking Leslie first they would not have to worry about the rain. He was taking her to the rustic pedestrian bridge next to Lakefront Brewery, over the Milwaukee River that the balcony of their apartment butts up against. It's an area they've walked through many o' times, and Nick always thought that it was a great photo opp spot. Earlier in the week he was walking along the riverwalk, and he decided this was going to be the spot where he would ask Leslie to marry him. "I want to show you this funky art exhibit on display by the Swing Park," was the excuse he made up to bring her there. She indulged him, so they drove over and parked the car, proceeding to head up the ramp towards the bridge. In that short walk Nick's heart was pounding, and some of the most special moments from their relationship began to flash in front of his eyes like a movie montage: when they first met, when they first kissed, and when they shared "I love you"s for the first time. He was nervous in all of those instances, but in each one, just like that Friday night, he was driven by Leslie's infectious personality and contagious smile.

When they got to the bridge, Nick was on the lookout for the photographer that he and his mom hired: She was decked out in all black sitting down inconspicuously on the bridge, looking out at the river. Once he saw her, with a camera in her lap, he knew everything was in place. So Nick walked Leslie to the middle and stopped her there. Right then he could tell that Leslie had an idea as to what was about to happen, so he could not stop smiling. Before he proposed, he had a couple things he wanted to say. With clear emotion in his voice, and choking up a little, he began: "Before we go to dinner, I wanted to take you here to do something. If you look that direction you can see our current home. And if you look that way in the other direction, off in the distance is Marquette where we met and started this awesome journey together. Leslie, I am ready to spend the rest of my life with you." Nick then got down on one knee, took out the ring, smiled, and continued, "I love you. Will you marry me?" She looked at the ring, looked at him, and started crying. "YES" she exclaimed, and they kissed and hugged for what felt like an eternity. Nick then said "Look over there, that's Lindsay Roecker!" She waved and ran over to them. They took some photos, and then the two of them excitedly headed to Balzac.

When they got to their table there, Nick's mom had worked with the restaurant to have it setup with decorations in honor of their proposal: glasses of Prosecco, "Best Day Ever" napkins, some more decorations, and Leslie's favorite appetizer on its way out: Balzac's signature fruit and cheese platter. They had a great dinner, smiling ear to ear and texting their friends and family the good news. Nick couldn't take his eyes off of his new fiancée, and he kept thinking about how truly lucky and grateful he was to have her. After dinner, there was still another surprise in store that Nick and the parents organized: the two of them drove to Pastiche, a nice restaurant in the Hotel Metro, for Leslie's favorite dessert in the city- their crème brûlée. Waiting for them there were the Weiss parents, the Russo parents, and Leslie's brother Casey and sister-in-law Alesa. They had an emotional round of hugs and "Congratulations," and they shared some great drinks, desserts, and the story about the proposal. They spent the rest of the weekend celebrating the fantastic news with some close friends and family. Nick even organized a surprise mini-party at his parents condo in the Third Ward, for everyone to have a good time together with the happy couple. It was an unforgettable weekend, and Nick and Leslie are so excited to embark on the rest of their life together.