Our Story

How We Met

David and I met on October 27, 2014 in the most random of places... Gaffney, SC! We both agree we never thought we would meet the love our life there, but God had a different plan. We hit it off immediately. We spent countless hours on the phone and driven countless miles back and forth to see one another since that cold, October evening.

The Proposal

On October 24, 2015 David asked me to become his wife. The plan for that day was for him to pick me up from my house at 9:00 AM and we were going to go to an apple orchard. I got all dressed in my plaid and puffy vest when he called me to let me know plans had changed. He explained to me that he was sending me on an anniversary adventure and my ride should be pulling up in front of my house at any minute. In a complete state of confusion I looked outside to see my best friend, Jill, pulling up in front of my house. I went to the passenger side of the car and found two roses, a pumpkin spice late, my favorite type of bagel and my first clue.

The first clue instructed me to go to the place we first met and there I would find my second clue. Jill and I drove to Gaffney where we were greeted by our other best friend, Brittany! She had two more roses and my second clue. This clue sent me off to buy something new that I would be wearing to dinner that night. We had a blast shopping, giggling and gushing over what could possibly be next.

The third clue was at the place David first met my family, Willy Taco. My dear friend, Katie, was there with two more roses and my next clue. This clue sent Katie and I to the salon to get our nails done (yes, he knows me well). We had so much fun getting our nails done and talking about the day thus far.

After the salon, Katie took me to my next clue, which was at the Embassy Suites in Greenville. When we drove up I was greeted by my sister, Ansley. We went upstairs where I found my other sister, Hannah, two more roses and another clue. They got me all dressed up and ready for the evening. After a glass of champagne and a makeover, I was off to find my next clue.

David's sister (and my new, super awesome friend), was in downtown Greenville at the place I first met his family. She handed me two more roses and the next clue that instructed me to go to Furman. By this time I was about to explode from excitement. I'm really not sure what I even said to Lauren as she drove me there.

We drove to the part of Furman where the tower is and I saw David standing at the end of a side walk surrounded by the lake. I quickly walked down to him and he gave me my last two roses and final clue. The end of the clue indicated that he had an important question to ask and I started screaming "YES!" before he even had a chance to get down on one knee. He did get on one knee still, though, and asked me if I would become his wife.

That day was so magical for the both of us. We were both surrounded by the people we love the most and we're so thankful we could share that special time with them.

The Wedding

Saturday, July 9, 2016
6:00 PM
Attire: Formal, Coat and Tie
Saint Paul United Methodist Church
1320 Fernwood Glendale Road, Spartanburg, SC, United States
The Country Club of Spartanburg
2500 Country Club Rd, Spartanburg, SC 29302, United States
Wedding Party

Hannah Lane - Maid of Honor

Dr. Lane is Marissa's older sister. She is a chiropractor and recently opened a practice on the east side of Spartanburg. She's an avid traveler, a natural comedian, the life of the party and never meets a stranger.

Ansley Lane - Maid of Honor

Ansley is Marissa's younger sister. Ansley works with Dr. Lane at Wise Chiropractic. She is the mother to our sweet ring bearer, Kam. In her spare time she loves going on adventures with Kam and spending time with family and friends

Jillian Parris - Bridesmaid

Jillian and Marissa met in college and became instant best friends. They have lived together, started their careers in education together and been by each other's side since they met. Jillian is a second grade teacher in Spartanburg. In her spare time time she loves tending to her many animals, shopping and spending time with her family and friends.

Brittany McKee - Bridesmaid

Brittany and Marissa became friends in college. They have traveled the world together, lived together and been best friends since the night the first time they hung out at Jim'N'Nicks in downtown Charleston. Brittany recently relocated to Nashville where she works for a preservation firm. She's a history enthusiast, an avid reader and a lover of good cuisine.

Katie Kruger - Bridesmaid

Katie and Marissa were both hired at the same school right after college. They met at their induction meeting and immediately became friends. They have worked side-by-side for several years and shared in one another's triumphs and hardships. Katie is extremely creative and can always be found coming up with a new craft. When she isn't crafting, she enjoys spending time with her husband, friends and her sweet dog, Sullivan.

Lauren Baker - Bridesmaid

Lauren is David's sister and has quickly become one of Marissa's good friends. She is a very dedicated fourth grade teacher in Greenville county. She has a very sweet, bubbly personality that makes her one of the easiest people to get to know. When she isn't working she loves spending time with her husband, family, friends and dogs, Lego and Bingley.

Michael Robbins - Best Man

Michael is David's younger brother. Michael currently lives in Pittsburgh. When he isn't working he loves playing tennis, traveling and is incredibly talented when it comes to trivia! Trust me, you want him on your trivia team!

Will Lane - Groomsman

Will is Marissa's younger brother. Will is a freshman at Auburn University. When he isn't studying, he loves playing a variety of sports, watching movies, reading, spending time with friends and family and making everyone around him laugh.

Austin Baker - Groomsman

Austin is David's brother-in-law and good friend. He teaches photography and English at a high school in Spartanburg county. He is an extremely talented photographer. Not only is photography part of his career, but also something he loves to do in his spare time. Another talent of Austin is cooking. He is quite the chef! He is the husband to Lauren and has two dogs, Lego and Bingley.

Scott Landry - Groomsman

David and Scott have been friends since middle school. Scott is married to Tiffni and they have two beautiful children, Briella and Brayden. When Scott isn't working or spending time with his family, he enjoys playing in the band at his church.

Tim O'Loughlin - Groomsman

Tim is David's long time tennis partner. They became good friends through tennis and went undefeated all the way through state playoffs together. Tim is married to Holly and they have a beautiful daughter named Tori.

Matt Byrd - Groomsman

Matt and David have been friends for a long time and now they both work for Microsoft. Matt is married to Danielle and they have two children, Ryan and Madison. When he isn't working or spending time with his family, Matt participates in Mixed Martial Arts.

Kameron Hughes - Ring Bearer

Kam is Marissa's nephew. He will turn three years old exactly one week before the wedding. When Kam isn't attending his morning preschool, he enjoys feeding the ducks, playing animal games, learning new things (like colors, numbers and ABC's) and snuggling with his mommy.