Mallory & Patrick

May 31, 2019Louisville, KY

Our Story
How Turney found his winning ticket

Young Patrick was a recent graduate with his MBA and felt like the world was at his finger tips. In May of 2012, he moved to his home state of Kentucky, not landing in Versailles but Bowling Green. Upon his first night arrival, not surprising, he visited the local water hole in Bowling Green, Double Dogs. The US Men's National team was playing a friendly so he grabbed a seat at the corner of the bar. A blonde bartender greeted him, suggested craft beers and immediately peaked his interest. However, when she noticed he was there to watch soccer, she limited her attention. She knew Kentucky was a basketball state; who liked soccer? Either way, he liked her. And more than she cared to admit, she was interested in him as well.

Regardless of their different opinions towards soccer, they immediately hit it off. The next night, Patrick's life long family friend, Ryan, invited him to a private party, which entailed a fully stocked open bar. When Patrick arrived, he zeroed in for the bar, and was amused to see a similar blonde bartender. Patrick had an extra pep in his step and was ready to engage in conversation and ask her out. Unfortunately, the blonde, Mallory, was dating Mr. Wrong, not realizing she just met Mr. Wright, unto which Patrick respectfully deviated his attention to the cold Budweiser she had just served him, but he never lost sight of the long term goal.

Over the next year, Patrick and Mallory became good friends. They developed mutual friends, grabbed drinks and watched games together. Thankfully, Lisa and Tim raised their son right and he never crossed the line. And like Lisa and Tim, Freddie and Shelly raised their daughter to be in control of her own happiness. So when Mallory came to her senses and took the chance for a first date, Patrick played the perfect superfecta.

The perfect date, just so happened to be a wedding for one of Mallory's sorority sisters, Arlee Danhauer (now Arlee Blaker), where Patrick was quickly thrown to the wolves by meeting all of her best friends as once. In true Turney fashion, the blarney and the bourbon have led us to where we are today, in a successful 72-month courtship. In case anyone was counting.

The Wedding

Friday, May 31, 2019
5:00 PM
St Brigid Catholic Church
1520 Hepburn Ave, Louisville, KY 40204, USA
The Gramercy
620 South 3rd Street, Louisville, Kentucky
Wedding Party

Sara Asbury - Matron of Honor

Sara and Mallory date back to circa 2009, when Sara "adopted" Mallory as her adopted little. Since then, they've drank more wine and pinned more DIY projects and recipes on pinterest than possible.

Lindsay Kibler - Maid of Honor

Give me a red, give me a red, give me a RED RED RED. These two date back to High School, and they have no problem walking each other's houses, making themselves at home and leaving trails behind of their chaos caused together, no matter the mileage between them.

Desiree Atheron - Bridesmaid

Changing diapers? Stuck babysitting on the weekend? Growing up Desiree was stuck with her little sister, Mallory, but payback is nice now that Mallory watches her niece and nephews regularly.

Kelly Turney - Bridesmaid

Best cook? Best dancer? Wine lover and book nerd, sister of the bride attached at the hip with her brother and soon to be sister in law.

Miranda Piece - Bridesmaid

Redneck Twin. There aren't any better names to describe this relationship, with the subtle change that they're adults yet Miranda still loves TMNT and Mallory still wishes she had Miranda's dance moves.

Shelby Sandlin - Bridesmaid

The Thelma to my Louise. Shelby and Mallory are as different as night and day but always, and I mean always, know how to be lake rats and construct a devious time together.

Jason Auclair - Best Man
Kevin Davidson - Groomsman
Willie Wilson - Groomsman
Will Valloton - Groomsman
John David Williams - Groomsman
Allan Wright - Groomsman
Riley Daniels - Flower Girl
Mason Atherton - Ring Bearer