Natalie & Daniel

July 20, 2019Spithami / Spithamn, Lääne County, Estonia

Our Story
A Forest Love Story

Our love is one that was born in the wild. Amongst the trees, the sea, the moon and the glowing summer sky.

A Wedding In Estonia, Amongst The Trees

Estonia may not be the most popular spot for a destination wedding! We consider it the best kept secret in Europe. Not only is it Daniel's home country but in particular the Lääne County Forests hold a special place in our relationship. We fell in love in these woods, Daniel proposed in these woods and now we will be married in these woods. Everyone that travels here says the same thing, "There is something special about this place". Pine forests are known for having a calming and relaxing effect on people. Mossy, spongy forest floors and the smell of the sea salt air, giant boulders and various ruins give the feeling of some long, lost time. While in these woods you feel as though you may see Vikings come up over the hill or perhaps some fairies of another realm. If you know Natalie, you can understand why she feels so at home here. The first time she visited Estonia in 2007, there was an instant bond with the land. She felt a connection to the family history that is rich in its soil. Although Natalie and Daniel knew each other for quite some time (their mothers Rose and Aili are best friends) it wasn't until 2016 that they fell for each other. And it was here in these woods where it all happened. It was the only place we could imagine making our vows to each other. We hope you can join us so we can share this magical forest that we love so much with you!

The Wedding

Saturday, July 20, 2019
2:00 PM
Attire: Forest Fancy
Forest by the sea in Spithami (Rose and family's home)
Tangupesa, Spithami
Tuksi spordibaas
Tuksi / Bergsby, 91221 Lääne County, Estonia

We understand this is a far distance to travel for our friends and family in Canada and Elsewhere. If you are unable to attend the wedding in Estonia, we completely understand. We will be having a celebration of our marriage on Saturday, August 17th in North Battleford, Sk, invitations and details to come.

If you are able to attend, please plan for these dates. We are so excited and thrilled to have you make the trip over to our dear Estonia.

Schedule of Events

July 18th- Meet and greet for all guests attending the wedding. Location to be determined.

July 19th-Day to enjoy the beach or explore some sites.

July 20th- The wedding!!

July 21st- Day after Brunch. Location to be determined.