Mikaela & Daniel

June 13, 2020Lynden, WA

Our Story
We woke early at 5am. Crusty eyed but full of excitement. Daniel refusing to wake because we had gotten little to no sleep. The 3 hour drive felt like never ending fields of oil pump-jacks and semi’s. Finally we arrived on Disneyland Dr, overcome with joy we practically ran to the gates to get inside. Daniel and I had rode so many rides, taken so many pictures, the day was perfect. It was the best day ever. It felt like every laugh, smile, kiss, picture I was falling in love all over again. We were reaching the end of the day and it was time for fireworks. I had to hold back tears because this moment was so perfect. I was in Daniel’s arms watching every firework, listening to the music, my parents in the background in awe of this magical moment. It’d been around 9-10 years since they’ve been to DisneyLand. We’d come to the end of the show, people were directed towards the castle that was lit up beautifully. We had made our way up there slowly with the crowd. We were first in line to take pictures in front of the castle. Daniel in anxious excitement looked right into my eyes, my hands in his hands, my heart racing but at the same time I’m confused because we are no longer facing the camera. He says “Mikaela”. I said “why are you not looking at the camera?” in confusion. He smiled as he reached into his back pocket and said to me “ I know that you have always wanted to be a princess, and I was wondering if you would like to be my princess and live happily ever after with me” he then pulled a little box out of his pocket and knelt down on one knee and said “will you marry me?”. I was in shock this whole day my Daniel somehow managed to hide this little box from me. I said yes.
The Wedding

Saturday, June 13, 2020
3:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Wedding Party

Tanaya Pike - Bridesmaid
Best friend
Samantha Doering - Bridesmaid
Sister in law
Caitlyn Aanestad - Bridesmaid
Best friend
Jasmine Saenz - Bridesmaid
Younger Sister
Edward Saenz - Groomsman
Brother In law
Nathan Doering - Groomsman
Younger Brother
David Boehmer - Groomsman
Ethan Williams - Groomsman