Mallory & Jon's love story
How we met

Mallory & Jon met in the summer of 2013 when they were introduced by their mutual friend, Jennifer Roth. After just a few weeks, Jon had convinced Mallory that there was something special between them. They began dating and have been together ever since.

In the beginning of their relationship, Mallory noticed that Jon had many nicknames. One of which she just wasn't sure about... Hooker. When friends would refer to him as Hooker, she gave him a questionable look. Jon later explained that this nickname came from his rugby position, the Hooker. This nickname had stuck with him from his high school rugby days and has continued on to this day. Mallory jokes with friends that she met her 'Hooker' on the corner of Beaver & Pugh (hence the hashtag).

Mallory & Jon are both huge Penn State fans and share many adventures attending different Penn State events. They are season ticket holders for football, men's basketball and men's hockey. Traveling to different Penn State events has become a passion of theirs, as they have gone to the Pinstripe Bowl in New York City, Penn State's International game in Dublin, Ireland, a basketball & hockey showdown at Madison Square Gardens in NYC, the Big Ten Championship in Indianapolis, Indiana, the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California and most recently, the Citrus Bowl in Orlando, FL. They have also gone to away regular season games together in Baltimore, MD, New Brunswick, NJ, and Champaign, IL.

Each Saturday home football game, Mallory & Jon host guests at their home in State College. Tailgating and catching up with friends over good food and drinks has become a staple and something they both enjoy very much.

In true fashion of being huge Penn State fans, both Mallory & Jon are employed by their alma mater. Mallory is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Real Estate in the Smeal College of Business and also serves as the Assistant Director for the Institute of Real Estate Studies. She loves what she does and feels for the first time that this job allows her to give back to her school while doing what she loves. Jon is a Marketing Specialist with Business and Auxillary Services where he manages the marketing efforts of all the dining commons and resident halls within all of Penn State's campus'. This job keeps Jon busy traveling across the state and to conferences to learn about ways to better the experiences of all Penn State students living on campus.

Mallory & Jon would like to thank you for being a special part of their lives and celebrating their future as husband and wife. They look forward to seeing you at their wedding!

The Wedding

Saturday, June 22, 2019
4:00 PM
Attire: Formal
The Arboretum at Penn State
East Park Ave & Bigler Road, University Park, PA 16802
Nittany Lion Inn
200 W. Park Ave., State College, PA

reception at the Nittany Lion Inn (Cocktail hour-5pm, Dinner, Drinks &

Dancing- 6 pm

Cocktail Hour- 5 pm (The Nittany Lion Inn, exterior of Ballroom)
Dinner- 6 pm (The Nittany Lion Inn, the Ballroom)
Dancing- 7:30 pm (The Nittany Lion Inn, the Ballroom)

Wedding Party

Nicole DeCaro Gulish - Matron of Honor

Nicole is Mallory's cousin and more like a sister. Growing up, Mallory looked up to Nicole and took on many of her mannerisms, some of which have stuck until today. At the age of 10, Mallory noticed that Nicole did not like beans, and from that time, Mallory also decided she did not like beans. This is still a huge dislike for her.

Mallory & Nicole got to bond on a whole other level in the spring of 2011 when they went to Hollywood, CA together. This was the FIRST time Nicole had ever flown, which made this trip even more interesting! This trip was definitely memorable for both of them, with ups and downs along the way, but was for sure a trip they will never forget!

Nicole was also a part of another meaningful trip with Mallory to New York City over the summer of 2018 to find her wedding dress. Having Nicole by her side when she found her dress was special, but won't be as special as having her by her side when she says 'I do'.

Ashley (Ashburn) Neergaard - Bridesmaid

Mallory met Ashley in 2007 when they both lived in the same dorm together. They instantly became friends and have stayed in touch throughout the years. Mallory had the great honor of standing next to Ashley in September when she married her husband, Evan, and is excited to have her stand next to her in June!

Chelsey (Peffer) Paff - Bridesmaid

Chelsey and Mallory met in high school when they were both on the cheerleading squad together. Some of Mallory's favorite memories with Chelsey include water tubing in Conneaut, their crazy adventures for opening day of trout season, and working at the Ewing Park swimming pool together. Mallory had the privilege to stand on Chelsey's side when she got married to her husband, Jamie, back in 2015 and is excited to have Chelsey by her side as well.

Courtney Woodring - Bridesmaid

Mallory met Courtney their senior year of college in a class they took together. They became very close that year and had many great memories while in college. One of Mallory's favorite memories with Courtney was the time they were sent by their professor to pick up lunch for their class at an Indian restaurant. After picking up the meal, they realized that the bag that contained a tray of curry had been leaking since they had entered the Business Building. The building smelled like curry for the rest of the day! Mallory is excited to have Courtney stand by her side.

Emily Galli - Bridesmaid

Mallory and Emily met while in Penn State's Smeal MBA program. They instantly became friends the first week of class after expressing their love for Pittsburgh sports teams. One of the best memories with Emily was when she invited Mallory to a Steeler's game for her birthday. The seats were great and we came out with a win! Emily is currently a resident doctor at UPMC, so Mallory is very grateful that Emily could make time to be in the wedding!

Sarah (Shoaf) Patria - Bridesmaid

Mallory was introduced to Sarah by Jon, as Jon working with Sarah's now husband, Cam, as an athletic trainer with the Penn State rugby team. Mallory stood next to Sarah when she married Cam and is excited to have Sarah by her side as well.

Shelby (Price) Meehan - Bridesmaid

The newest member of her family, Shelby married Mallory's brother, Michael (Mike), last June. Mallory has enjoyed getting to know Shelby and was thrilled to be a part of her special day as well.