Friday, October 28, 2016
5:00 PM
Attire: Semiformal
Ceremony and Reception
Thompson House & Gardens
1431 Atlanta Hwy, Bogart, GA 30622, USA

We are incredibly honored that you would choose to be a part of our wedding! We consider you to be an important part of our story and can't imagine our day without you. Here are some more details about Friday, October 28:

The ceremony and reception are at the same venue which is a 21 minute drive from the Holiday Inn on Broad Street and a 16 minute drive from Hotel Indigo on College Ave. Feel free to drive and take advantage of the free parking at Thompson House and Gardens or Uber (our primary form of transportation on the weekends in Athens)! Please start arriving around 4:30 pm, the ceremony will begin at 5:00 pm.

Both the ceremony and reception are inside so wear whatever shoes you wish! Immediately following the ceremony, there will be lawn games during cocktail hour and continuing through the night, so make sure you warm up your corn hole throwing arm before arrival.

We love your kids, but unfortunately due to space limitations we will be having an "adults only" ceremony. The only children that will be included are those who are part of our wedding party and a member of our immediate family. We hope you understand. If anyone needs assistance in making arrangements for child care, please let us know and we will do our best to assist you.

Just because the official party ends at 10:30, doesn't mean the fun has to stop! We encourage you to Uber back to the great city of Downtown Athens and dance the night away at Little Kings Shuffle Club or Bourbon Street, stroll through the beautiful University of Georgia North Campus (it's well-lit!) or top off the evening with a nightcap at Magnolia's-- all within walking distances to the Holiday Inn and Hotel Indigo.

We can't wait to see you!

Our Story
Too Much of a Good Thing is a Good Thing: A Baker Exclusive

When MaryAshley found me, she didn't realize it would be one of the luckiest days of her life (I'm not sure she even noticed me the first day we met...she may have actively avoided me.) We began working together and it was easy to see she was falling more and more in love the more we were together (she never showed it emotionally, or even verbally per se, but I knew what she was thinking subconsciously.) For the nine months we were supposed to go on a first date, we just could never seem to find a time or place that worked for both of us due to coincidental inconveniences here and there (most of the time and places she couldn't make it to were the places I was at and the time I was at them....the coincidental inconveniences were usually her saying no to my persistent requests for another time and place.) After finally obtaining a first date, she was already thinking marriage (I didn't really leave a lot of options on the table other than like "Hey, so what will you be doing later tonight...or like later forever?") So, we went on some more dates. (Mostly ones I couldn't afford). We saw some live bands. (These were so expensive we had to start turning them into big event gifts). We went to some weddings. (We were usually just invited as a form of entertainment). We switched careers. (I did it first...) Here we are three years later. We both sell chicken sandwiches now. We're both still in love with the Classic City and each other. The first Act has been entertaining but I'm ready for another to begin. I really can't wait for this Act to start with all of you there, the greatest supporting cast we could ever ask for.

No I Will Not Go Out With You. Yes I Will Marry You. {The Other Side of the Story}

Hahaha. Haha. I don't know why it's funny to me to describe our story, but it always is! And Baker's above exclusive made me laugh. I made him write his first so he wouldn't cheat off of me.

Baker and I (yes, I still call him Baker…) worked together my senior year at UGA in downtown Athens, about three and a half years ago. Honestly, I found him to be fairly annoying and had little patience with him at work. As soon as we met, though, he started asking me to dinner. Being a senior in college and a pretty free-spirited girl I politely declined his offer. Over and over again. For six months. EVERY time he saw me he would ask me to dinner. And every time I felt a little awkward thinking, "This guy can't take a hint." As time progressed we developed a sort of friendship and I really did enjoy his company. He made me laugh! We had fun! He still annoyed me, but I knew his heart was kind. Finally in March 2013 (six months after the first time he asked me out) I said "Fine, I'll get a free meal out of it." Don't I sound like such a gem?? Ha! I was kind of kidding, but kind of not. I had a pretty strict policy on staying transparent about my emotions. One date turned to two which turned to nights of secretly rearranging work schedules so we could work at the same time together. Late nights closing up shop turned into late night conversations about friends, family, our histories and our faiths. The scruffy, wire-rimmed-glasses-wearing, LOUD class clown I worked with turned into a major confidant, trusted partner in crime and best friend. In April 2013 I knew I would marry him. In May 2013 he was my boyfriend. And the rest is history. Not really-- the rest includes a lot of growing up, growing together, God introducing him to me at a time I really needed a good laugh, and a friendship that will last forever... but that's not as snappy of an ending as saying the rest is history.

Old Crow Medicine Show: The Concert That Launched A Thousand Lies

Mary Ashley: So can we preface this by saying in May of 2013 we had a pretty solid five year plan?? A lot of friends around us were getting married and entering into exciting new seasons and we were happy for them and knew one day that would be our path too. One day. In five years. We were both pretty adamant about that. Then we rounded year two and five years sounded REALLY far away. For me.

And then...

Baker: And then I went and bought a ring. And it was a really easy process (sarcasm) and I invited all of your friends over and tricked you. That's pretty much all that happened.

Mary Ashley: WHAT? No, wait. There's a lot more to it. So two years in I start getting pretty ready to just do the thing but there were so many things to check off our original pre-marriage list. And there's only so many casual conversations you can strike up with your boyfriend that start with "so one day when we get married"...

Baker: What all are you typing over there??

Mary Ashley: I'm trying to be funny... It's hard. Anyways. Come 2016 we had had a lot of conversations about marriage and weddings and the what ifs and the what nexts and I had honestly just become actually convinced that our original five year plan was actually going to be a full five years. Around that time I accepted a dream job doing what I do best working for Baker's boss at Chick-fil-A in Athens and was ready to launch a new career selling chicken sandwiches and happiness when Baker texts me in early March asking if I'd want to go see the Old Crow Medicine Show at the Georgia Theatre on April 23. A pretty run-of-the-mill outing for us and I seriously love Wagon Wheel so when he said he already bought our tickets I was in. Would you like to contribute anything at this point, Baker?

Baker: *Thumbs up & continues to make up words to the Blake Shelton song playing on Spotify*

Mary Ashley: So on April 23 Baker told me we were meeting his roommate and his fiancé for dinner before we all go to the show together but he told me we were going to a pretty pricey place by the Theatre. I was actually pretty bratty about it because I didn't want to pay 20 bucks for five bites of something I can't pronounce instead of 8 dollars for my usual Turkey & Swiss at Trappeze but come to find out Baker told me we were going where he told me so I wouldn't wear the denim cutoffs I had worn in a strawberry field that morning. Sneaky. Baker, would you like to add anything at this point?

Baker: *Snoring*

(It's been a long weekend...)

Mary Ashley: It was weird that Baker never told me an EXACT time to be ready and just let me leisurely do my hair and make up. THAT never happens. The Uber we took downtown dropped us off at Flanagans... which I thought was weird but later learned everyone else was told to meet us on the other end of town.

Baker: *Snoring louder*

Mary Ashley: As we walked down Clayton Street and went to cross College Ave from Wuxtry Records to Heery's I saw my college roommates. {Important side note: Baker surprised me this past November with a big birthday dinner with all my Athens friends. It was supposed to be just me and him but when we walked in the restaurant all my friends were there. It was awesome.} So as I made my way across this crosswalk I looked SO confused to see my college best friends, small group and best friends from pageantland (who all live 3-5 hours away) because I legitimately told myself 'What are they doing here?? It's not my birthday.' Then because I still had NO idea what was going on, I thought to myself: 'Wait, is it my birthday?? Is my birthday not in November??' Regardless, I picked up speed to get to my people quicker and they all started shouting "TURN AROUND!!" When I did, there was Baker down on one knee in the crosswalk, ring in hand. "Will you marry me?" he said with a sneaky grin. "UM, YES??" I think was my reply.

Baker says he was SURE I would just erupt in sobs but I was honestly too shocked to cry at that point. As I looked around and saw so many people I loved but not my parents I started having a minor panic attack. I thought 'Oh my gosh. He's an idiot. He didn't ask my parents.' But I was quickly reassured by my roommates and Baker himself, YEAH THEY KNOW! They'll be here tomorrow!

The night ended in an engagement party at South Bar & Kitchen with so many of our friends dancing the night away as I said over and over again, "IS THIS REAL LIFE??"

It is. My birthday is still in November, my friends lied to me for a solid month, five years turned into three, we were never going to the concert and I get to marry my best friend. It is real life.

The Bakers Dozens

Jessica Zipperer - Matron of Honor
Marcus Carson - Bridesman
Chelsea Cohen - Bridesmaid
Shreya Desai - Bridesmaid
Margaret Dodson - Bridesmaid
Hannah Harrison - Bridesmaid
Colleen Martin - Bridesmaid
Amber Martinez - Bridesmaid

Courtney Mason - Bridesmaid
Bre Swims - Bridesmaid
Katie Sykes - Bridesmaid
Taylor Tweedle - Bridesmaid
Tyler Baker - Best Man
Peter Bryant - Groomsman
Kendall Gunkell - Groomsman
Joe Holmes - Groomsman
Jack Howell - Groomsman
Henry Kirkland - Groomsman
Jake Lanier - Groomsman
T.J. Lowe - Groomsman
Mitch Martin - Groomsman
Zach Mays - Groomsman
Alejandro Salizar-Lopez - Groomsman
Rodney Sanders - Groomsman