Our Story
Finding My One and Only

Megan and Michael first met at Kelli's house in Moorhead where they were introduced to each other by Uche. Michael was given words of encouragement from Kelli, Uche, and Shayna to talk to Megan. They did not however date right away. Michael and Megan ended up working together in college, and that is where they learned more about each other since they saw each other on a nightly basis. It took awhile to officially date because Michael was just to shy and nervous to even try. He still needed help from the three friends named above to actually do it. Michael finally man'd up and asked Megan to date. After dating for two years, Michael knew that Megan was the one and didn't need any help when it came to asking her to marry him!!!

Where We Are Today

Michael and Megan are both residing in the cities. Michael is working as a sales representative for Johnson Brothers Liquor in St. Paul. He also coaches men and women's high jump at St. Thomas University. Megan is attending Bethel University's Physician Assistant Program and will graduate in August of 2017. The two look forward to where life will take them.

The Wedding

Saturday, August 13, 2016
1:00 PM
Saint Paul's Catholic Church
304 Sinclair Lewis Ave, Sauk Centre, MN 56378, United States
Elmerz Banquet Hall
1225 Timberlane Dr, Sauk Centre, MN 56378, United States

5:00 pm Social hour

Wedding Party

Ashly Vikander - Matron of Honor

Ashly is my beautiful older sister. She is pursuing her second Master's Degree, studying School Psychology at the University of Wisconsin River Falls. While going to school, Ashly works as the Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services treatment director at Options Family and Behavior Services. As the older sister, she has always been a person I go to for advice and direction. She is patient, understanding, and sets a great example for her younger siblings.

Shayna Dugger - Bridesmaid

Shayna and I met in college on the Women's Swim & Dive team at MSUM. She currently nannies for a couple of families in the Twin Cities area. Shayna has a great sense of humor as she is always making people laugh (usually at her own expense). In addition to being so much fun to be around, Shayna is incredibly generous and considerate. She would do anything for the people she loves!

Kelli Nadeau - Bridesmaid

Kelli and I were also teammates on the swim team at MSUM. Kelli works as a State Farm agent and coaches the High School Boys Swim team in St. Michael. Shortly after meeting, I knew I was going to be friends with Kelli. Kelli is determined, sure to accomplish any goal she sets. From the early days of freshman year to today, our friendship has never wavered. Kelli cares deeply for her friends and has always been there for me!

Hillary Enns - Bridesmaid

Hillary and I met in college at MSUM. She now works as a Special Education coordinator at a Spanish/Chinese immersion school in Forest Lake, MN. Hillary is kind, creative, and adventurous--always ready to have a good time. She and I have remained close friends through crazy ups and downs of life. I look forward to having Hillary as a lifelong friend!

Lindsey Rieland - Bridesmaid

Lindsey is my first cousin. She works as a second grade teacher in Alexandria, MN. Born roughly a month a part, we grew up experiencing much together. We played sports together in school and went to the same college. We lived two houses away from each other in college, so I alway had family close! Lindsey is incredibly outgoing and so easy to get along with! I'm lucky to have a cousin like her!

Brianna Cooper - Bridesmaid

Brianna and I have been friends since middle school. Brianna is attending the Mayo School of Health Sciences' Physical Therapy Doctoral Program in Rochester, MN. I've always been comfortable talking to Brianna, and although we went to different colleges, when we meet up, we easily pick up where we left off. Brianna is smart and witty, and she helped me get a better grade on a few College Biology tests in high school. Thanks Bri!

Sam Wadi - Attendant

Suleiman (Sam) Wadi. We became friends during our freshman year of college and lived together the following year. He has had a great impact in my life and made my whole college experience better. He is positive, uplifting, and knows how to put a smile on anyone's face. With all the newest music, he is quite literally the life of the party! Sam is attending the University of North Dakota School of Law to become a lawyer.

Brianna Gabay - Attendant

Bri was my sister's roommate in college and quickly became a close family-friend, if not an honorary member. Bri has a great sense of humor, is very outgoing, and has hilarious stories to share. I always enjoyed visiting Ashly in college because I'd get to hang out with and learn about the girl from California. Bri works in San Clemente, California as a real estate agent. She also works part-time as a same-day wedding planner. I am so excited she's flying here for my wedding, and I'm so grateful to have someone so talented helping me on my big day!

Aaron Bendix - Best Man

Aaron is my little brother. I have known Aaron now for 22 years. Aaron will graduate from Minnesota State University Moorhead (MSUM) with a degree in Criminal Justice. After graduation, Aaron will be going to Skills (police training) in Alexandria, MN. His goal is to be part of the K-9 unit in the Twin Cities police force. Even though we have many differences, we still enjoy a lot of the same things. I couldn't have asked for a greater younger brother.

Mike Doherty - Groomsman

Mike Doherty and I became friends in the sixth grade. We met playing youth league football and our friendship has continued since. I compare my relationship with Doherty to the two friends off of Super Bad--inseparable best friends trying to play it cool. Mike always cracks jokes, has a comeback for everything ,and will have your back no matter what. Mike is getting his Master's Degree in Education at St. Paul Concordia in hopes to become a principle. He is also teaching in the Minneapolis school district.

Clayton Foster - Groomsman

Clayton and I met in college where we both competed on the Track team at MSUM, and later became roommates. When Clayton and I first met, we found out we had a lot in common. Clayton and I became P.I.C.s (partners in crime) except we never got caught. Clayton and I talk daily, and we can talk about anything. Clayton is the assistant coach on the Cross Country and Track teams at Adams State in Alamosa, Colorado.

Derek Bredy - Groomsman

Derek and I met while both competing on the Track team at MSUM. Derek was steadfast in his purpose there, training hard to reach his goals. It took some time for our friendship to grow because making friends was not one of Derek's goals. Through my persistent attitude and nice, friendly personality, Derek warmed up to me and then always wanted to hang out. Derek is currently working to reach a dream of his, and I wish him nothing but the best and hope he achieves his goals!

William (Bill) Fay - Groomsman

Bill and I met in college at MSUM. We met through a mutual friend in the dorms, and after the good ole dorm life, we became roommates. Bill is serving in the US Coast Guard and is currently stationed in New Hampshire. Bill was the friend that I could always go to for anything...school, life, or whatever was on my mind. I could always ask Bill about Star Wars. Oh man! All the questions I had, and all the answers Bill was able to give--The force is strong in him!

Uchenna (Uche) Ogbonnaya - Groomsman

Uche and I met in college on the Track team and would also become roommates. Uche knew everyone on campus...you could say he was the popular kid. Uche really just had the personality that drew everyone in and made you want to be friends with him. He was actually the one that introduced me to the love of my life, so I have to thank him sometime for helping me find her. Thanks Uche!

Kyle Hart - Usher

Kyle and I met through Clayton as those two were roommates in the dorm. Eventually Kyle would become a roommate as well. Kyle is a goofy kid. I would say he was a gamer that loved to play Call of Duty (COD). Kyle and I shared great times together when we were in our last year of college doing everything from working out together at the wellness to him taking me to shoot my first gun. Thanks Kyle

Kwame Bailey - Usher

Kwame and I met through mutual friends at MSUM. He was on the football team in college. Kwame was another class clown. If you needed a good laugh, he was the man to be around. We had plenty of good times together whether be celebrating someones 21st or 22nd birthday to just sitting around talking about wanting to be rich and ways to do it. Kwame currently lives in Chandler Arizona and is a case manager.

Travis Rieland - Usher

Travis will soon be my brother in-law. Trav is a junior intern in the Sanford Radiology Program through North Dakota State University (NDSU). When I first met Travis, it was like we had already had been friends for a while. From discussing sports to just picking on each other (more Travis making fun of me because he is so quick witted), we established a friendship.

Tanner Rieland - Usher

Tanner is my other soon-to-be brother in-law. Tanner is a junior in high school with hopes of attending NDSU after graduation. Although he isn't sure what he wants to go to school for, he has an interest in computer science. Tanner fits the role of the other little brother. He is still young enough to pick on and be competitive with, but you know it will only be time before he can beat you. That has still yet to happen ;)