New date, new venue, same love!

Ruby & Ross

August 14, 2021Bear Valley, CA

The (New) Wedding
Wedding Details

Saturday, August 14

Ceremony: 4 PM

Please come celebrate our love at our new venue, Bear Valley Lodge!

Dress code: Semi-formal

Dinner, drinks & dancing to follow!

Shuttle service to the ceremony/reception site will be provided from both the Lodge and the Vacation Rentals.

Welcome Party

Friday, August 13 from 5-9PM

All of our beloved weary travelers are invited to join us at Bear Valley Lodge for a welcome BBQ reception.

Farewell Brunch

Sunday, August 15 from 10AM-1PM.

Swing by the Lodge for a little breakfast before you hit the ol' dusty trail!

Wedding Party

Adam Wellsfry (SF) - Man of Honor

Adam is a designer and plant aficionado, as well as the artist behind Ross and Ruby's wedding invitations.

Ruby and Adam met in swimming lessons when they were just two years old and have been best friends ever since. Growing up, Ruby and Adam dreamed of the adventures they would go on as adults, including plans to live together someday. After high school, they parted ways for a number of years until Adam moved out to California in 2015. Until recently, Ruby, Adam, and Ross lived together in San Francisco with Adam's Great Dane, Lucy. A happy little family and a true dream come true!

Christine Herbert (Oconomowoc, WI) - Bridesmaid

Ruby and Christine met in kindergarten at St. Jerome's and their friendship has aged like a fine wine. Through Catholic School, Girl Scouts, the trials and tribulations of middle and high school, and into their adult lives, Christine has been a fearless advocate, confidant, and downright riot.

Erica Buhyoff (Marathon, FL) - Bridesmaid

Erica was Ruby's very first friend in the Keys. Adventure buddies and co-conspirators, their childhoods were filled with laughter and mischief...and great music.

Arielle Taylor Manges (Ft. Meyers, FL) - Bridesmaid

Ruby and Arielle met in grade school, where they were both in dance and theatre. They became fast friends when they went to Space Camp in the 6th grade and they have been ever since. Arielle is the best beach buddy, longboarding buddy, long-talks-on-the-phone buddy that anybody could ask for.

Arielle Euringer (Milwaukee, WI) - Bridesmaid

Arielle and Ruby met in grade school at St. Jerome's in Oconomowoc. They played basketball together in middle school (little known fact about Ruby, please never ask about it), spent many long summer days together on the lake, and found the best secret spots to go sledding in the winter time. Adulthood presents far fewer sledding opportunities, but they still find time for adventures together.

Arielle Sullivan Meints (Tucson, AZ) - Bridesmaid

Ruby and Arielle became friends the day Ruby returned to Marathon Middle School in 7th grade, and Arielle abruptly tackled her in the hallway. They've been either physically or emotionally (or both!) attached at the hip since then. Arielle is wise beyond her years and gifted with some of the best observational humor out there.

Sierra Carlson (Brunswick, MD) - Bridesmaid

Sierra and Ruby met in freshman orientation at Eckerd College and immediately became inseparable. Their time together has been a whirlwind of laughter, costumes, befriending unwitting strangers, random adventures and bizarre inside jokes. They live on opposite coasts these days, but every time they reunite, it's like no time has passed.

Kara Ricciardi (SF) - Bridesmaid

Kara and Ruby met at Eckerd College and have become serious adventure buddies. They've been to 6 countries and countless cities together and today, they co-own a culinary experiences company to bring adventure to SF.

Lerna Kazazic (San Jose, CA)

Lerna and Ruby met on the first day of orientation at Santa Clara School of Law and quickly became study and mischief buddies. When they weren't keeping each other (barely) sane during 16+ hour study marathons, they could likely be caught blowing off steam at SCU's famous dive bar, The Hut.

Peter Noryko - Best Man

Pete and Ross went through all their schooling together, from kindergarten, to grade school, high school, and even college at UCSB. Ross' oldest friend is now his best man.

Mark Elliott - Groomsman

Mark and Ross grew up three miles from each other but never met until their mutual good friend's bachelor party (Moose). A living embodiment of Ross' favorite phrase, "Good people know good people". Absolutely one of Ross' favorite people, and he wishes he could have two best men.

Jason Levine aka "Plaxico" aka "Matthews" - Groomsman

Jason and Ross met long long ago during their freshman year at UCSB. One of the most caring, level-headed people Ross has ever met, Jason will always be a life-long friend.

Brian Johnson aka "Moose" - Groomsman

Moose is another product of good people knowing good people, also growing up just down the way from Ross, but a complete stranger until they were in college. He talks a lot of smack about his Counterstrike skills, but he's actually hot garbage. He is pretty good on the airsoft field however.

Jacob Markovitz - Groomsman

Jake is one of Ross' oldest friends, and one of his most thoughtful. They grew up together just a few miles apart, drinking and debating life. Always one with great advice (and weird opinions, often based on television or movie "facts"), he's a guy you can always count on for great conversation over a cold beverage.

Nick Brazal - Groomsman

Ross and Nick met back in high school, at Bellarmine. One of the most fun-loving people you'll ever meet, Nick is always down to clown around (especially when over-beveraged.) If you're really lucky, you've seen his tattoo which describes him well. A true friend for years, Nick just HAD to be included in my bridal party.

Mike Lawrence - Groomsman

Mike and Ross have known each other since kindergarten, when Ross came over and destroyed Mike's Lego creation. Mike will never let him forget it. Mike has one of those amazing memories where he can tell you stories about things that happened 30 years ago in vivid detail. Ask him for one. He's also always good for a joke or two...

Gabe Briscoe - Groomsman

The newest friend to make the bridal party cut, Gabe is an absolute treasure of a guy. Another kind, caring, thoughtful guy, and someone who's always down to talk about varied topics from geopolitics, to 90's grunge rock.

Alison "Killer" Amor - Groomswoman

Ross and Killer have been friends since early in the dorms at UCSB, when Killer decided that Ross and Pete were much better floormates than the one she was assigned. Through the years, they've hung out in SB, SD, DC, and SF, always with occasional "phone dates" to catch up. Nowadays, you can catch her jetsetting around Asia-Pacific. Maybe one day, Ross will find the time to go visit her and kick her butt at her favorite card game again...