Our Story

In early 2016, two friends unexpectedly got to know each other better. Pat Extein had bought a house and was moving across town. (Even in Erie that's what it's called.) Marcia and Brian were among the several people helping in a Moving Party. (Donated labor in exchange for free food.) Both were surprised by the things you learn about other people when you're attempting to move a couch down a flight of narrow stairs. (We recommend trying it if you haven't.) Several weeks (and many Facebook messages) later, Marcia rather conveniently dropped by to pick up the furniture straps and bungee cords she had forgotten. (Honestly forgotten!) Brian and Marcia talked that night and things progressed from there.

On October 14th, Marcia & Brian were in Oil City to have dinner. After dinner, everyone decided to play Charades. (This wasn't especially surprising, everyone liked to play games, however, Dominoes is usually the favorite.) Very few rules were established for the game. (This was more surprising, trying to manipulate the rules before any game is practically a tradition.) Three rounds into the game (Rachel's team was winning) Brian decided to enlist help during his turn. Despite the lack of officially agreed on rules Marcia tried to protest this. (Unbeknown to Marcia, the game was already rigged.) Only one person was surprised when Brian began a speech in the middle of his pantomime. She was, however, so surprised she was unable to vocalize an answer to the question posed. (To the relief of all present, and one person, in particular, she did nod her head.)

Epilogue: The newly engaged couple were surprised with chilled Champagne and a toast to future happiness. A toast they hope to share with you on June 24th.

Wedding Party

Andrea Stiller - Maid of Honor
Rachel Stiller - Bridesmaid
Hannah Stiller - Bridesmaid
Kyle Cyphert - Best Man
Matthew Durney - Groomsman
Patrick Extein - Groomsman