Rebecca & Alex

May 25, 2019Murfreesboro, TN

The Wedding

Saturday, May 25, 2019
5:00 PM
Attire: Cocktail attire - suits, ties and cocktail dresses
Ceremony and Reception
Saddle Woods Farm
9522 Franklin Rd, Murfreesboro, TN 37128, USA

If you are driving to Saddle Woods Farm, cars cannot be left at the venue overnight so please plan accordingly!

Please email with any questions.

Wedding Party

Sarah Weinstein - Maid of Honor

Being my older sister, Maid of Honor was a given! I am so honored to call Sarah my MOH and my sister, she has been there for me through everything and always knows how to shoot me straight when I need to hear it! She is only 16 months older than me but carries enough wisdom for the both of us :) she is extremely detailed oriented and I feel so confident planning our wedding with her by my side! Thankful to have such a smart, driven and thoughtful sister. I couldn’t do life without her. Sarah’s wit about her and her unwavering success keep me motivated and determined to be like her one day.

Hannah Weinstein - Bridesmaid

I remember holding Hannah when she came home from the hospital in 1997 and being so excited I got to have a little sister. I have loved watching her grow up in to the woman she is today, all 5 feet of her :) Hannah supports me always and is a permanent source of entertainment in my life. She makes me laugh to tears and knows how to turn any situation around for the better. Her free-spirited mentality and big heart are such a blessing to my life. Hannah has taught me to never take life too seriously and always be confident, no matter what.

Taylor Long - Bridesmaid

Coming up on 19 years of friendship, Taylor has legitimately been there for me through everything. Taylor and I share such a special bond of friendship and she has shaped me in to the person I am today. From Trinity Elementary, to Page Middle, to Page High, to UTK, to moving back to Nashville, we have so many memories and special moments that bring joy to my life every day. Taylor has supported me emotionally with her superb guidance counseling skills :) and held me tight through many, many hard times. We hold each other accountable, support each other and go to battle for one another no matter what. I truly believe God placed Taylor in my life knowing I would need someone like her to become the best version of myself.

Tayler Connor - Bridesmaid

Tayler Jane and I met 19 years ago at Trinity Elementary and have followed each other from elementary school, to middle, to high, to college, to sorority life, to Nashville, to place of employment! We have had so many laughs throughout the years in elementary, middle and high school but our friendship truly blossomed in college. Tayler has been a rock in my life and remains to be one of the most loyal, kindhearted, strong women I know. Tayler and I both went through sorority recruitment at UTK and opened our bid letters next to each other on Bid Day. After both realizing we got Zeta Tau Alpha, she grabbed my hand and we ran up to the fourth floor together where we realized we’d officially become sisters forever. Tayler has taught me so much over the past 19 years, but most importantly to love yourself and hold your head high.

Hannah Carroll - Bridesmaid

I will never forget the day I noticed Hannah in sixth grade at Page Middle, wearing the most adorable white, ruffle shirt and smiling so big at me. I thought to myself, that girl has the most adorable clothes, and Hannah still remains my fashion consultant today! We were both awkward, tiny sixth graders and had no idea what middle school had in store. Little did we know, we’d become the closest of friends and continue to grow our friendship throughout high school, college at UTK, sorority life in ZTA and after graduation when we took on the real world. Hannah and I roomed together for 3 years in college and she taught me so much about myself and my passions. We both majored in Public Relations and stayed up all night many, many times supporting each other and crawling to the finish line of graduation. Hannah’s heart is unlike any I have ever known – she is the most thoughtful, endearing and generous person I know and shares this with everyone around her. There’s never a birthday, holiday or special event where Hannah isn’t thinking of and spoiling her closest friends. I am blessed to have such a kind soul in my life that makes me a better person.

Hannah Croswell - Bridesmaid

My other Hannah C! I met Hannah my freshman year of college after rushing and joining ZTA at UT. I will never forgot the moment where Hannah shouted out a one-liner joke in a room full of 50 girls who barely knew her at our freshman retreat. The room busted into laughter and I made a point to find Hannah later in the night and tell her she was really, really funny. I knew I had to have her in my life! We continued to grow our friendship throughout our four years at UT and there was rarely a moment where Hannah and I weren’t making each other laugh. Hannah is wise beyond her years and has given me some of life’s best advice. I can rely on Hannah to give me a sense of clarity when life gets foggy and I know she will always support me. Bonus – we were both born in Florida but will always be the biggest UT gals.

Lauren Blevins - Bridesmaid

Lauren and I met each other freshman year of college as newly-joined members of Zeta Tau Alpha. I remember instantly getting along with Lauren as our personalities meshed so well and she always laughed at my jokes : ) love Lauren’s spirit and her constant loyalty to me as a best friend. Her heart is so big and she always looks for the best in people, something everyone strives to do. I have so many memories that make me cherish having her in my life. Without her by my side at UT, I don’t know if I would have made it out in one piece! After we graduated, it took some time but Lauren eventually moved to Nashville! I felt such a sigh of relief when I realized I would have one of my best friends back within a few miles of me.

Carson Rider - Best Man
Braxton Rider - Groomsman
Anders Rider - Groomsman
Jon Dawson - Groomsman
Jared Haney - Groomsman
Brandon Churchill - Groomsman
Matthew McSwain - Groomsman
David Speer - Usher
Blake Norton - Usher
Noah Hunt - Usher
Travis Shutt - Usher
Marc Caldwell - Usher
Allan Akin - Usher
Hank Rider - Ring Bearer
Mac Hollis - Ring Bearer
Jane Taylor Dietrich - Flower Girl