Our Story
Our Story

We have known each other for 15 years. We actually had our first date 11 years ago! Rosemary will never forget since she didn't give me a second date until several months ago. We reconnected through Facebook and decided to get together (not a date) after chatting for a while. Turns out I plan a pretty good "not a date" since evidently it WAS A DATE. I knew it was a date when Rosemary didn't reach for the door handle of the truck to get in and I had to open the door for her ;-). It must have been a pretty good one too, because 3 1/2 months later we are Engaged!!!

I was born in Statesville, NC. I went to Montessori Elementary school until my family moved to Asheboro in 1998 where my father is still the preacher at First Baptist Church of Franklinville. I went to several schools between elementary school and high school. At ERHS, I played golf and was in chorus. I then attended Campbell University and now work as a Manager for Sherwin-Williams in Clinton, NC.

Rosemary was born in Concord, NC. She is a Methodist minister's daughter and moved around a lot as well. In 2001, her family moved to Liberty, NC. This brought her to ERHS for her freshman year in 2002 as well! In high school, Rosemary was a flutist in the Marching Band and Wind Ensemble. She now has a Nutrition degree from UNCG and is working as a Nutritionist for Nutrition Plus in Clinton, NC.

We share many common interests; one major one which led to my proposal...

The Proposal:

We both have a love for hiking and went on a trip to Wyoming with Rosemary's parents to visit Yellowstone National Park. On day two of our trip, we started out with a cowboy breakfast served over campfire at our guest ranch in Cody. We then took the 3 hour drive out to Old Faithful where we had lunch at The Old Faithful Inn and walked around while waiting for the Old Faithful geyser to go off. We both love being outdoors and were in awe of God's creation that has been left untouched. Our next stop was the Grand Prismatic Spring, then on to Canyon Village where we had dinner. The sun was starting to set, but Rosemary and I both wanted to hike down to the lower falls in the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone (where I had planned to propose). The first trail we took gave us views that were absolutely breathtaking, but there were too many people around. Just when I had found the perfect spot to set up my camera, another couple walked up and my moment was gone. We hiked back up to the parking lot where Rosemary's parents were waiting and I briefly asked their permission for us to hike down another trail before it got dark (Rosemary had no idea what I was doing). We started down another trail and it was getting really dark really fast. Rosemary was getting uneasy about the light fading and kept wanting to turn around to head back; I was about ready to give up on my plan. Luckily, I convinced her to stop at an overlook halfway down so I could quickly set up my camera for a picture of the waterfall. My intent was to take pictures of the proposal, but Rosemary was ready to go back to the Jeep. Therefore, I didn't have time to coax her into position. I knew this was my last chance, so I told her the real reason I wanted to bring her down here and got down on one knee. I went on about how it had been a stressful day (with our group having different expectations about how we wanted to spend our day), that we would have days like that but that I wanted to have those days with her for the rest of my life. The moment didn't go as planned and I did not get a picture, but life is like that sometimes. Regardless, we were both on cloud nine and nothing could waver that.

The Wedding

Saturday, April 28, 2018
5:00 PM
Attire: Semi-Formal
Ceremony and Reception
The Hideaway at Crooked Creek
5530 Linch Rd, Whitsett, NC 27377, USA
Wedding Party

Jessica Eubanks - Matron of Honor

Jessica and I have known each other since the second grade and have remained very close all of these years despite our many moves and living states away from each other. We share a love of cooking, southern food, old music, and The Golden Girls!

Mary Parker - Flower Girl
Mary is my niece and my Goddaughter. She is in the 3rd grade and wants to be a Paleontologist!
Terah Goad - Maid of Honor

Terah and I met our junior year at UNCG where we both studied Nutrition. We started out as study buddies and became friends over late nights of wine, projects, and good eats. We, too, are both foodies and love trying out different trendy restaurants and unique foods.

Kate Gibson - Bridesmaid

Kate and I met in 2014 at the dog park in our apartment complex, of all places haha. Our fur babies quickly became best buds and so did we! We bonded over The Bachelor, wholesome foods, yoga, and of course our dogs. Kate and her husband moved to VA and now Colorado Springs for his career, but we have since stayed in touch.

Christian and Jeremiah Alexander - Ring Bearer
Tre and JJ are Rosemary’s little cousins. They are in Kindergarten and are so full of life, love, and infectious energy!
Kenny Rich - Best Man

Kenny and I have been through a lot. We went to school together, lived together senior year of university, and have had many adventures since then. Now, we make it a priority to go camping a few times a year, share in a love of the Grand Tour and all things Amazon Prime, and the occasional card game when I'm in town. Kenny and his wife Joy are such a blessing , and I am so thankful they are a part of our lives!

Clark Ireland - Groomsman

Clarks friendship started in Orientation the summer before university with ONE LARGE NUGGET at Wendy's! It's been a blast ever since! Many night's at Waffle House and the Knights Inn where Royalty stays later...and I'm glad he will be a part of my wedding day.

Jared Davis - Groomsman

Jared has been a great friend for many years. He, Kenny, and I became friends in the 8th grade, and have nearly been inseparable since. Some of my most fond memories are LAN parties in HS that kids these days will never understand. We've spent so many summer/winter/spring/fall nights down at the beach that I can't even remember them all. Monopoly and Phase 10 with Jared and Quinn will always be my favorite!