3703 Garden Avenue, Springfield, OR, United States

We have five acres of flat land by the stream. Please feel free to bring a tent and camp out on our property!

Travel and Transportation


The closest airport is EUG (Mahlon-Sweet Airport in Eugene, OR)

Extra Info:
Extra Info

Childcare: You can check kids in for childcare at the front door of the house starting at 4:30. We have four babysitters who love kids, and 14 kids attending, approximately half of them 3-and-under and half 4-and-over. We will have a separate baby/toddler room for the younger ones, and the older kids will be in the dining room/living room.

Our property is just outside the city limits (by a block), but it is definitely rural. We've done a ton of cleanup work, removing old splintery boards, barbed wire, rusty nails, and filling in holes. The wedding garden and reception area are all safe for kids and bigger humans. But the gate at the back of the garden leads to a steep bank and the creek. Please keep this gate latched at all times and watch small children. The field around the chicken coop may still have wire, etc. so if you take kids over there to see the chickens, please be vigilant and don't open the chicken coop, the chickens will run out!

People traveling from out of town with pets: our area is fenced for horses, but not for dogs. There is no safe place to contain a dog on the property, and with the temperatures so hot, it is definitely not okay to leave them in a vehicle. We have a couple of barn stalls where you could put a portable dog kennel, but please let us know ahead of time if you will be bringing a pet as we would want to keep them in separate places. Dogs will not be allowed in the ceremony or reception areas, but you can walk them on leash on other areas of the property.

Porta-potties: We are on a septic system that can't accomodate 100+ people at once. Please use the provided portapotties if possible. Elderly people, people with small children, or special needs can come into the house and use the bathroom on the main floor, but please do not flush anything besides toilet paper. Also please understand that small children will be in the house, so don't let them escape :)

You can ask questions or look for further info on our website at: