Malaysia & Nicholas

July 10, 2021,

Our Story
Malaysia & Nick

Malaysia & Nick met at The University of Missouri - Kansas City through Greek Life. Nick was one year her senior in the 6-Year Medicine program & Malaysia was pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Chemistry. Although they both attended his Beta Theta Pi (Beta) & her Alpha Delta Pi (ADPi) events many of times, they only shared brief banter until their story began in the summer of 2013. Nick likes to say that summer was the best time for their stars to cross.

In June of 2013, Nick had just returned from a medical mission trip from Honduras & Malaysia had just returned from a trip to Malaysia to participate in her cousin Dwenna’s wedding. At that time, Nick’s medical class’ co-ed soccer team was in need of extra girl players and so Nick sought out volunteers to help them out. After doing a little research through girls in his med class who were also in ADPi, Nick admits to the fact that picking Malaysia was an easy decision since there were many impressive rumors regarding her soccer skills. Also, the fact that he thought she was pretty and heard great things about her gave him another excuse to try to get to know her. He instantly snatched up her number at a mutual friend’s party and began his plan.

Nick’s first plan was to get to know each other by carpooling to games. Malaysia admits (NOW) that although Nick was super attentive & sweet during their first ride together, it was obvious that he googled facts about the country of Malaysia and their encounter was a little lack luster. Malaysia, secretly, still thought Nick was super kind, generous, and cute.

Nick & Malaysia played soccer together with their team every week that summer. Nick confesses that he fell in love with her persistence, especially after learning that she didn’t drink water when playing soccer because it was Ramadan. Her discipline made her even more attractive. Every night, Nick would send her pictures of the sunset when he knew Malaysia could finally break her fast and even offered to break fast with her time to time. These cute gestures are what won Malaysia over. Malaysia recognized that this type of effort didn’t come from just anyone. These gestures came from someone who was selfless & respected her. After consulting her family & her best friend, Stevie (of course), Malaysia decided to give the idea of dating Nick a second chance. The rest of the summer consisted of ice cream dates, happy hours, Greek life parties, movie nights, and a float trip where they grew more infatuation with one another with each passing day. Nick & Malaysia have been a huge part of each other’s lives ever since.

The two have supported each other through school, work, milestones, and most importantly hardships. They have grown up together these past six+ years but have never grown out of love with each other. On April 26th 2019, Malaysia & Nick decided to spend the rest of their lives together with the blessing of their parents. Both are ecstatic on what the future has in store for them!

The Wedding

Saturday, July 10, 2021
5:00 PM
Attire: Black Tie Optional
Ceremony and Reception
Loose Mansion
101 East Armour Boulevard, Kansas City, MO 64111, USA
Wedding Party

Stevie Hendrix - Maid of Honor
Malaysia’s bestfriend since they met in the 5th grade at Briarcliff Elementary. Now, Stevie serves as Malaysia's unbiological sister!
Lena Jackson - Bridesmaid

Lena & Malaysia met through their sisterhood in ADPi! Their friendship has grown stronger and stronger with each passing year which has been full of happy hours, laughs, and movie/game nights!

Annie Sanders - Bridesmaid

Malaysia's beloved friend since she sat next to her on her first day of college at UMKC in Sociology 101. At the end of that week they became ADPi sisters!

Esther Finney - Bridesmaid
Esther & Malaysia met through their sisterhood in ADPi at UMKC. The two created an unseperable bond through many late nights of studying & mischief together!
Kaela Coil - Bridesmaid

Malaysia met Kaela when she was only three years old. She has considered Kaela her little sister & has loved her ever since!

Zara Coil - Bridesmaid

Malaysia has loved & treasured her relationship with Zara ever since she was born! Malaysia considers Zara her "Baby" little sister.

Katherine Godbey - Flower Girl

Katherine is the cousin of the Groom. Nick introduced Katherine to Malaysia during their first family Christmas at his parent's home. The couple loves her ability to always have fun and sassy attitude.

Ann Jackson - Flower Girl

The daughter of Nick & Malaysia dear friends Travis & Lena Jackson. Nick and Malaysia have been smitten over Ann since day one! She loves dancing, laughing, and filling her belly!

Ali Davis - Flower Girl

Ali is the the daughter of Mark King's best friends Brian & Adriana Davis. Ali is smart, caring, and sweet as can be! Mark and Malaysia are so blessed to have Ali as a God daughter and sister!

Abraham Ali - Flower Man

Brother & life long friend of the bride! Malaysia & Abraham have known eachother from the get-go! Abraham is the most caring & selfless man you'll ever meet!

Jon Doss - Best Man

Jon & Nick were roommates in college and brothers in Beta Theta Pi fraternity. They've been there for each other through their college and professional careers, as well as their relationships. Always a must visit when they are in the same town. Nick was there for Jon's wedding, and can't wait for Jon to be there for his!

Ben Castro - Groomsman

Ben & Nick didn't know each other growing up in St. Louis but got to know each other when they both moved to Kansas City to study medicine. They also were in Beta Theta Pi fraternity together. They have been through numerous trials and tribulations together and survived medical school!

Alex Schmuke - Groomsman

Alex ("Schmuke") & Nick also met at University of Missouri - Kansas City during undergrad studies and with Beta Theta Pi fraternity. Alex lives in Kansas City, and nowadays if Nick is going out on the weekend Schmuke is usually involved.

John Makhamreh - Groomsman

John & Nick met each other in high school and quickly became best friends. They even were co-captains of the varsity track team as seniors at St. John Vianney High School! Even though they are across the state from each other they still keep in touch, and John still loses to Nick yearly in fantasy football.

Travis Jackson - Groomsman

Travis & Nick also met in undergraduate through their fraternity. They quickly became friends to this day. Nick says Travis needs to take him rock climbing after the wedding.

Alexander Godbey - Groomsman

The groom missed his deadline and the bride is not going to ask him again to write this. Sorry Alexander. He loves you but he's forgetful. Anyways... Alexander is the cousin of the groom! Alexander is funny, smart, and a jack of all trades! We can't believe how fast he has grown into a young man and we are so proud of him!

Edward Godbey - Ring Bearer

One of Nick's youngest cousins, Edward will be facing the largest challenge of his life when carrying the ring down the aisle. Nick did the same for Edward's parents when they got married. If Nick survived it Edward will likely pass with flying colors.

Kiefer Davis - Ring Bearer

Kiefer is the son of Mark King's bestfriends Brian & Adriana Davis. When Kiefer isn't showing off his muscles he has boundless energy to persue his passions. Watch out on the dance floor ladies!