RuneScape Guide: Agility [PART 3]

Agility Introduction

Agility is a members only skill in which you can improve the amount of time it takes to run out of energy, gain the ability to clear dangerous obstacles, access to secret areas, and the ability to use shortcuts throughout the land of RuneScape.

Free-to-play players can level Agility up to level 5 through the Burthorpe course.

Penguin Agility Course

Agility level:
30 Agility

Penguin Agility Course

On the Iceberg, which requires a penguin suit and the completion of the Cold War quest.

Fastest Way to Arrive:
Head to Rellekka and go to the docks. From here, take a boat to the Iceberg and head towards the avalanche in the North-West. To the West is a room; follow the corridor to the Penguin Agility Course.

This course offers higher experience than the Barbarian Agility Course but requires a lower agility level. However, on this course, objects can be failed, so it is recommended to bring food. You cannot teleport out in your penguin suit.

Course Map:

 Penguin Agility Course

Experience Table:

ObstacleExperience Gained
Platform climb55
Complete platform jumps80
Icicles (x4)40
Ice slope180
Agility bonus65
Complete Course540

Barbarian Outpost Agility Course

In the Dungeon underneath Yanille.

Fastest Way to Arrive:
South of the Fight Arena in a house with a spiderweb blocking the door. Cut the spiderweb with a weapon that has a slash attack on it, then go down the stairs to enter the dungeon.

Each obstacle requires a different Agility level. Please consult the following table to find out what level you need.
Do not pray at the chaos altar. It will make you fall in a huge pit of level 12 to 64 poisonous spiders.

Experience Table:

NumberObjectFailable?Agility Level RequiredExperience Gained
1Balancing ledgeYes4022.5
2Obstacle pipeNo497.5
4Pile of rubbleYes675.5
Completed Course55.5

Once you have mastered the Agility skill and reached level 99, you can speak to Cap'n Izzy No-Beard at the Brimhaven Agility Arena and purchase the cape of achievement for 99,000gp. And players can buy runescape gp on Virsale.

Once you have achieved 120 Agility, you can purchase an Agility Master Cape from Cap'n Izzy No-Beard in Brimhaven for 120,000 coins.Jump to:[PART-3]

Elder Scrolls Online: Horns of the Reach DLC review

Big and small, the additions to The Elder Scrolls Online have always come with a sense of newness and expanded the world in lore, location, and loot. The Horns of the Reach provides a lot of fun new content, but it doesn't do much to expand the universe of Elder Scrolls Online. While failing in that regard, much of the content for this small DLC release is top-notch fun and provides a nice bump of excitement.

This release is only a minor content dump, with two 4-player dungeons, maps for a 3x3x3 Battlegrounds mode, and a new game called "Chaosball" . Chaosball has a "dogpile the guy with the football" feel and is outstanding in what is a surprisingly fun and functional part of ESO.

The Battlegrounds mode balances players by taking away the Champion system, removing several buffs that are stronger for higher-level characters. This allows the match to be determined by skill and character build over level, and that seems to come out most in Chaosball. If you can't run, fight, and escape, you'll be overrun before you can blink. Keep moving and you'll be golden.

Unlike the previously released Domination mode, a "Capture the Flag" clone, there is actual player movement that makes Chaosball a much more, ahem, chaotic mode. While there is a tendency for some teams to focus only on disruption, which can lead to some inability to focus on the actual target, when all players are focused on the goal and killing each other with a central goal in mind, the game plays fast with lots of movement and quick changes.

The dungeon additions are not bringing much of anything new in terms of the way the game plays, but both dungeons do boast some interesting new boss fights. However, there is never any challenge, and I think it is just another bad example of ESO being tepid and more a grinding simulator than a true challenge. Enemies are numerous, but easily defeated, and the bosses only serve up a real challenge if a teammate doesn't know what he is doing and sabotages the mission. At this point, instead of these large dungeons, I'd be just happier if they put all the enemies in one room and made them come fight me one-by-one. At the very least, it would save some wear and tear on my analog stick thumb.

The release is also providing some tweaks to the gameplay and presentation for all players who always need eso gold. This makes differentiating between enemies and friends easier, and it also boasts some very appreciated visual tweaks to spells that make it easier to understand their range.