Neely & Adam

August 15, 2020Greenville, SC

Our Story
How We Met

Adam and Neely met in 2014 while attending dental school in Augusta. Neely was a freshman and Adam was a sophomore. Their lockers were on the same hallway and Adam always hoped that he would see Neely to catch up in between classes. Neely remembers how encouraging Adam was prior to big exams and practicals. He looked for any opportunity to get a chance to spend more time with her, even taking breaks from studying to help her make her first set of dentures. Neely thought Adam was so sweet and kind-hearted, not to mention, incredibly handsome. The weekend before Fall semester started Neely’s second year, Adam asked her to go out on a date….and 1 date turned into 100 dates and the rest is history!

The Proposal

Adam popped the question on March 8, 2019! There isn’t anything Neely loves more than a snow day, so after getting the ring in January he was hoping for a snowy day in Greenville to propose. When January and February came and went without a flake of snow, he knew he had to find another plan. Neely’s family and friends mean the world to her, so Adam wanted some of them to take part in a proposal celebration. After consulting with Neely’s friend Paige (the Proposal expert) he decided Restaurant 17 would be the perfect venue. As a cover story to get her to the restaurant without suspicion, he told Neely his mom was "passing through town" on her way to Raleigh, which was very common as Adam's sister, Hannah, lives Raleigh. Adam mentioned Becky would be passing through town and wanted to get dinner. When the time came, Adam mentioned his mother was running late and would not make it for the 5:30 reservation, so they would just go and enjoy cocktails and appetizers together and then meet up with Becky later. Neely and Adam shared cocktails and appetizers and then Adam suggested they walk out to the courtyard to check out the views. Prior to walking outside, Adam went to the bathroom to practice what he was going to say one more time. They walked out to the courtyard and Adam began telling Neely how much she meant to him and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Adam got down on one knee and popped the question! Neely, of course, said YES! Afterwards, Adam pointed out Neely's cousin Lauren, a professional photographer in Greenville, who was hiding behind a tree the whole time. Adam, Neely, and Lauren had a celebratory glass of champagne and Neely began calling family to inform them of the happy news. Little did Neely know, Adam had planned a surprise party with the close friends and family she was calling. It was an absolutely amazing celebrating with everyone and Adam and Neely can't wait to continue to celebrate during this exciting season of life!

The Wedding

Saturday, August 15, 2020
6:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Attire: Black Tie Optional
First Presbyterian Church of Greenville
200 W Washington St, Greenville, SC, 29601, USA
110 East Court Street, Greenville, SC, 29601, United States
The ceremony will be at 6:00 PM at First Presbyterian Church of Greenville. Parking is available in the church parking lot and the parking garage directly across the street. Immediately following the ceremony, join us for cocktails and dancing at The Avenue in downtown Greenville. There is a parking garage next to the venue and the venue is a 2 minute walk from The Westin Poinsett and a 10 minute walk (0.4 miles) from First Presbyterian Church. Ubers are also available. Although we love your little ones, this is an adult only affair. We look forward to celebrating with you!
Other Events

Friday, August 14, 2020
5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
First Presbyterian Church of Greenville
200 W Washington St, Greenville, SC, 29601, USA
Rehearsal will take place Friday, August 14th, 2020 at First Presbyterian Church of Greenville. Parking is available in the parking lot outside of the church and also across the street in the parking garage.
Rehearsal Dinner
Friday, August 14, 2020
6:30 PM - 10:30 PM
Urban Wren Winery
116 N Markley St, Greenville, SC, 29601, USA
Attire: Cocktail Attire
The rehearsal dinner will take place at Urban Wren Winery for the wedding party, their guests, and immediate family. Limited parking is available next to the venue. Please note this will be an adults-only celebration.
Wedding Party

Paige Parr - Matron of Honor

Paige and Neely met freshman year at Clemson while living in the Lever dormitories. Paige and Neely both joined Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority during their freshman year and now they both live in Greenville, SC. They are in the same bible study and see each other at least once a week! Paige has been a constant source of encouragement and positivity. Paige is currently in CRNA school to become a nurse anesthetist and will graduate in May 2020. Neely is thrilled to have her as her matron of honor!

Janie Fulp - Maid of Honor

Janie and Neely met freshman year at Clemson and both joined Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. Janie and Neely lived together during their junior and senior years at Clemson. They have remained close over the last 5 years despite living in different cities. Janie has a wonderful outlook on life and always sees the good. She has the ability to put a smile on anyone's face. Janie is currently working in Charleston as a real estate agent for one of the top real estate firms in Charleston! Neely is so excited to have her as her maid of honor!

Betsy Barnes - Bridesmaid

Betsy and Neely have been friends since they were in diapers! Betsy and Neely's parents are great friends and have been friends since they were born. Neely and Betsy both grew up in Greenville together and have so many memories from childhood to college years at Clemson! Betsy is so entertaining and has a wonderful personality. She is kind, adventurous, and supportive. Betsy is currently living in Charlotte, NC.

Carmen Carraway - Bridesmaid

Carmen is married to Adam's brother, Andrew. Carmen and Andrew have a daughter named Anna Raine, who Neely and Adam love to pieces! Neely always enjoys spending time with Carmen during family vacations and holidays. Carmen is very kind-hearted, thoughtful, and caring. She is a wonderful mother to Anna Raine and a fantastic sister-in-law to Adam. Carmen and Andrew live in Alexandria, VA with Anna Raine and their mischievous (but adorable) golden retriever, Boomer! Neely is very excited to gain a "sister!"

Lauren Miller - Bridesmaid

Lauren is Neely's cousin, who has been the big sister Neely never had growing up. From style tips when Neely was a little girl to helping Neely plan her wedding, Lauren has always been there for support and offering advice! Lauren is also a phenomenal photographer and captured Neely and Adam's engagement perfectly! Lauren is currently living in Greenville with her cute and incredibly photogenic dog, Beans. If you need any photography for a wedding, family portrait, work headshot, or newborn photos, Lauren is your girl!

Meredith Mixson - Bridesmaid

Meredith and Neely met during their freshman year at Clemson. They both joined the sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma and were roommates in The Retreat during their junior and senior years. Meredith is an incredibly loyal and supportive friend. She has also always knows how to get the party started! Meredith currently lives in Charleston working for Wells Fargo. Neely is excited to have Meredith be a part of her wedding!

Ashley Parinella - Bridesmaid

Ashley and Neely went to high school together at J.L Mann High School and then went on to become roommates and sorority sisters at Clemson. They were roommates freshman year in Lever dormitories and then roommates again on the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority hall during their sophomore year. Ashley and Neely both had their eyes set on professions in the medical field and have enjoyed sharing that similarity. Their love for crafts and art projects was a great outlet during winter breaks from dental and medical school. Ashley is hard-working, driven, kind, and a wonderful friend! Ashley is currently completing a general surgery residency in Philadelphia. Neely is so proud of her accomplishments and honored to have her in the wedding!

Hannah Peptis - Bridesmaid

Hannah is Adam's older sister, who lives in Raleigh, NC. Hannah is a phenomenal mother and has two children, Callahan and Saylor, and two step children, Tyler and Tanner. One thing Neely loves about Adam is how close he is to his family. Family is extremely important to Adam and Neely understands why (because his family is so great)! Hannah has been a wonderful sister to Adam and has always been supportive. Hannah and her husband, Jason, are always ready for a fun adventure and Adam and Neely love to join them on the lake or the beach to make memories. Neely is so excited to gain a "sister" through her marriage to Adam.

Sarah Sikkelee - Bridesmaid

Sarah and Neely have been friends since their freshman year of high school at J.L. Mann. Sarah went to Clemson University and now is living in Greenville, SC. Neely and Sarah have remained close ever since their high school days despite living in different towns. Sarah has a huge heart and is incredibly caring, kind, and thoughtful. She has a wonderful sense of humor and is sure to make anyone laugh. Sarah has been very important in Neely's life and Neely can't imagine her wedding without having Sarah by her side!

Alex Sojourner - Bridesmaid

Alex and Neely met during their freshman year at Clemson while living across the hall from each other in the Lever dormitories. Alex and Neely were also sorority sisters in Kappa Kappa Gamma. Alex and Neely lived together during their junior and senior years at Clemson in The Retreat. While living together, Alex and Neely loved to cook meals together and work out to pop sugar videos.Neely and Alex share many of the same interests. Alex is a great friend and always looking out for others and has their best interest at heart. Alex is honest, extremely thoughtful, and talented. Alex is an architect living in Columbia, SC and married her husband, Walker, January 19, 2019. Neely is excited for Alex to be a part of her big day!

Anna Raine Carraway - Flower Girl

Anna Raine is the daughter of Carmen and Andrew Carraway. She will be 3 years old in December 2019. Adam and Neely absolutely adore her and can't wait to have her be a part of the big day!

Saylor Grace Peptis - Flower Girl

Saylor is the daughter of Hannah and Jason Peptis. Saylor will turn 1 in September 2019 and she will be an honorary flower girl. Adam and Neely love Saylor and are excited to have her be a part of their wedding!

Bruce Carraway - Best Man

Bruce is Adam's dad. Bruce has loved and supported Adam his entire life and has been such a wonderful father. Adam is thrilled to have him as his best man in the wedding.

Andrew Carraway - Groomsman

Andrew is Adam's oldest brother. Andrew set a great example for Adam growing up and Adam has always looked up to him. Andrew is married to Carmen and together, they have a sweet daughter named Anna Raine, who is also in the wedding!

Ben Carraway - Groomsman

Ben is Adam's youngest brother. Adam and Ben have a great relationship and Adam is so honored to have Ben stand by his side on the big day!

Chris Green - Groomsman

Adam and Chris met while attending UGA and they were fraternity brothers in Sigma Nu. Chris is currently living in Atlanta. Chris has been a great friend to Adam and they have remained close over the years.

Larry Jurgutis - Groomsman

Adam and Larry met while attending dental school at The Dental College of Georgia. Adam and Larry also completed a general practice residency together in Augusta. Larry is currently living in Atlanta, GA.

Matt Lewis - Groomsman

Matt and Adam met while attending dental school at the Dental College of Georgia. Matt and Adam also completed a general practice residency together in Augusta. Matt is currently living in Atlanta, GA.

Jason Peptis - Groomsman

Jason is Adam's brother-in-law and is married to Adam's sister, Hannah. Jason and Hannah live in Raleigh, NC and together have Callahan and Saylor.

Clancy Poore - Groomsman

Clancy and Adam met while attending dental school at The Dental College of Georgia. Clancy and Adam also completed a general practice residency in Augusta. Clancy is currently living in Atlanta, GA.

Eric Schimler - Groomsman

Eric and Adam met while attending UGA. They were also fraternity brother in Sigma Nu. Eric and Adam have kept in touch over the years. Eric is currently living in Atlanta. GA.

Mac Todd - Groomsman

Mac is Neely's older brother. Mac has been a great supportive brother to Neely and Adam is excited to have him as a groomsman!

Callahan Peptis - Ring Bearer

Callahan is Hannah and Jason's son. He will be 3 as of July 2019. Callahan is full of energy and keeps everyone entertained. Neely and Adam love Callahan and are excited to have him in the wedding!