Rebecca & Tyler

December 4, 2020Canton, MS

Join us on December 4, 2020

We hope you will join us to celebrate our marriage during the most magical season of the year. After much thought and prayer, Tyler and I decided to have a small, intimate family wedding on May 23rd! It was a beautiful and blessed day. It was not what we originally planned, but it was way better! We are so excited to finally be The McKenzie's, and we can not wait to celebrate with all of you in December at Sterling Hall!

Wedding Celebration
Friday, December 4, 2020
7:00 PM
Sterling Hall
3350 North Liberty Street, Canton, MS, 39046
Wedding Party

Catie Shofner - Maid of Honor
Meg Brown - Bridesmaid
Rush Brown - Bridesmaid
Abbey Closson - Bridesmaid
Sydney Gemmill - Bridesmaid
Elizabeth Gibson - Bridesmaid
Abby McKenzie - Bridesmaid
Michaela McLean - Bridesmaid
Annabel Payne - Bridesmaid
Marion Richmond - Bridesmaid
Kate Brown - Proxy Bride
Mike McKenzie - Best Man
Devin Brown - Groomsman
Brandon Given - Groomsman
Clark Hyde - Groomsman
Karthik Kota - Groomsman
Alden Lewis - Groomsman
Travis McAtee - Groomsman
Caden McKenzie - Groomsman
Drew McKenzie - Groomsman
Parker McCluer - Groomsman
BJ Sanders - Groomsman
Nate Wasylk - Groomsman