Our Story
How did we meet?

"We met in 2009-10 school year at Ryerson University. With my high school friend, we decided to join the Ryerson Dragon Boat Club in our final year of university (because we should do an extra-curricular activity before graduating). During practices, Loc kept saying hi to me. My friend said he never said hi to her. I thought he was creepy at first until we went on some group dates. Then...I thought he was cool." - Lisa

What is the proposal story?

We went to Washington, D.C in April 2015 to witness the beautiful Cherry Blossoms and to celebrate my 27th birthday. On my birthday, Loc had hired a photographer to meet us there. We arrived at the meet up time of 11:30AM. Loc called the photographer and she wasn't able to arrive until 1PM because she didn't realize that there was going to be a lot of traffic. 1PM rolls around...photographer still not there. 1:10, 1:15 and finally 1:30PM...we waited by the Washington Monument. She still hasn't come. We decided to cancel the photographer and walked around downtown Washington. So unprofessional right? Anyway, I secretly knew something odd was up when Loc hired a photographer.

At 7PM, I started to complain that my feet were hurting because it has been a long day of walking. Loc said, "Okay, let's go over to that side where the bridge is. There are some double Cherry Blossom trees that I want to see." I slowly walked over with my hurting feet. We get to the double Cherry Blossom trees and started to take some selfies. All of a sudden, Loc gets down on one knee and proposes! My feet didn't hurt so much anymore.

What our future will entail....

Many people are aware that we will be moving out of Toronto. With Loc's career with the Canadian Forces, we knew we would be moving around Canada. When Loc gets his first posting after another round of training, that's when Lisa will move and we will start a family. Stay tuned!

The Wedding

Sunday, October 29, 2017
10:00 AM
Attire: Sunday Brunch Casual but Fancy
Ceremony and Reception
31 Trinity St, Toronto, ON M5A 3C4, Canada

For our wedding, we decided we wanted to bring together only our close family, friends and colleagues to celebrate our new lives as husband & wife. For this Sunday brunch wedding, we want everyone to feel comfortable and enjoy themselves with this beautiful & intimate venue.

If you have any allergies, please inform the bride or groom.

Wedding Party

Lee-Hwa Tai - Matron of Honor

Lee-Hwa is Lisa's older sister

Alina Chiu - Bridesmaid

Alina is one of Lisa's high school homies

Connie Kuan - Bridesmaid

Connie is one of Lisa's high school homies

Jennifer Chow - Bridesmaid

Jennifer is one of Lisa's high school homies

Jessica Luong - Bridesmaid

Jessica is one of Lisa's high school homies

Emma & Kara Tran - Flower Girl

Emma & Kara are the daughter's of Julie Wong-Tran. Julie was Lisa's coworker

Nick Fan - Best Man

Nick met Loc in 2008 and Lisa in 2009. We met through dragon boat

Joseph De Medeiros - Groomsman

Joseph is one of Loc's closest friends since high school

Khoi Ho - Groomsman

Khoi is Loc's youngest brother

John Nguyen - Groomsman

John is Loc's cousin

Toan Nguyen - Groomsman

Toan and Loc met at work at Denison Armoury

Remi & Felix Cormier - Ring Bearer

Remi & Felix are Lisa's nephews