my story
i love tacos

and i get to eat them whenever i want. sure do i cry myself to sleep sometimes? yea sure, but when u have cash dollas to buy tacos y do you need warm hugs at night?

i first learned to love myself (and tacos #blessed) on a cold night in january. it was late, it was dark, and my tv went out omg. but then i looked up how to fix it myself (thanks internet for always being there) and i did things all on my own and i made my own tacos and i was so hashtag blessed that i traveled and i lived happily ever after.

so if u r sad and ur like omg i'm going to die alone, just sit urself down and cry a little and that's okay and then eat at least three tacos and fix ur tv and oh god what is my life jk it's great ok everyone get home safe xo

the "wedding"

Saturday, December 31, 2022
party friends

my shoes - Maid of Honor

i would literally not be anywhere without u. really. i couldn't walk in the street cuz that would hurt my feet. so thnkz.

tv - Matron of Honor

i mean. god ur my best friend. i can't even describe my love for u. if i could have married u i would. i will never leave you i hope u never leave me xo

banana bread - Bridesmaid

banana bread is like that friend who is perfect sometimes and even though it's not always sitting on ur counter, u know that when it is there it's going to be the same as always. 350 degree F for LYFE

Anne Hathaway - Flower Girl

let's be honest, u would look gorgeous throwing flowers at me. please consider.