MaryVictoria & Eric

October 9, 2021Avalon, NJ

Our Story
Endless Summer

For everyone that says summer romances don't last beyond Labor Day, think again.

For everyone that says leaving your number on a receipt for your waiter or waitress doesn't work, also think again.

Set the scene: The Class of 2015 graduates college, heads to shore, and has the rest of their lives to figure out...after the summer of course. What Shore kid doesn't want just one more summer? That was us.

As most everyone knows, the Montanari family has been owning and running the best breakfast restaurant at the shore for over 30 years. Eric spent his summers flipping eggs and pancakes over a grill, and used the Golden Inn beach bar as a way to cool off in the June, July, and August afternoons. MaryVictoria was a waitress at that same best bar in town where locals and tourists alike drank with their toes in the sand with live music everyday.

Monday, June 22nd, 2015 was no different than any other summer Monday. Loosh (essential Montanari family member and talented acoustic guitar player) was playing some Bruce Springsteen, MaryVictoria was serving margaritas, and like clock work the Montanari's walked into the bar. Every Monday, Loosh played at the Golden Inn Beach bar, which MaryVictoria always requested to work in order to listen to him, and the Montanari's always came in support, aka they're groupies to this day.

As readers have probably guessed, MaryVictoria was Eric's server this day, and continued to be every day after. NOT because Eric was incredibly good looking, but his parents were very friendly, and generous tippers :)

As the summer went on, Eric and MaryVictoria got on a first name basis, MaryVictoria knew exactly what his drink order was, and there may or may not have been subtle flirting. A month later, their routine changed a bit.

Before the Montanari party left the Golden Inn on that last Monday in July, Eric was very shy when MaryVictoria came to collect the check. With much coaxing and a blush well hid by a sun tan, Eric slowly handed the receipt over this right shoulder to MaryVictoria. Little did Eric know at the time, but MaryVictoria checked the receipt every Monday for a few weeks now just in case.

MaryVictoria texted Eric that evening, and no longer were they just customer and waitress.

Labor Day weekend 2019, Eric planned the best day of their lives. With the shore meaning so much to them both, a proposal on the Stone Harbor Point couldn't have been more of a story book moment in this couple's lives. After a private and meaningful moment along the beach, the happy couple met all of their family and friends at that same beach bar, now named the Icona, but forever the Golden Inn in their hearts. Eric had secretly been planning for months and had arranged for close to 100 people to travel near and far to be there for Eric and MaryVictoria's big day.

The Seven Mile Island had been their favorite place in the world before meeting, during their relationship, and it will continue to be after the real best day ever.

Back to where it all started, let's keep the party going at the Golden Inn, now named the Icona, on October 31st 2020!

The Wedding

Attire: Semi-Formal
Sacred Heart Church
Avalon, NJ, 08202, United States
ICONA Resorts Avalon
7849 Dune Drive, Avalon, NJ, 08202
The wedding ceremony will at the Sacred Heart Church on 26th Street and First Avenue in Avalon at 2:00 PM. Cocktail hour will begin at the Icona Beach Resort at 5:00 PM, followed by dinner and reception at 6:00 PM.