Rebecca & Geoffrey

June 7, 2019Cleveland, OH, USA

Our Story
A Golden Love Story

So how did you two meet?

Geoffrey: We met at Frank L. Wiley Middle School, in the Challenge Choir with Mr. Glenn Brackens.

Rebecca: Geoffrey was in 8th grade and the student director, and VERY bossy! I was in 6th grade.

When did you two discover that you were interested in each other?

Geoffrey: It was at Cleveland Heights High School while we were both in the Gospel Choir and Vocal Music Department. I was a senior and Becki was a sophomore. I think she liked me first.

Rebecca: Actually, Geoff definitely liked me first! After we initially exchanged numbers, Geoff began to flirt with me and I thought it was sweet.

Geoffrey: What my beautiful wife-to-be didn't mention is that she ASKED for my number. Granted, she just wanted to ask me a question, but still. When we finally did start texting, it became almost nonstop.

Rebecca: Interestingly enough, we grew up on the same street, and didn't even know it until we started talking! We would often sit in my driveway and talk for hours.

So tell us about your first date!

Rebecca: Well we had been on 2-3 movie dates, but our first REAL date where we got dressed up (lol) was at Zanzibar Restaurant in Shaker Square. I was really nervous and didn't know what to expect, but I felt like conversation went really well, and the vibe was great.

Geoffrey: I definitely agree! It was really fun. And Becki was BEAUTIFUL. A waitress at the restaurant actually asked us how long we had been married. And we were like - lady we're in high school! I guess she saw something before we did.

So when did you know that you were meant to be together?

Geoffrey: For me it was a process. Not long into our relationship, Becki had definitely captured my heart. But several years later I became fully assured in God's will for us to be together. It took me a while, but once I knew for sure that Becki was the one, I KNEW! There was no stopping my pursuit (lol).

Rebecca: I knew earlier on in our relationship that God had us for each other, but it was definitely a process for me too. Geoff was different from other people I was used to, and I really appreciated his heart for me. That was a sign to me that our relationship was on another level.

Have you all faced any challenges in your relationship?

Rebecca: Definitely! After almost four years of talking, we decided to "take a break" from the relationship, that lasted about a year and a half. That season was really difficult for both of us. But I do feel like it was important for us to grow individually and then come back together.

Geoffrey: I agree, that was definitely a tough season! The engagement season has been a journey as well! During this time, there's been a lot of transparency and vulnerability with each other, and that hasn't always come easy! And we've definitely experienced lots of ups and downs. But through it all, we've truly become best friends and partners for life!

What's been the key to growth in your relationship?

Rebecca: I would say listening to understand and not necessarily to have a reply. Also, keeping God first.

Geoffrey: In a word, JESUS! (Lol) He continues to make us one by His grace, and in Him our love for each other grows every day!

Describe "A Golden Love"...

Geoffrey: A Golden Love is a love where Jesus is at the center. It's a love where two people are committed to God first, and out of their love for and devotion to God, they love and devote themselves to one another. A Golden Love is transparent, sacrificial, and full of joy. It's tried, true, and triumphant. It's a love that endures, grows with time, and bears lasting fruit for the lovers as well as all those around them. This is the kind of love Rebecca and I want to exemplify in our marriage!

Rebecca: Gold is a very unique substance. It's considered to be precious, beautiful, and of the most superior quality. That same gold represents our journey in our love for each other. The journey has been long, and we definitely have a story to tell. But I'm grateful for every part of our story, including the fire. Just like gold, sometimes our love and devotion for each other has to undergo a process of change that makes it better. A Golden Love is an evolving love. I love you, Mr. Golden.

Geoffrey: And I love you, my queen! Forever and always!

The Wedding

Friday, June 7, 2019
2:30 PM
Attire: Formal
Open to the Public (No RSVP Necessary) New Community Bible Fellowship
3557 Washington Blvd, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118, USA
By Invitation Only (RSVP Above)
Wedding Party

Tanaja Kidd - Maid of Honor

I first met Rebecca at her church. I was introduced to her after church and we were talking about colleges and the schools we wanted to go to. She said she was going to Clark Atlanta University, and so was I. I didn’t know that conversation would lead to us being sisters,close friends, and family! I love you and wish you the best.

Terra Perry - Bridesmaid

Becki is my little sister, one of my favorite memories with her is doing her hair when she was a kid. We would sit on the front porch for hours as I styled her hair and then she would pout because she didn't like it. lol

Dear God I ask that you cover Geoffrey and Becki, protect them and keep them. Help them to be in and stay in your will, in Jesus name. Amen!



Diamond Cogburn - Bridesmaid

To my beloved,
Thank you for being Becki and nothing or anyone else. Thank you for loving so hard and so strong. My hope is for you to be the best you that you can be and all that God called you for. For the both of you, I pray that the purposes of God are fulfilled through you. Continue to let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works and your covenant with each-other and then Glorify your Father which is in heaven. Thank you, for letting your light shine toward me, because it gave me permission to do the same unto others. I wish you unbreakable peace, patience, love, joy, kindness and happiness and that even the more.
Now Let’s Get Married!!!!!!!

Gabrielle Moore - Bridesmaid

“Where there is love there is life.”
– Mahatma Gandhi

Everyday as I witness the blessing of what God has given the both of you I begin to see life through a freed lens. Your Love has shown me that “all things are possible with God” Matthew 19:26. You’ve awaken me to the possibility of Love through the watching you all from a front row seat and for that privilege I am honored. You all are a testament to the fact that the most fulfilling journey in life is falling in Love (Agape) with Jesus and mastering that will then open a world of possibilities and one of those possibilities is a rich love called Eros. I’ve watched you all go essentially from talking exclusively for years and never really dating to being engaged. No one could do that but Jesus. Rebecca you were my sister way before my baby brother proposed to you, but I’m so glad he did. I rejoice knowing that he is fully awake and he has found his good thing and you have found yours. Now have fun and make me some nieces and nephews...just not to soon. Love y’all always and forever your Big Sister Gabrielle

Shayanna Golden - Bridesmaid

I grew up in Cleveland heights but my path with Geoff did not intersect until many years later. My first memory of Geoff was at a church. I remember seeing this child who was barely taller than the height of the pew, with his arms flailing high above his head, confidently directing a choir full of adults. Even though I too was a child at the time I remember thinking “Whoa! Who is this kid???” My first interaction with him was through a singing group called Fresh Encounter and even though he was the youngest in the group he showed wisdom far beyond his age. As I got to know him, I couldn’t help but love him because he is one of the most genuine, generous, humble, passionate and loving people I have ever met. Little did I know that several years later this same kid would be come my brother in law.

My first memory of meeting Becki is at the watch party for the Finale of Sunday’s Best. I had heard that Geoff had become interested in a girl from Heights, and me being a protective/ nosy big sister, went to Facebook to do some research on who this girl was. Our first encounter at the watch party was very brief but I remember thinking Alright Geoff! You done found you a cutie!” Shortly after that I found out Becki would be moving down to Atlanta for school. Our first “conversation” was through Facebook messenger a few weeks before she moved down. Over the years our relationship has grown so much. I knew long before Geoff proposed that Becki would be my sister in law and even though we’ve been sisters long before she got the ring, sharing a last name will be the icing on the cake!

Victoria Ellis - Bridesmaid

I first met Becki at CAU my undergraduate year in a biology lab we had together. I remember us both having a conversation about how we wanted to stay pure until marriage. I would say our similar thoughts is what made us close. As years went by, Becki and I was conversing on facebook and excited at the fact that we were both cancers. We then went on with our conversation, believe it or not about how we both wanted to be proposed to. I remember saying to Becki at the time "what is for you will only be for you. It will happen sis." As time went by, I remember her telling me Geoffrey popped the question and the excitement Becki shared.

Sis, I am extremely happy for you! A man who finds a wife finds a good thing. You are going to make the perfect wife. I pray that you guys continue to keep God first and this new journey brings nothing but happiness. Remember sis, ALWAYS keep the outsiders OUTSIDE. I love you guys and I am honored to take on a role as one of your bridesmaid on your big day!

Jada Prewitt - Bridesmaid

Rebecca and I went to the same high school. We met in our high school gospel choir my freshman year. That year we danced together and built an amazing bond. Years later and we still dance together lol and she is my best friend.

Kaitlin James - Bridesmaid

As Cleveland Heights High School Alumni, my favorite part of all 4 years was CHGC (Cleveland Heights Gospel Choir). I remember the first time I went in 9th grade, in the auditorium after school, Mrs Dixon asked what part I sang. I told her Soprano and alto, she said “Good come on over to the soprano section.” That’s where I sat a few rows away from Rebecca, her being a soprano also. Naturally, I met Geoff in Gospel choir also, as he and Mrs.Dixon assigned a solo to me ALL 4 years, at almost every concert lol. It was actually Geoffrey who helped build my confidence after my first solo in 9th grade, he asked how old I was and couldn’t believe I was a freshman, throughout the years his encouragement helped grow my love for music and pushed me out of my comfort zone to be who I am musically today. As for Bebee and I , it took an entire school year for us, to even speak to each other on a normal basis, but we shared a close friend so it was hard not to. Once we began to dance together and got time away from the choir, I eventually found out she thought I didn’t like her when in reality, her facial expressions made her SO unapproachable, and she was always defending her friends and family. I was NOT trying to be the next person getting told off for looking at her brother the wrong way! Later found out she loves HARD and rides for the people she cares about PERIODT! And so here we are, 9 years later, sharing in these life changing moments with my best friend and the love of her life! I love you both and I’m so grateful for #AGoldenLove!

Joycelyn Homadi-Sewor - Bridesmaid

I met Geoff and Becki both in 2011 during my exchange year in Cleveland at Cleveland Heights High School. Even though I stayed for only 10 months I developed a friendship with both of them. We saw each other mostly in School, particularly at Gospel Choir or Bible Study. I witnessed their love develop and grow during this time. 2012 we all went to room together which till this day is a special moment that I could share with them both.
Even when I went back to Germany, I felt like I was able to live through the ups and downs of their relationship and was able to give the best advice that was possible to give from afar through Skype Dates and FaceTime. I always knew this day will come and I wish them nothing but the best and Gods blessing for their union.

Love you,


Kevin Golden - Best Man

As the oldest of The Golden Brothers, I met Geoffrey when my mom and dad came home telling me and Reggie that we were going to have a little brother in a few months. I remember crying because as much as I loved Reggie, I couldn’t imagine having TWO little brothers! But then Geoffrey came along and I’m so glad he did. I took pride in being the big brother, and although sometimes I probably enjoyed being in charge more than I should have, I knew I would always lead, teach, protect and take care of my little brothers...and Reggie is the same way about Geoffrey…which is why it would take a very special young lady to gain our approval as Geoffrey’s girl. Rebecca is such a special girl, and I couldn’t be more proud! I LOVE you guys and am excited for your growth on this journey together! I pray that God continues to bless you both like crazy and show you more and more of himself as you grow in Him together. I pray that you love, support, push, encourage, honor, respect, and challenge each other to become your best selves. I pray that you cherish and cultivate trust, transparency, and uninhibited communication with each other, and that you cling together and find contentment in your partnership when times get hard. Use your resources, you’re not alone in this. Always do your best, and God will handle the rest. Be the light that God created each of you to be, thriving both individually and collectively, bettering the lives of everyone you come in contact with, all to bring glory to God. Live the Golden life!



Reginald Golden - Best Man

I've known Geoffrey his entire life. Like literally. Despite this, I can't place my earliest memory with him. I have a mental picture walking to the vending machine at Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital with my Dad and Kevin while we waited for Mom to deliver him. Ha. I guess we've all had a lot of practice waiting for and on the "baby" of the family. :-) It's an honor and privilege to watch him take this next step in the process of crafting a brand new family of his own.

One of my favorite memories has to be the summer where it seems like Geoff and I stayed up every night playing Cleveland-in-a-Box and Disney Channel computer games online. (The Jett Jackson one had to have been my favorite.) We have been blessed to do a lot of great things together but that season sticks out as special because we were able to simply bond and have fun together. No work. No music. Just fun.

My greatest hope for Geoff and Beck is that remember to forgive each so that they be forgiven, and I pray the blessing found in Number 6:24-26 ESV over them:

The LORD bless you and keep you;

The LORD make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you;

The LORD lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.



Ian Morgan - Groomsman

As a lifetime member of Glenville Church, I’ve always known Geoffrey-since birth. From always trying to boss/preach to the older kids to going full Hulk on his brothers when they made him mad, he was always a breath of fresh air, immensely talented, and purposed by God to inspire people! My prayer is for he and Becki to have FUN in this process and to trust God with every lack, deficit, and question-God has to allow it so He can showcase how He provides!! I love you both!

Alexander Canady - Groomsman

I met Geoff at Morehouse during my sophomore year. I believe it was in Sale Hall, a building on campus. The auditorium in Sale had a piano, and Geoff would go in there to spend some time worshipping. I met Geoff in there one day when he was playing. He, along with Marcus, welcomed me into the fivefold fellowship. The fellowship formed freshman year, before I knew everyone in it, but all the brothers welcomed me into the group as if I had been there from day one. Geoff and I roomed together for the next year and a half, and Geoff has continued to be a confidant and a brother to this day. My prayer for him and my sister Becky is that they would not only remember the commitment that they are making to each other, but that they would also remember the commitment that they are making to God. Remembering that everyday won't be easy, but everyday is working for their good! I love you both very dearly and I am praying all the best for you and your union.

Much love,

Marcus McCarty - Groomsman

Geoffrey and I have known each other since August 2012 when we were both freshman at Morehouse College and staying in Graves Hall. I remember the first time I heard Geoffrey speak, it was at a hall meeting and Geoffrey was going off on a tangent about the Black political activists that needed more action and less talking.
I never would have imagined that this same guy would one day be one of my best friends as we have formed a bond of our own, and within our brotherhood now known as Five-Fold. Five-Fold would often hangout, eat, worship, pray, exhort, and debate about doctrine (the argument would never sway I has always respected Geoff's love for God and often recall walking down to the first floor to Geoff's dorm room and finding him praying and reading the Word.
When Beckee was a freshman at CAU, Five-Fold was finally able to meet the incredible woman Geoff passionately described. She has been welcomed into Five-Fold with open arms. To watch the both of them grow spiritually, individually, and together has been an honor. I pray that God blesses this union beyond their imagination. I know they will be a force in the Kingdom and in the Marketplace! AGoldenLove will know no lack, and will know God as a rewarder of them who diligently seek him!

Gabriel Adams - Groomsman

Geoff and I met at Morehouse for Undergrad. We both connected spiritually and built our friendship with God being the foundation. We would host weekly bibles studies together called Lighthouse Christians Ministries every Monday for the AUC, and we would sharpen each other through the word of God

We have become close friends and as the word says “Let brotherly love will continue.” We will obey.

I met Becky through Geoff when we visited Cleveland to support Geoff. I have found that Becky is a sweet, caring, and faithful woman of God.


Father God, as Geoff and Becky come together, we ask that you cover them. Give them the strength to overcome any obstacle, the heart to love each other unconditionally, and give them the will to do whatever it takes to reach connubial bliss.

Robert Bebee - Groomsman

Well I was here first lol Rebecca came right after me, eight months after. she's my bestfriend, my little sister and I am beyond proud of her.

I met Geoff riding my bike (on Raymont) in the street using profanity. while doing so Geoff was walking with his mom and he said to me "You shouldn't be cursing" lol.

My prayer for you both is that you all stay in love. I pray that God blesses your union and he opens doors for you both collectively. I Love You Both, Shalom!

Kenneth (Frank) Bebee - Groomsman

Beck is my older sister but we were very close growing up, we're the youngest of the crew. We have plenty of memories but my favorite to tell and one that describes her heart perfectly.

she would climb in my crib every night and sing to me so that I could fall asleep. I didn't go many days without having her put me to sleep or protect me.

As for Geoff, I met him at the end of our street years ago. We've formed a pretty solid bond over the years. I pray that God continues strengthen the two of you as one.



Darien Waite - Groomsman

I remember meeting Geoff Freshman Year because we both stayed in Graves Hall. He would always host Bible studies in his room, and it became a safe space for many of the brothers to go to. After we graduated Geoff had a gig in Atlanta and he asked my then girlfriend (now wife) and I if we wanted to go out to eat so that we could his special lady. That is when we Becki, and I tell you they could not have been more balanced for each other. I knew then that she would be the one for Geoff, and Geoff the one for her!

My prayer is that God will continue to build up a great sense of adoration between Geoff and Becki. Also, that God will be a safeguard for their marriage. Lord grant them with patience, understanding, and heart to listen to each other, and to You. Amen!

Terryn Jackson - Flower Girl
Breilyn Jones - Flower Girl
Brooklynn Jones - Flower Girl
Joelle Wright - Flower Girl
Kevin "Trey" Golden - Ring Bearer